Behind Her Eyes – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Behind Her Eyes begins with Louise in dream-land, talking to Adam while David is off barbecuing in a garden that looks eerily similar to the one in Teletubbies. Anyway, there’s no baby-faced sun here, just Louise living in euphoric bliss.

Outside the dream world, David hands over a red and yellow pill for Adele to take. He checks her mouth, including under her tongue, to make sure she’s taken it.

It’s clear things are tense but they take a turn for the unexpected when Anthony shows up at the house. With Adele sporting a black eye, she feigns fear and makes it seem like David actually hit her. In fact, she echoes the same unconvincing cupboard story to Louise later on while acting nervously around her.

The pair head out running, where they eventually collapse together on a hill in the park. There, they catch their breath and discuss Rob’s notebook. It’s a brief talk in truth, but one that sees Louise admit that the book could change her life.

Anyway, there’s no time for that when Louise returns to work and learns that the incident with Anthony has caused big issues. In fact, David is going to be investigated on the back of Adele’s black eye. Mr Sharma rings Adele immediately and checks if David has hit her or not. She chuckles and divulges the same cupboard story, as Louise silently listens from the other room on the phone.

David does himself no favours when he comes over to visit Louise. After unceremoniously gulping down a glass of wine, she too asks outright whether he hit Adele. David despairs, telling her he hasn’t but also that he doesn’t buy into Adele’s cupboard story either.

These doubts continue as Louise reads Rob’s diary that night, centering on an entry about Rob’s doubts and suspicions involving David driving by at the exact moment Adele was in a fire. Is this really a coincidence? Or is there more going on here?

Anyway, we skip across to another dream segment, this time from Adele’s perspective. A shimmer appears in David’s office as Adele seems to inexplicably project herself out and sees them both together. David spills his true feelings, mentioning how he’s fully in love with Louise. Well, this causes Adele to suddenly bolt upright in bed and begin sobbing.

With Adele’s eye all healed up, she heads out and visits Anthony. The two talk together while sharing secrets, but not before he hands over some drugs for her. After all this time being clean, it’s obvious now that David’s anchor has well and truly gone.

In the past, we see more flashbacks involving Rob. He heads over to visit Adele outside the rehab facility, marveling at her new surroundings. As he asks how she finds it, Adele sadly utters “lonely” as her response.

Back in the present, Adele’s closeness to Louise is finally uncovered, as Emma from the gym phones to confirm a guest membership with Louise. While Adele is cooking, a shocked and surprised David checks Adele’s phone and sees all the messages to Louise. He’s unable to control himself and he immediately storms off to Louise’s apartment.

David struggles to compose himself as he confronts Louise about her friendship with Adele. David calls her crazy, as Louise admits that she felt sorry for the girl and knew she was lonely so tried to be there for her.

As they talk, Louise believes that Adele is the victim here. She mentions the money and how controlling David is… leading him to fire her on the spot and tell the girl to pack her things up and leave. Louise is understandably shocked and the next day at work, breaks the news to Dr Sharma and pretends she’s leaving on a family matter.

Louise heads over to check up on Adele and make sure she’s okay. Realizing that she may be in danger, Louise breaks into Adele’s house and notices her passed out on the chair. Louise moves her into the bedroom and eventually manages to nurse Adele back to health.

It’s here Adele mentions the pills she’s been taking and how David had an affair with another woman during their time in Brighton. This house was supposed to be their fresh start but old habits die hard – especially given David’s affair with Louise at the moment.

David eventually returns that evening and asks outright whether Adele knew who Louise was before befriending her. She tells him she didn’t, telling David he needs to move on. David however, is not sure what to believe anymore.

As glimmers of the past sparkle through again, we see more of that pocket watch in the well. As the camera zooms out, a bloodied Rob lies motionless, his body contorted awkwardly. Was he pushed? Or is he still alive and this is some weird Bly Manor crossover? We’ll have to wait and see!

The Episode Review

Well, we asked for more drama and there it is! Behind Her Eyes comes roaring out the gates with a pretty fiery episode that turns everything we’ve learned so far upside down and firmly against David.

The entire episode essentially hinders on him controlling everyone and his outburst, calling Louise crazy, seems to solidify the fact that he’s haunted by something that happened in the past. There’s obviously more going on here though and the supernatural elements really haven’t been explained that well… at least so far anyway.

What is up with Adele’s bizarre dream hop too? Can she now project her subconscious into different rooms? Along with the dream sequences, these segments jar quite badly against some of the more grounded, well written elements of this screenplay.

In the meantime though, Behind Her Eyes ends with a pretty ominous sign of things to come at the end there, leaving the door wide open for more questions as we’re left to wonder quite how Rob ended up at the bottom of the well. I’m sure we’ll find out soon!

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