Brand New Cherry Flavor – Episode 7 “Egg” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Brand New Cherry Flavor begins in the past with Lou and Jonathan out for lunch. It’s all going swimmingly but for one big problem. This isn’t real. Yes, this is all a big vision as Lou continues to slip into a depressive, crazed state.

When he gets a call from Alvin, Lou heads out but he’s certainly not in a great way. In fact, Lou is erratic and struggling to trade banter with his colleague. Alvin is convinced they should just give Lisa back her film, and encourages Lou to ring her. When he does, he tentatively broaches the subject about bringing her back onboard with the project.

Lisa is sure Lou is responsible for killing Code and isn’t exactly in the chatty mood. After hanging up, Lisa marches over to Boro’s place, grabs the toad from its jar and licks its back.

Boro is not exactly enthused but tells her that since she’s already started there’s no going back; Lisa needs to go ahead with this new ritual. Part of that involves “Sex magic” which sees Lisa head over to see Roy.

While Roy and Lisa have sex, Lou goes searching for Jonathan. Eventually he finds the boy at Boro’s and hugs his zombified son. With the squeezy pig toy, Lou uses that as a ploy to take him away from this house and back home. Boro’s absence here is actually explained through her rocking up midway through Roy and Lisa making love.

Meanwhile, Ralph heads over to Christine’s, knocking her down and demanding to know what happened to James. Well, Christine takes him to James’ corpse, which only riles him up more.

With the deed done, Boro heads over to Lisa’s in order to cook up the recipe, which is in the form of a makeshift omelette with bits of Code inside. While there, Boro implores Lisa not to open the trap door and to continue eating unless she wants to die.

Well, Lisa does no such thing and as Ralph spills into the room, she heads down the trap door to hide from this guy while that freaky spirit continues to roam around, letting out eerie screams.

Well, that faceless jaguar down in the black room warns Lisa that Boro will betray her. She also confirms that the poison is gone, pointing to a mysterious red door that’s just rocked up. Heading through, Lisa arrives outside the building. Roy is there, having won an award, but he and Lisa are both shot by Ralph from out the window. Heading into a car, they scramble away to safety.

The Episode Review

Brand New Cherry Flavor delivers an interesting penultimate episode, one that sees Lisa’s world come tumbling downs. Is Boro really going to betray her or is this all a ploy for this weird spirit to be released and wreak havoc? Given there’s only one more episode left, we’ll have to wait and see if this one wrap up all of its big plot points. The way things are going, it looks like we’re on-course for a cliffhanger ending.

The Jonathan/Lou subplot doesn’t really work that well if I’m honest, while the lack of police intervention for anything that’s going on is another big point of contention.

Despite that, the show definitely has a unique vibe and tone to it, leaving things intriguingly open for the final episode to follow.

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