Blood and Water – Season 1 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap & Review


The season 1 finale of Blood and Water begins with KB’s Dad admitting that he was the one who invited Fikile and her Mother to the party. Excusing herself, Puleng hears Wade’s voice message in the bathroom before Fikile’s Mum finds her and brings the girl back to the table for dinner.

Once there, Fikile’s Mother digs deep into Puleng’s motives and asks her questions about why she transferred to Parkhurst. Even worse, Fikile gets involved and starts asking about her Father. As all eyes turn toward her, Puleng cracks under the pressure and bolts, prompting KB to retreat too.

Back home Puleng confronts her father about the upcoming trial he has to attend and tells him she wants to go too. At the same time, KB and Fikile discuss what happened together and his complicated relationship with Puleng. As they keep talking, Fikile kisses him.

The next day, Thandeka drives her daughter to school and tries in vain to connect with her by talking about school and sex. Getting nowhere, Puleng is dropped off and talks to Wade about what he’s found out about KB’s Dad. His firm is apparently part of a trafficking syndicate fronting as an adoption agency. KB’s dad is at the centre of all of this and may well be involved in what happened to Phume.

Back at school, Fikile is brought into the principal’s office with her parents to discuss the incident involving Coach. Inside the office, Fikile’s Mother demands to know who started the group chat and promises swift retribution.

Upon hearing that Fikile is not getting suspended and just being counselled, she confronts the principal but getting nowhere, speaks to the media instead about Fikile’s identity as part of the scandal. It causes chaos for Fikile’s parents, who find the media swarming around their property, forcing them to seriously consider leaving town.

Meanwhile, KB tells Puleng that he loves her before they head to school that evening to try and put the drama behind them. In private, they make love before Puleng heads home and finds the police swarming the house. It turns out someone broke in but the only thing stolen is Puleng’s laptop.

At school, Puleng speaks to Wade about the break-in and they try to work out what it all means, piecing together what they’ve found out so far. Brenda Jaxa signed off the adoption papers while KB’s father oversaw the incident. When Phume was mentioned at the meeting, Fikile’s Mother having a panic attack may have triggered some old memories. Together they decide that this is conclusive enough to believe Fikile is her sister.

Meanwhile Chad and Riley have a fight back home about the affair and she forces him out. Chris speaks to Fikile about Puleng’s behaviour and convinces her to speak to Puleng face to face.

The court trial goes ahead and Julius pleads not guilty. Midway through, Puleng steps out for some air and receives a message from Fikila to meet her at school. As she hurries away, KB’s Father arrives at the court-house.

Fikile and Puleng confront one another in the hallway and as Puleng’s notebook falls and spills all the details she’s found out about Fikile over the weeks, Puleng admits that she believes Fikile is her sister, which is where the episode and series ends.

With a big cliffhanger at the end and plenty of unresolved questions surrounding the court case, Blood and Water leaves so much up in the air that it fails to make for a satisfying finish to this mediocre season. We’re given teasing glimpses that Fikile may be Puleng’s sister but whether this is actually true or not remains to be seen.

It seemed obvious within the first 15 minutes of the first episode that Fukile would be her sister and seeing this play out exactly as it is with little in the way of surprises or twists is a bit disappointing. Of course, the second season could turn this completely on its head but alongside efforts like Elite, Riverdale or even Sabrina, Blood and Water is a show that has some serious question marks over whether it will be renewed.

Time will tell whether the viewing figures correlate to demand for a follow-up but in the meantime this show bows out with a whimper rather than a roar.

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