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The world of anime is expansive and offers many unique stories with compelling characters, engaging plots, and epic moments. While some anime come and go, many deliver unique and memorable experiences. Those types of anime typically contain well-written storylines and characters.

We want to highlight the best anime about serial killers. From well-established series like Death Note to underlooked gems like Denpa Teki na Kanojo, these anime should satisfy your hunger for serial killer-themed tales. 

Feel free to leave your comments about our choices below. If we happen to forget one of your favorite serial-killer-themed anime, don’t fret. Let us know in the comments and we’ll get them added on later. 

Death Note

Death Note is an iconic crime series with a supernatural spin. It follows Light, a high school student who discovers a mysterious yet powerful notebook called the Death Note. Under the alias Kira, Light uses the Death Note to murder countless criminals. After making a name for himself, he draws attention from his area’s officers and a world-renowned young detective named L. 

A fascinating tale with cat-and-mouse mind games ensues between the two that’ll leave viewers excited. Through Light’s eyes, this anime wonderfully explores what goes on inside a serial killer’s mind before and after they commit cruel acts. With its philosophical take on the nature of justice and its compelling mind battles, Death Note is a marvelous serial killer-themed anime everyone should watch. 


Death Note is not the only 2000s crime classic we’d like to recommend to serial killer enthusiasts. Monster is a captivating anime from one of Japan’s most talented writers today, Naoki Urasawa. This tale revolves around Dr. Kenzou Tenma, who must choose to save a child or his town’s lawyer from perishing. Tenma chooses the child, resulting in everyone shunning him. 

Additionally, the child grows up to become a serial killer, making matters worse for Tenma. To rewrite the wrong, Tenma abandons everything and embarks on a mission to bring this kid to justice. The child in question, Johan Liebert, is a cunning and menacing individual to observe on screen. From his calm mannerisms to his manipulative tactics, fans will adore his presence. His character captures the suspicious nature one would expect from a mass murderer, making this story feel authentic.

On top of having stellar plot twists and endearing scenarios, Monster is a must-watch in the crime genre. 


ID: Invaded

ID: Invaded delivers a fascinating serial killer-centered tale. It’s about a detective named Akihito who travels into multiple killers’ minds via the world called iD well. As Akihito traverses through many terrains, he’ll discover what makes these serial killers tick. This grants Akihito numerous opportunities to bring them to justice and understand their justifications. 

This mix of psychological thriller and police procedural content helps ID: Invaded entertain its audience. Additionally, this anime’s cast is well-developed and complex. Akihito is a fabulous detective with an intriguing yet sorrowful background. Therefore, with its excellent depiction of serial killers and investigative procedures, ID: Invaded is worth adding to your watchlist. 

Beautiful Bones: Sakuraku’s Investigation

For those searching for an anime with a refreshing take on the crime genre, look no further than Beautiful Bones: Sakuraku’s Investigation. This anime follows the colorful endeavors of Sakurako, a wise osteologist with a knack for solving crimes related to human remains. Her investigations lead her down paths involving murderers and victims, providing fans with gripping cases. 

For instance, there are episodes where Sakurako uses her deep understanding of human bones to pinpoint the victims’ “cause of death.” In turn, this leads her to the victim’s assailant, which results in justice being served most of the time. With its protagonist’s praiseworthy deductive skills and intriguing take on the genre, fans are in for an educational and stimulating time with this one. 


Babylon follows a prosecutor named Zen, who finds himself stuck in a sticky situation with a skilled serial killer. Many fans enjoy this one for its take on the criminal justice system and for examining what problems lead folks to pursue evil. One idea the anime brings up within its tale is justice in conjunction with a murderer’s case. 

This scenario entices widespread debate about whether or not it’s justifiable to kill someone because of the crimes they committed. On top of having well-rounded characters who carry personal demons and fascinating skills, Babylon’s likely to keep you invested. 

Denpa Teki na Kanojo

Need a serial killer series revolving around high school students, we got you covered with Denpa Teki na Kanojo. This anime provides viewers with a nice blend of thriller, supernatural, and drama to keep them glued to their screens. This tale follows Ju, a delinquent who meets Ame, a girl who is somehow connected to multiple murder-themed crimes. 

This anime skillfully keeps viewers guessing with satisfying twists and turns. Additionally, Denpa Taki na Kanojo’s setting, crimes, and visuals will make viewers feel uncomfortable at times. On top of giving its cast members like Ame and Ju chances to shine throughout its storytelling, there’s enough content sprinkled into this series that should please you. 


Bastard delivers an action-packed tale with an eccentric male protagonist. In it, we follow Jin, a cold-blooded murderer who is on the run from a talented investigator named Kain. Not only can fans look forward to seeing Jin inflict pain on countless people, but the anime is riddled with other serial killers, each with their skills and agendas. 

With its brutal atmosphere, compelling visuals, and interesting cat-and-mouse sequences involving Jin, Kain, and others, Bastard’s a hardcore serial-killer-themed anime that’ll leave a nice impression. 

Neuro: Supernatural Detective

Neuro: Supernatural Detective is what you expect, an anime about an investigator with otherworldly powers. In it, we follow Neuro, and his human partner, Yako, as they solve numerous crimes for the sake of justice. Many cases involve serial killers, and the show depicts them as cunning and thoughtful individuals, giving the story a layer of depth, realism, and thrills. 

The killers in this series have interesting motives and some have twisted psyches. Some even utilize unique tools like origami to seal their victims’ fate. Therefore, if you’re looking for a quirky, unique, and entertaining crime series with serial killers, check this series out. 


Despite its lackluster CGI visuals, Inuyashiki offers a compelling tale with hints of sci-fi, action, and crime. In it, we follow Inuyashiki, an elderly fellow who visits a park one night and gets hit by a mysterious object. He awakens the next day to discover he’s turned into a powerful cyborg. Inuyashiki vows to use his powers for good.

However, another boy named Hiro, who was with Inuyashiki at the incident, receives similar powers. An all-out battle between good and evil ensues, resulting in an emotional tale by the series’s finale. With its fancy cyborg action, deep exploration of its serial killer antagonist’s psychosis, and a great soundtrack, Inuyashiki delivers an acceptable serial killer-centered experience. 

So, there we have it, our picks for the best anime about serial killers!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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