Where is Belle Gibson now? | The fake wellness guru featured on Instagram’s Worst Con Artist

Where is Belle Gibson now?

Belle Gibson became an Instagram sensation in 2013 when she documented her journey with brain cancer.

After gaining thousands of followers on the social media platform, she claimed to have found a cure for the disease that was apparently killing her.

This cure was via a plant-based diet and certain alternative therapies, rather than anything related to medical science. 

To promote her holistic medicine, she created an app – The Whole Pantry App – which people could download to access guidance and recipes. She also wrote a companion book of the same name. 

Gibson earned a fortune through her work as a wellness guru, though she selflessly promised to donate her takings to charity.

However, it was later discovered that Belle was a fraud. Her cancer claims were a lie and so too were her promises to give money to charity. 

In 2015, she was exposed as a fraud by journalist Richard Guilliat whose wife did have cancer.

In 2017, she was fined £240,000 by the Australian government for breaking consumer law – money that she failed to pay! 

Where is Belle Gibson now?

In 2019, despite making a fortune, Belle Gibson claimed she wasn’t able to pay the fine. The reason? She had blown a lot of her money on her travels to Bali and Africa and she had spent thousands on clothes and accessories. 

According to reports, Consumer Affairs Victoria found that Gibson had spent around $91,000 between 2017 and 2019.

In January 2020 and May 2021, authorities raided her home and seized assets from her property as a means of recouping the money she owed.

After the first raid, it was reported that Gibson had become involved with the Oromo ethnic group in Melbourne. However, the community later cut ties with Gibson after discovering her fraudulent past. 

At present, there is no trace of Belle Gibson’s whereabouts. Is she in hiding? Is she planning a social media comeback? Nobody knows…well except Belle herself and anybody that might currently be close to her. 

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