Bitch X Rich – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Bitch X Rich starts with Si-eun leading Hye-in to another Diamond Club member – Lee Duk-Min. Despite being rich, Duk-min’s personality often led the students to believe that he was poor and they tried to bully him as well. Si-eun tells Hye-in that Duk-min could help her with money, which leads Hye-in to text him. He calls Hye-in to a room and agrees to pay her 50,000 won in exchange for getting kinky pictures of herself taken.

Duk-min asks Hye-in to change into a kitty outfit as well as the sexy student outfit as he takes photos of her in suggestive poses. As Hye-in is about to leave, Duk-min offers her 30,000 won in addition to the original amount if she undresses out of the costume and dresses in her uniform in front of him. Desperate for the money, Hye-in agrees to the deal and strips.

At the same time, Do-eon pays a visit to Hae-in in the hospital and recalls their last conversation before her accident. Back then, Hae-in and Do-eon had fought because he tried to defend Hae-in in front of Je-na. Hae-in was worried that Je-na would target her even harder.

Do-eon goes to the school to check the CCTV footage from the night of Hae-in’s accident but finds that the files are missing. He recalls that Hye-in had seen a silhouette of a female student on the rooftop and thinks about which student could be responsible for the accident.

At the same time, Woo-jin is having dinner with Yul-he. He asks if they can have sex because Yul-hee wants to wait until they’re married. Yul-hee claims that she’s okay to get intimate with him but wanted to wait until the day they’re married before having sex. Woo-jin claims that he was also waiting for the day, but it is clear that he’s lying.

He gets a call from someone, whom he yells at because he fears that Je-na has already found out something he was lying to Yul-hee about. The next morning, Hye-in wakes up to a nightmare from Hae-in’s accident. She recalls how Hae-in had grabbed a necklace from her attacker’s neck and had handed it to Hye-in after falling off the building.

Present-day Hye-in checks her drawers for the necklace and learns that she had forgotten about it. That day, Je-na watches her father’s mistress, Professor Ha, enter Cheongdam International High School. Professor Ha is friends with Professor Kim and the two women talk about how Ha landed a rich man who she will soon be marrying. Je-na is shocked by the conversation and starts having a panic attack.

Professor Ha pretends to be nice to Je-na in front of Professor Kim but once they are alone, Professor Ha claims that she was going to have a baby boy – the heir to Mr Baek’s empire. Je-na is shocked at the woman’s audacity but Professor Ha yells at Je-na and asks her to treat her with respect. Hye-in shows up just in time and helps Je-na. She asks Professor Ha to leave them alone and takes Je-na to a room for her to calm down.

Hye-in and Je-na try to settle their conflict with more bickering but Hye-in throws the money she got from doing the photoshoot with Duk-min in Je-na’s face. She claims that she is not going to leave the school and that she will persevere in whatever Je-na does to her. Hye-in tells Je-na that she the scariest person in the world is actually Hye-in because she had nothing to lose.

The two girls finally come to a truce and decide to never cross paths. With newfound freedom, Hye-in finally starts focussing on her studies and keeps a low profile at school. However, Do-eon shows up and pretends that they were still dating. Hye-in follows Do-eon to the rooftop and he tells her that her father is actually trying to do away with Hae-in’s accident.

He tells Hye-in that Hee-seo was a scary man and would do nothing to help Hae-in get justice for whatever the girl did to her. Do-eon asks for her help but Hye-in does not want any part in the issue. She leaves him alone but suddenly gets an anonymous text. The text contains a video of her stripping in front of Duk-min taken from a different angle. It is clear that someone had planted a camera in the room to film Hye-in.

That day, Yul-hee and Je-na are shocked to see Si-eun with Hye-in. In class, Si-eun writes a note in Je-na’s book, checking up on her. Later that night, Hye-in is at home when she recalls the threatening note she had gotten at the mall. She studies the note from Si-eun and notices that both have a similar signature style.

Hye-in is shocked to finally learn that it was Si-eun who had been threatening her all along. The episode ends with Si-eun visiting Hae-in in the hospital. In the room, Si-eun tells an unconscious Hae-in that she was jealous of her because she was able to seduce Do-eon. As she leaves the room, Si-eun laughs to herself after seeing the video of Hye-in stripping in the room with Duk-min.

The Episode Review

The show is trying to show that despite her ‘mean bitch’ reputation, Je-na is not all that mean and it is always the silent ones that are actually pure evil. Cue, Duk-min and Si-eun. Si-eun sent Hye-in to Duk-min on purpose and it is clear that she knew what he was upto in that Diamond Club room. I am sure the next few episodes will involve leaking Hye-in’s video to shame her.

Si-eun looks cynical and it is very possible that it was her who pushed Hae-in off the rooftop. One possible theory is that Si-eun actually likes Do-eon and is jealous of Hae-in because Do-eon likes her. It is also possible that Si-eun was hooking up with Woo-jin who gave the same necklace as he gave to Yul-hee.

With that being said, we can expect a lot of plot twists in the two final episodes of the show.

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