Black Dog – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Adjusting the Grades

Black Dog continues with its slow pace this week but the latest episode does do well to resolve the issues behind the exam question. This was quite the interesting premise which showed Mr Ha’s true nature while Hae-Won finally came out of his shell. With the informal college meeting up next, the teachers have more obstacles to face as Chan-Hui is bound to create controversies in the school.

We begin episode 8 of Black Dog with the teachers walking together to discuss the complaint while Mr Moon speaks with the principal about the issue and explains that it involves a banana. During the conference, the Korean teachers explain the situation. One of the sentences involving bananas and a watermelon is causing issues as the Icarus students are claiming that there can be more than one interpretation for it. However, some teachers think they should not accept the other answer because this would cause more problems in the exams to come. As opinions are divided, they don’t seem to reach an agreement.

Later in the evening, Yong-Tae and Jae-Hee meet in a restaurant to discuss the issue. Yong-Tae thinks that the Icarus students should get the better grade as they are the only ones who could possibly get into the big universities and believes this could benefit the school.

The next day, Ha-Neul announces to her class that the Korean teachers have decided that the other interpretation for the banana question will not be considered as correct as this was not taught in the lesson. This causes outrage from the students as Yoo-Ra gets up and claims the collective noun method is in the CSAT prep class books. Ha-Neul replies that they have to stick to what they have covered in class.

However, she does head to the library and checks the past CSAT, noticing that the collective nouns subject was in it. She then rushes back in the office to hold the grading but unfortunately, it has already been finalized. Speaking to Mr Do about it, he tells her that if they need to adjust grades she needs to write a letter to apologise and that it would affect the school badly like the physics incident did.

Yoo-Ra and another student decide to question Mr Ha about the test as he taught them about collective nouns in one of his after-school classes. He doesn’t deny it and tells them he will have a look and think about it. This prompts Hae-Won to bring this to the attention of Ha-Neul as he shows her Mr Ha’s lesson plan on collective nouns. She then tells him that they should prepare and organise another meeting with the other Korean teachers.

In the office, Ha-Neul’s students arrive with flowers and start singing for her as it is teacher’s day. Yoo-Ra comes soon after with messages from the Icarus club. Ha-Neul then discusses with Mr Do how much the girl studies and how difficult it must be for her. Mr Do, Ha-Neul and Hae-Won head to have drinks together and meet with Mr Do’s colleagues from his teaching TV show. Mr Do decides to ask them for their opinion on the banana question and they reply that even if it’s unfair for the teachers, the combination answer is also correct.

The next day, Mr Ha speaks to Hae-Won about how adjusting the grade will badly affect the school and students while Mr Ko berates Mr Do during the meeting for getting an outsider to review the questions. Principal Byun eventually arrives to discuss the issue at hand where it is decided that the grades will be adjusted. However, Mr Ha still doesn’t agree with it and tell the teachers that he will not be explaining this to the students.

Ha-Neul nervously heads to her class to tell them she was wrong and apologises. However, the students react quite well to the news and understand that these things can happen while Principal berates Mr Ha for giving questions that will benefit the Icarus kids more. The principal later speaks to Ms Park and asks her if she has anything special planned for the college informal. We find out that an admission officer, Mr Jang from Hankuk university, is coming to give a special lecture.

In the evening, the teachers are busy preparing for the informal when Ms Park receives a call from Mr Jang who explains that he is stuck on Jeju island and might not be able to make it so he sends in his replacement. Unfortunately, it turns out to be Chan-Hui which spells trouble for the school as they realise how she still holds a grudge, after what happened to her where we end the episode.

Ha-Neul has certainly had quite the journey so far in Black Dog. She has faced many hurdles but has managed to come out on top, earning the respect from her fellow teachers and students alike. The latest issue with the exam question was quite the controversial one as either solutions could have created more problems for the school who is already struggling.

The drama carries on with its slow pace which admittedly makes this a difficult one to sit through at times, but it’s still interesting enough to keep me watching and the chemistry between the teachers really stands out as the glue that holds this one together. In particular Ms Park has definitely become my favourite. Chan-Hui is set to be the next problem for the school as the informal is around the corner. Whether the school will manage to better their reputation remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, most of its dedicated teachers will do their best to achieve this.


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