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Dial Tones


This 3 song EP from Swedish rockers BRAINCOATS is a testament to hard work and boundless energy. The band express their thoughts and feelings thoroughly on Dial Tones, and they don’t fall by the wayside at any moment. Rather, they put up a fight against the incoming forces of bad luck. Properly engaging, this EP is fuelled by grand guitar work and gritty vocals, with a nod to the forefathers of punk rock.

Putting in the work will grant you wishes, and this band has worked tirelessly on this EP, placing their talents into something big and bold. Dial Tones is so massive for only exhibiting 3 songs, and the expressions and metaphors are brilliantly weaved. From the onset, the emotions become free and ready to make everything resonate.

Howl starts the EP off in style. It’s a punk thrill but details moments when the eyes have seen too much. The guitars here represent a soaring sound.

Olivia is a subtle embrace, putting the band under the spotlight, and it shows the band’s emotional side with the twists and turns of despair. The instrumentals are placed diligently, and the vocal work expresses creative lyrical work. It’s a wonder.

Dial Tones is an acoustic song with boundless flair, and it cuts deep. The band here turns down the volume but not the expressive details. It’s a song that will guide the disenchanted to the light, maybe.

BRAINCOATS has created an EP that is fully expressive, and their desire is rooted.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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