Blood Free Episodes 3 & 4 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Blood Free Season 1 Episodes 3 & 4

Also known as Dominant Species, Blood Free is the latest sci-fi drama from the Korean entertainment industry. It is a thriller set in the near future where humans do not eat natural animal meat any more. The drama revolves around BF, a company that has developed artificial meat and is a huge success. But doubts about the company and its CEO — Yun Ja-yu — soon begin to surface. CEO Yun must face these troubles head on. Meanwhile, she’s assigned a new bodyguard named Woo Chae-woon who has secrets of his own

The show features Ju Ji-hoon (of Kingdom and Jirisan fame) playing the role of the former soldier turned bodyguard while Han Hyo-joo (of Happiness and Moving fame) plays the founder and CEO of BF. Here is everything you need to know about Blood Free Season 1 Episodes 3 & 4, including their release date, time and where you can watch them.

Where Can I Watch Blood Free Season 1?

Blood Free will be streaming on Disney+ worldwide. You can also expect it to be released on Hulu in the US and on Disney+ Hotstar in other regions. Expect subtitles to be dropping from release and for the series to be available in a number of different languages too.

Blood Free Season 1 Episodes 3 & 4 Release Date

Blood Free Season 1 premiered on Wednesday 10th April, 2024. Episodes 3 & 4 will release on Wednesday 17th April 2024. The episodes will air at 3 am (ET) / 12.30 pm (IST) / 4.00 pm (KST).

How Many Episodes Will Blood Free Season 1 Have?

Blood Free Season 1 will feature 10 episodes. They will be released every Wednesday, so you can look forward to a weekly release. Each episode will be around 45-50 minutes long.

Is There A Trailer For Blood Free Season 1?

Yes, there is and you can find it right here:

What Happened in the Previous Week?

We’ve covered the entire two episodes of the previous week with a lengthy recap that touches on all major plot points and discusses the chapter with an accompanying review. You can find the link below.

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What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of Blood Free so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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