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There are a lot of video games out there and in this era of mobile and home-based gaming, the choices have never been greater. So how do you cut through the noise and find the “Best of” for any chosen topic?

Well, we’re here to help celebrate and shine a spotlight on some of the latest, greatest, and unforgettable games through the years. For our ongoing series of articles depicting the best video games, we’d like to steer your direction elsewhere in this article and highlight the best video games for relaxation and mindfulness.

Whether it’s the cozy world of Animal Crossing or the adventurous Pokémon universe, you’re likely to have developed a fondness for one of the games below. 

Of course, if we’ve missed any of your favorites, feel free to comment below!

Animal Crossing 

Animal Crossing is widely regarded as a fantastic game for relaxation and mindfulness. It offers players a wholesome and immersive experience that promotes tranquility and mental well-being.

Firstly, the game’s slow-paced nature allows players to unwind and escape the stresses that plague their everyday lives. Whether it’s fishing or interacting with villagers, Animal Crossing encourages players to take things in at their own pace. Moreover, the game’s charming world provides a peaceful and visually appealing environment for players to exist in. From the lush greenery to the soothing background music, you’ll adore the serenity it promotes.

On top of giving players wonderful customization options and creative liberties, Animal Crossing is a compelling game to play.  

Lil Gator Game

Lil Gator Game was a great hit for indie gaming fans due to its adventurous sensation, charming characters, and adorable aesthetic. The game’s soothing visuals and captivating soundscapes create a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

The lush terrain, coupled with ambient tracks, transports players to a tranquil and immersive world. This provides players with a way to escape the stressors that occur to them in real life. Moreover, Lil Gator Game’s simple gameplay contributes to its relaxing nature. The game presents players with straightforward dilemmas to solve involving Lil Gator’s friends. Each mission is as wholesome and distinct enough from the last, giving you new ways to tackle the world.

If you adore charming adventure titles with a child-like atmosphere, this game’s worth picking up. 

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is a fantastic entry in the Harvest Moon series. This game’s slow-paced nature grants players a tranquil experience through the world of farming. From planting and watering crops to helping livestock, you’ll adore this hame’s approach to making you feel like a natural-born farmer. 

Moreover, the game’s charming setting contributes to its calming demeanor. With its picturesque landscapes, serene soundtrack, and pleasant seasonal updates, you’ll love how enchanting this game can be.

With its strong focus on connecting with nature and fostering tight-knit connections with other people, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life provides players with a cozy experience. 


Nintendogs is a fabulous pet simulation title that oozes relaxation and mindfulness. This game focuses on caring for virtual dogs, providing players with a soothing outlet to escape to. The repetitive and gentle activities, like brushing your canine’s fur and teaching them tricks, encourage players to be emotionally invested with their pets. 

Moreover, the game has excellent visuals, despite being on an old-fashioned portable system. The dog’s vibrant colors and cute animations, combined with the calm soundtrack, contribute to an immersive and comforting atmosphere. Whether it’s the sounds of the dog’s paws tapping on the floor or their excited barks, Nintendogs does its best to make players feel immersed. 

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the joys of animal care through a virtual means, this game’s worth playing. 


Journey is an indie adventure title known for its breathtaking visuals and soothing soundtrack. In it, players traverse majestic landscapes, adorned with stunning visuals that evoke a sense of tranquility and wonder. The game’s score, composed by Austin Wintory, adds to the game’s pleasant ambiance, resulting in a title that’s soothing to the ear. 

Moreover, Journey’s gameplay mechanics foster a sense of mindfulness with its emphasis on exploration and reflection. Players embark on a personal and emotional quest, guiding their character through beautiful and mysterious environments. The game encourages curiosity and attention to detail as players uncover its hidden paths and interesting symbols.

In addition to having interesting companions for you to interact with, Journey’s a game to play if you want to tune out of the world. 


Melatonin is a unique indie game that is perfect for those who need to unwind. The game’s minimalist visuals and atmospheric soundtrack create a calm and serene tone. The simple designs and muted color palette contribute to its soothing visual experience, allowing players to focus their attention on its puzzles and gameplay. 

Melatonin’s gameplay emphasizes observation and problem-solving. It presents players with mind-numbing puzzles that require them to critically think about solutions. From manipulating objects to examining your surroundings, you’ll appreciate the developers for giving you reasons to mentally focus while playing this gem. 

Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a wonderful indie game with charming graphics and a soothing world. Its hand-drawn art style and warm color palette evoke a sense of comfort and harmony. The game’s sound effects further contribute to its peaceful ambiance. Cozy Grove’s gameplay mechanics encourage mindfulness through its focus on exploration and hurting. 

As you navigate a haunted island as a Spirit Scout, you’ll find yourself helping spirits find peace by completing missions and uncovering their stories. The game’s emphasis on adventuring and curiosity promotes mindfulness. You’ll be discovering hidden treasures, interacting with endearing characters, and engaging in calming and reflective activities like fishing and gardening. 

All these components culminate into a title that delivers enough content to keep you occupied for hours. 


Unpacking is a simple indie game with a focus on unpacking and organizing personal goods. You’ll unpack a series of boxes and arrange their contents in various rooms over multiple periods of the character’s life. The methodical actions of placing items in their required locations can be incredibly soothing. This allows players to feel peaceful in creating order out of chaos. 

Moreover, the game’s minimalist visuals and atmospheric sound design contribute to its tranquil environment. The game’s simple and clean art style, with muted colors and smooth animations, makes for a visually appealing experience. The gentle soundtrack only adds more fuel to this game’s wholesome fire, offering a soothing backdrop of melodies that players will appreciate.

With its lack of high-stakes gameplay, this is ideal for those looking for a pleasant game to play. 

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is another indie adventure title like Lil Gator Game that feels pleasant to play. First and foremost, this game’s charming visuals and serene soundtrack create a soothing atmosphere. The art style and detailed environments evoke a sense of nostalgia and grace. The calm and melodic music enhances the game’s calm energy, providing a sensational backdrop for players to explore. 

A Short Hike encourages players to take their time to soak in its pleasant sights. As you explore this game’s island, you’ll be treated by wholesome imagery involving waterfalls, forests, and various rocky terrain. You’ll love hearing the wind rustle through the trees and seeing the island’s waves clash with its multiple shores.

In addition to having gameplay that lacks challenge, time limits, and dangerous foes, A Short Hike is ideal for those who want an easy and less difficult game to play. 

Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap is a fantastic Pokémon spin-off game for those who want to take a break from the mainline series. This game promotes relaxation and mindfulness with its simple controls, premise, and visuals.

In it, you’ll explore various hub worlds featuring volcanos to vast oceans as a Pokémon photographer. You’ll snap photos of various Pokémon and present them to Professor Oak. He’ll judge your photos based on numerous factors and the cycle repeats from there.

Many will cherish this game for its lack of difficulty and easy-going nature. While it can be a hassle to get the perfect photo, the game provides you with several opportunities to get the shot of your dreams. Hence, if you want a Pokémon game that’ll envelop you in a joyous atmosphere, check this out. 

So, there we have it, our picks for the best videos to play for relaxation and mindfulness purposes through the years!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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