Bombay Begums – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Bombay Begums begins with Rani introducing Shakti, the name of their new Welfare scheme. They introduce Lily onto the stage too, who gives an impassioned speech about how the project has benefited her.

Ayesha has higher aspirations than this scheme though and quizzes Deepak over a promotion. He scoffs at the notion though, reminding her that she’s lucky to still be working at the company.

Following her miscarriage, Fatima is still struggling to cope with her feelings. However, she remains fixated on trying to solve her work problems, continuing to plan behind Rani’s back to make things right. Afterwards, Arijay and Fatima talk on the way home and decide to use a surrogate Mother in order to have a baby of their own.

Whether this is just post natal depression or not on Fatima’s part however, remains to be seen. Anyway, while they’re at the office she receives a call from work bringing her outside. It’s a passing phone call though, and one that eventually sees her lending a hand to Arijay while he’s donating.

Meanwhile, Ayesha shows up at a prospective apartment. While she’s shown around, Chitra messages and sends her an audio file for her new song. She rudely puts both earphones in and ignores the realtor but thankfully she doesn’t mind too much. On the back of this, Ayesha heads back home and smokes with a half-naked Anand. When Gurpreet shows, she tells Ayesha to get out.

Predictably, Ayesha heads over to Ron’s place and crashes out on his sofa. While there, she messages Chitra and begins to grow closer to her.

Lily’s business venture opens new doors for her as she’s given the green light to enrol her son in a good school. She messages Ayesha to let her know, who in turn decides to take Shai out shopping when Rani is too busy to do it. Her appointment for the apartment arrives but unfortunately Ayesha is caught out for lying after puffing a cheeky cigarette in the street. Unfortunately she’s denied the apartment.

Ayesha spins this into being a victim (even though she literally just lied to the realtors) and is forced into finding somewhere else to live. Before that though, she visits Chitra and allows herself to fully embrace her feelings, waking up next to her in bed and brushing the hair out of Chitra’s face. Chitra reminds her she’s not exclusive and tries to set ground rules with Ayesha.

That evening, we find out that Rani’s lover, Mahesh, actually works for FCB Asia. He’s pretty close to Naushad too and that evening he’s invited over for dinner. The group continue to play games and talk, with Rani doing well to hide her affair from Naushad and the others in attendance.

That evening, a fancy new recruit party begins at work. Rani encourages them all to enjoy their evening. Fatima is in attendance too and despite some touch and go negotiations before, receives word back from Devyani confirming that their deal is on. On the back of this, she bids her farewells to Rani and tells her they’re close to completing the takeover.

Meanwhile, Ayesha decides to get blind drunk while talking to her superiors. He notices that she’s intoxicated though and heads out for a cigarette with her. At the same time, Rani hooks up with Mahesh again but someone happens to be watching and filming them leave together outside.

Elsewhere, Lily finds herself under scrutiny for her past discretions, as someone leaves a horrible message on the wall for her, telling the girl to leave and that she’s not welcome given her past history. She senses that this is Vijay’s doing. Fire engines arrive at the scene, as Lily tries in vain to phone Ayesha.

Unfortunately Ayesha’s phone has run out of charge and she’s forced into getting a lift home from Deepak. On the way though he takes advantage of her, forcing himself on the girl. He kisses her and runs his hand up her leg.

Eventually he stops while Lily happens to be watching from the taxi opposite, pounding on the glass and trying to do something. She sees all of this play out as Ayesha panics and finds herself trapped. Thankfully Deepak drops her off without any more indiscretions but it’s clear this has left a nasty mark on the girl.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Bombay Begums begins to tighten up the various different subplots we’re covering, asking big questions around sexuality, love and power. This actually works quite well and the male-dominated industry of the bank is just now starting to see a power shift.

Quite how Ayesha is going to deal with the stress of what Deepak tried remains to be seen but it’s clear this situation is far from over. Even more alarming however, is the situation involving Lily who finds herself struggling to move past her previous life, thanks in part to the community and those who want to see her fail. This storyline works really well, especially in the context of this series.

Despite some solid acting, the story involving Rani doesn’t quite work. She’s certainly done well to progress up to the role of CEO but given her affair, it doesn’t really paint her in a favourable light. Fatima fares better with her family life though, and seeing her husband finally supporting her is definitely a welcome addition to this show.

As a slice of life drama with light elements of soap and melodrama, Bombay Begums does a great job with its run-time, leaving the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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