Black Knight- K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Sa-wol is going through personal difficulties shortly after winning the competition as episode 5 of Black Knight begins. He becomes aware of some events from the day Seul-ah died, and specifically, that he is a mutant.

Sa-wol receives a QR code, making him the new 5-7. He quickly receives his first assignment as well as his own space. However, his mutant situation, which is now widely known, puts him in danger, particularly from Ryu Seok. As a bit of a double-edged sword, iot has also helped him gain a little fame.

Sa-wol gets a checkup done and Mr. Oh informs Ryu Seok with delight that Sa-wol is a healthy mutant. Thereafter, we learn that Ryu Seok is receiving a blood transfusion. It is evident that he is suffering from a condition, that he intends to treat with a viable mutant’s stem cells, leading one to believe that this was the primary purpose of the experiment.

5-8, as well as the other ex-refugee Deliverymen, decide to act independently by abducting Ryu Seok. When Seol-ah finds them, she tells them that all of the men who have triangle tattoos have undergone brain operations to render them emotionless. They merely carry out their orders, transport targets, and then commit suicide.

Seol-ah receives secret files from 5-8, but further investigation reveals no immediate links to Ryu Seok and Cheonmyeong. So, without concrete proof, she cannot formally pursue him.

The amendment naturally has an issue with it. The refugees who have been relocated must undergo medical exams and vaccinations. In order to learn more about the sketchy situation, 5-8 attempts to free one of their captive agents. He thinks he’s running away, but he actually takes them straight to Mr. Oh.

We learn that Ryu Seok is carrying out a new mass murder scheme. He decides to bring everyone together in a location under his control by moving the refugees towards the general district. Thereafter, he dispatches trucks that purposefully release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

The worth of oxygen helped the Cheonmyeong Group rise to power. They continue to be powerful as long as the scarce resource is still in high demand. When 5-8 and his team have Ryu Seok’s schedule, they plan their next move to stop his efforts of releasing harmful chemicals. Just as 5-8 targets Ryu Seok with his sniper rifle, Seol-ah leaves to meet up with Ryu Seok’s dad.

The Episode Review

Sa-wol achieved his goal, but it came at a price he is unwilling to bear. Additionally, in this episode, the unethical and corrupt officials are finally being brought down.

This was exhilarating and fast-paced, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. With only one episode remaining in the season, it will be interesting to see where things go from here on.

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