Blind – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Your Enemy Is Closest To You

Episode 6 of Blind begins with a big revelation. It turns out one of the kids ratted out Numbers 11 and 12 at Hope Welfare Center. The boy informs Crazy Dog about the big plan they have in place to leave. Moon-Kang smiles evilly and likens them all to hares and decides to let him leave. He’s going to hunt them down one by one.

In the present, we see that Sung-Hoon actually left a message for Eun-Ki, deciding to fool everyone to keep up the façade that he’s against his own brother and on the side of the police. When Sung-Joon finds out, he warmly embraces his brother. The reaction is stiff, prompting Sung-Joon to apologize and drop his head slightly.

Sung-Hoon is not there for the love of his family. He’s actually there to enlist his brother’s help in catching the killer – even if that killer is Sung-Joon himself. Sung-Joon is shocked when he finds out about the button found at the crime scene, confused over how it ended up on the rooftop. He doesn’t even remember losing it. Sung-Hoon is not so sure… until he learns of the recording.

Now, Sung-Joon never actually found it at Man-Chun’s place but when he was there, Won-Woong was still alive. This, coupled with the marks on his arms from being tortured, is enough for Sung-Hoon to believe him. Sung-Hoon tells him to run everything by him first in relation to the case from now on.

Playing damage control, Sung-Hoon’s mother takes to the news to give a statement. Sung-Joon is also given money, the keys to a motorcycle and some clothes too by his brother. Sung-Hoon is quick to point out this isn’t a game, going on to reiterate they need to find out who the real killer is. That’s difficult to do though given Moon-kang is the one with Man-Chun’s recording.

Mr Baek goes completely off the rails, having had enough of his wife’s crazed behaviour. Unfortunately, as the pair wrestle over Ji-Eun’s cake, she slips over and bashes her head on the edge of a cabinet, bleeding profusely. This occurs just after Sung-Joon sneaks in and begins looking around for the recording, unable to find it as he has no idea it’s pinned behind a picture frame.

Up in the Children Center attic, Sung-Hoon goes over what they’re dealing with. The biggest part of this case is what happened to Man-Chun, and it turns out there was a drone in the air at the time.

The crazy taxi driver continues to stalk Yu-Na. He picks her up drunkenly from the club and rides out into the woods. Donning his black hood and raincoat, he drags her out the car. Yu-Na rings Eun-Ki though, pleading with her for help.

Eun-ki gets the police involved, who follow the signal into the woods. They do manage to find Yu-Na where they find her unconscious on the floor covered in cuts and bruises. Thankfully, she’s still alive. Eun-Ki is the one to find her and manages to get the girl to the hospital. Her statement proves to be invaluable, with Yu-Na out about the taxi driver and his arm tattoo.

In a strange turn of events, Moon-Kang and Yeom both talk about what’s currently going on. It turns out the guy with a tattoo happens to be Number 7. The burn up his arm is another indication of this as well. The pair contemplate whether all the boys from Hope Welfare Center are working together for revenge, which definitely seems like the case given what we’ve seen so far.

Sung-Hoon and Sung-Joon aren’t aware of this though (not from what we’ve seen on-screen anyway) and try to work out what the tattoo may mean. Sung-Joon thinks Moon-kang is responsible and that Hye-Jin scratched Moon-kang’s arm, explaining the irritated skin. It’s a plausible theory but they need to prove it, and part of that comes from gathering evidence.

Remember the fingernail? Well, Sung-Joon sneaks by to find the medical examiner who confirms that the fingernail has unknown DNA under the fingernail. But who does it belong to? Well, the police are already on the case and feed this back to Yeom, who receives the news about the medical results too and tries to work out what this all means.

Sung-Joon shows up at the taxi driver’s (Mr Choi’s) apartment but he’s dead. Someone else had already got there first. A buzzing phone atop a clock sees Sung-Joon answer, where In-Seong rings and questions where he is. However, police show up just after, prompting Sung-Joon to slip out the window.

When he heads back to the attic and informs Sung-Hoon what’s happened, his brother is not happy. He brings up Sung-Joon’s selfish mannerisms is and how he’s always been like this. Sung-Joon bites back though, pointing out that no one is investigating properly and he wants to do everything he can to try and solve the case.

Well, he seems to have done that by bringing the phone in. It turns out Mr Choi recorded his meeting with the killer, audibly claiming that the guy is Number 7. Apparently he’s doing this because of what happened to Number 24.

In the courtroom the killer was glaring at Crazy Dog the whole time… but who could it be? One thing’s for certain though, whoever the killer was they were inside the courtroom the day of Man-Chun’s trial.

Sung-Joon and Sung-Hoon both check the recording and realize that the footsteps of the killer heading down the stairs is a massive clue. The killer seems to have a limp. And on the Jury, the engineer Jung In-Sung, fits the description.

The Episode Review

Blind is shaping up to be one heck of a thriller this year. After yesterday’s subdued episode, Blind pulls out all the stops, delivering a really gripping and enthralling chapter, with plenty of revelations and even more questions coming into the fold. We know that the killer is one of the boys from Hope Welfare Center and the key cause of this murderous rampage is to do with Crazy Dog and Boy 24. Could this be in relation to one of the kids ratting out their escape plan to Crazy Dog?

However, there are extra elements to this case that we’re not seeing yet too. We know that Mr Choi was one of the kids from back then, but which is yet to be unveiled. I still think Sung-Hoon is one of them too but that hasn’t been revealed and is just a theory at this point so take my guesswork with a pinch of salt!

Either way though, Blind continues to deliver great drama with another very solid episode. Quite what will happen next is anyone’s guess.

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