Blindspotting – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of Blindspotting begins off the back of Ashley finally telling Sean the truth about Miles. The pair show up at prison to talk though, but things immediately go awry when one of the inmates gets rowdy. The meeting is broken up and Sean is forced to watch Miles taken away. It’s actually a really poignant moment, one that paves way for the ladies showing up to go bowling.

Sean starts to hallucinate there though, seeing visions of a police officer bowling and knocking over pins, which are in the shape of Miles. It’s a poetic segment, one that reinforces how traumatic this has been for Sean. Anyway, he soon asks Ashley if they can go home.

Just then, the door bursts open and in comes Eric, the banker that rejected Trish’s loan previously. Trish apologizes for her behaviour, as Eric outright questions what she’s doing, helping to reassess her career options.

However, Eric is more interested in Trish’s friend Jacque. In fact, it turns out Eric is actually following her on social media and a fan of her artwork.

On the back off this, Trish and Jacque decide to become their own bosses. They’re going to set up a premium “obscure fetish” business, with Carl even offering to cough up 30k to be part of this. After some very loose haggling, he agrees to a 20% stake.

Meanwhile, Janelle and Rainey try to come up with ideas for Ashley to spice up he relationship with Miles. This soon paves way though for games back home as the gang go all out to cheer up Sean. There’s Twister and dancing but interestingly, it’s Earl who does the trick. His play fighting and hoisting Sean up over his shoulder is what does the trick.

It’s very obvious that he needs that fatherly influence and while Earl is certainly not replacing Miles, it works to ease Sean’s worries for the time being.

As Sean is put to bed he asks Ashley, “Dad’s gunna be my Dad still after jail…right?” Ashley reassures her son that he will be and kisses Sean goodnight.

Downstairs, she thanks Earl for his help but he’s also struggling too. Despite his happy façade, he has issues rekindling what he had before being arrested. As Earl leaves, and Trish and Jacque show back up, cheering about being self-employed now.

The Episode Review

As we reach the penultimate episode of this season, Blindspotting has been one of those love/hate series. The interpretative dance and poetry is of course an acquired taste, while the Bay Area references are sometimes very specific and likely to alienate those who aren’t from the area.

However, this episode actually does a pretty good job diving into Sean’s psyche and understanding how he feels. The opening with the prison and the subsequent bowling moment with the officer knocking down pins of Miles are easily the stand-out moments of this season.

Both of these segments come of the back of a solid episode where Ashley finally plucked up the courage to tell Sean the truth about Miles.

Alongside that you have Trish’s story which has been a bit hit or miss in truth. However, Earl does get some good moments at the end, overshadowing any issues here, to explain how he feels.

This is definitely a show that’s better to be binged than drip-fed one a week!

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