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One More Time
More Than You Know


Pop punk outfit Blink 182 asses the world with their singles One More Time/More Than You Know. The beloved act steers away from their normal base, the snotty-nosed songs they’re renowned for. With these two songs, they rip up the rule book, and that means a freshening take on lost love and even destruction.

With One More Time, the band uses a mid-tempo sound, a sombre chime, and they convey through this offering, a world in transition.  

The track is heart-breaking as the band describes sickness and the deal it has set, explaining that there’s an inevitable doom in the air. They tell such a compelling story with this different take, using acoustic sounds that are a hotbed for the insightful lyrics.  

More Than You Know opens with a piano vibe and pounding percussion by expert drummer Travis Barker. The band instills their thoughts into this track, and they even describe the fright of nuclear war. Lyrically, this song is a step up, putting the band into the frame as triumphant songwriters. The fast-paced guitar lines bite deep, and the contribution serves up a dash of emotion.  

We already knew the band had it in them to take frightening news and turn it into two well-rounded tracks that transport the listener through the wars. As we do live in a world that is dangerously railing against the destruction of battle, these songs are timely.  

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