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The Best Manga Time Kirara Manga of All Time

Although many people cherish watching anime, they often forget that most anime serve as adaptations of the original source material. While there are some instances where the anime is better than the manga, those instances are few and far between.

With the amount of manga released on a daily basis, it could be hard to cut through all those books to find the “Best of” for any chosen topic.

Well, we’re here to help celebrate and shine a spotlight on some of the latest, greatest, and unforgettable manga through the years. For our ongoing series of articles depicting the best manga, our attention this time turns to works published by Manga Time Kirara Magazine. From the smashing-hit Bocchi The Rock to the dreadful School-Live!, there’s a good choice to whet your appetite.

Of course, if we’ve missed any of your favorites, feel free to comment below and we’ll add them!

Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro – Satoko Kiyuzuki

Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro is a hauntingly beautiful manga with a fresh premise. The manga follows Kuro, a coffin-carrying girl who travels through desolate landscapes to find a specific with. As Kuro discovers landscapes and characters, the manga gradually reveals a bizarre story that’ll keep readers invested with its melancholic atmosphere and intrigue. 

Despite the world’s eerie setting, many will appreciate its handling of themes like loneliness, friendship, and personal growth. Kuro’s silent persona evokes a sense of serenity that’ll ease more readers into this tale, too.

If you’re a fan of tales that prefer to enchant audiences through visual storytelling, give Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro a chance. 

K-On! – Kakifly

K-On is known for being one of the most influential titles from Manga Time Kirara Magazine’s line-up. This manga delves into aspects regarding friendship and music. It follows a group of high school girls who form a band and navigate the ups and downs of adolescence, school life, and their shared passion for music. 

The series beautifully depicts the growth and bond between the main characters as they navigate the challenges and joys of high school together. K-On showcases the power of friendship to support, encourage, and inspire, as the girls rely on each other to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.

Through its lovable characters, stellar music performances, and gratifying portrayal of human connection, K-On is a beautiful slice-of-life series that’ll entertain you. 

Place to Place – Ishiki

Yuyushiki – Komata Mikami

Slow Start – Yuiko Tokumi

Slow Start delivers a story that’ll motivate audiences to overcome obstacles through its slice-of-life storytelling and its endearing characters. The story follows Hana, a high school girl who enters a school year late and must find a way to catch up to her classmates. Hana’s determination to catch up with her friends will motivate readers to strive for their own success in life. 

Whether readers are having trouble with their academic performance, self-confidence, or social interactions, they’ll be influenced by Hana’s growth in Slow Start as she develops new skills and forges connections.

This manga’s ability to inspire and uplift readers through its depiction of self-development makes it a standout manga in Manga Time Kirara’s line-up. 

School-Live! – Norimitsu Kaihou

School-Live! is one of the best manga to come out of Manga Time Kirara. This story examines the lives of four high school females who live at their school, which has been transformed into a fortress to protect them from the zombie apocalypse. School-Live!’s ability to captivate readers through its unconventional storytelling and mind-numbing themes sets it apart from others in this magazine. 

The manga employs a brilliant narrative technique by initially presenting the school as a peaceful place. Then, it slowly reveals the shocking truth that our characters are dealing with a zombie apocalypse. This unexpected twist leaves readers stunned, creating a suspenseful reading experience. Moreover, this tale brings many genres together to give itself depth and richness. 

With elements of horror and slice-of-life, School-Live creates a tale that can be heartwarming and horrifying to sit through. Coupled with some interesting themes concerning mental health awareness, survival, and loss, you have yourself a fantastic horror “moe” series that’ll leave a lasting impression on you. 

Is the Order a Rabbit? – Koi

This series follows five high school girls who work at the Rabbit House cafe. It offers a heartwarming slice-of-life experience and never fails to make readers feel cozy on the inside. The manga’s setting, the Rabbit House cafe, becomes a comforting spot for readers and its characters. This is due to the cafe’s bustling aromas and the heartfelt interactions that take place within its barrier. 

The manga’s vivid artwork further enhances its atmosphere, providing a visual feast for the eyes. Moreover, the story’s cast possess interesting qualities and share genuine moments with each other. These moments will remind readers why it’s significant to enjoy the small things in life and to take breaks whenever the time calls for one.

For those seeking a feel-good narrative to binge, check this out. 

Laid-Back Camp – Afro

Laid-Back Camp is a captivating tale that evokes serenity through the characters’ camping expeditions. The series follows a group of high school girls who embark on camping adventures, showcasing the beauty of the outdoors and the joy of connecting with nature. Its ability to transport readers into a serene setting makes it a fantastic Manga Time Kirara property.

The manga skillfully immerses readers in its beautiful landscapes with its beautiful illustrations. From Afro’s depiction of lakes and skies, you’ll gain a sense of escapism and tranquility just by looking at the manga’s panels.

If you’re looking for a tale that will make you enjoy the simplicities of life more than you do now, check out Laid-Back Camp. 

Bocchi The Rock – Aki Hamaji

Bocchi The Rock is a beautiful story with incredible characters, a grounded world, and rich themes. It follows Hittori Gottou, a girl who wants to become a famous musician. However, Hittori’s social anxiety prevents her from achieving said goal. However, when she forges Kessoku Band with her new friends Ryo, Nijika, and Kita, Hittori vows to break away from her insecurities to achieve her goals. 

What makes Bocchi’s The Rock a fascinating read for many is its well-written cast. From Hittori’s struggles with her social anxieties to Kita’s bedazzling presence, you’ll find it difficult not to foster a tight connection with the cast present in this narrative.

Moreover, the tale delves deep into the intricacies of the rockstar career. It highlights what musicians need to achieve to become popular. From raising funds to building up one’s brand, you’ll admire Aki Hamaji’s strong attention to detail.

Coupled with some funny situational comedy and referential humor, you have yourself a manga that’ll rock your world. 

Hidamari Sketch – Ume Aoki

Hidamari Sketch is a fun slice-of-life comedy with an emphasis on art. This manga follows the everyday lives of art students who live in the famed Hidmari Apartments. The story contains relatable scenarios, a distinct art style, and a charming cast.

Ume Aoki incorporates whimsical illustrations in Hidamari Sketch to bring the characters and surroundings to life. The manga’s use of soft pastel, colors and intricate details convey a sense of warmth and coziness that is truly captivating. It perfectly complements the series’s slice-of-life moments, which are enjoyable too. The characters form tight-knit bonds with each other, allowing readers to connect with them on a personal level.

With its emphasis on passion, friendship, and human connection, Hidamari Sketch is a wonderful manga for those looking to unwind after a hard day at work. 

So, there we have it, our picks for the best Manga Time Kirara manga through the years!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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