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Episode 1 of Behind Every Star starts with Mr Kim Jung-Don, Cho Yeo-Jeong’s agent, rushing up to a lady called Chun Je-In. After handing over his business card, he awaits Yeo-Jeong showing up for her big audition. She’s encouraged to stay focused, getting dressed up in historical gear for a big photoshoot.

After boasting about a big role in Tarantino’s new film, a message comes in that shatters everything. Tarantino doesn’t want to work with Yeo-Jeong anymore, believing she’s too old for the part. Uh oh!

Method Entertainment is our setting and Jung-Don heads back to the office, feeling deflated. The Director here is Ma Tae-Oh, while a slick tracking camera shows off the whole office and all the different men and women, bustling about and hurriedly working. Jung-Don though is crushed by the news of Yeo-Jeong’s rejection and struggles to tell the others in the office about it.

A woman called So Hyun-joo shows up to see Director Ma but after receiving a frosty greeting from the receptionist, she’s soon put in her place by the Director agreeing to see her unscheduled. Hyun-Joo graduated last year from University and she’s been in Seoul for 3 weeks now. In fact, she’s moved over from Busan, much to the fear of Director Ma.

Hyun-Joo is determined to prove her worth though and wants to be an agent working in the entertainment business. She’s serious about this but Director Ma is having none of it. He hands over some cash for her, and tells her to leave, hurrying back to the office.

Ma’s just in time for the big meeting, with President Wang overseeing proceedings. Infront of everyone, Jung-Don begrudgingly admits that Tarantino has rejected Yeo-Jeong’s office… and he hasn’t even told her yet!

The meeting is a disaster, and when one of the agents quits it gives Hyun-Joo the perfect chance to pitch her credentials. And it works too! Chun Je-In sees potential and offers her 3 months on an apprenticeship with a permanant position after depending on her performance. She’ll have to work overtime and have her phone on at all times too. Plus she’s to work with immediate effect. Hyun-Joo accepts!

Everyone is pussyfooting around the Yeo-Jeong situation, and when Choi Jin-Hyeok accidentally picks up a call from her, she marches right into the office. Jun-Hyeok is not a good liar and crumbles under pressure, while Jung-Don ducks for cover behind the reception desk. While he manages to make it out to the elevator and downstairs, Hyun-Joo finds herself riding the same elevator as Yeo-Jeong, whom she clearly adores. On the way, she spills the beans about Tarantino and isn’t exactly subtle. Oh no!

When Jung-Don does eventually catch up with Yeo-Jeong, she outs him for his lies and eventually decides to walk away, having had enough. Jung-Don is livid and eventually heads back to the office, running his mouth and desperate to know who spilled the beans. It was Hyun-Joo, as we know, and she’s dropped as an apprentice as a result.

With Yeo-Jeong’s options limited, she’s recommended to get plastic surgery to look younger. Director Ma also decides to leave the firm with her to avoid losing his biggest client, intent on the two starting their own agency instead.

Jung-Don is not willing to let his client go just yet and chases after Yeo-Jeong to try and salvage what they had. Only, he’s shocked to find her on the saddle of a wooden horse, and realizes she actually lied about her horse-riding. This helps to open up communication between the two, who speak plainly. Jung-Don reiterates that she’s the best actress he’d ever known, regardless of what she chooses to do.

This simple meeting serves as an epiphany for Yeo-Jeong, who decides not to get the surgery and head out after all, all smiles. Jung-Don happens to be waiting for her outside and there’s a really nice feel-good vibe as the pair decide to rekindle what they had, going back to that agent/client relations once more. Yeo-Jeong realizes she looks old enough as it is, and she doesn’t need to get surgery to try and prove herself for anyone.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Joo tries to make good on her mistakes with Yeo-Jeong, swiping Hee-Sun’s script just like Je-In asked. In doing so, she sees potential in Hyun-Joo and lets her continue her apprenticeship, having passed the test. However, there’s more bad news to come. Mr Wang has passed away, leaving the position vacant.

The Episode Review

Behind Every Star starts off with a decent opening chapter, one that works to establish all the main characters whilst simultaneously doing a great job with the tone, which flirts between more sombre character drama and quirky, awkward humour. The characters do feel a bit archetypal at the moment, especially players like Choi Jin-Hyeok and Director Ma but hopefully that will be remedied as the episodes progress.

Either way though, this is a solid opening and certainly sets the tone for what should be a very intriguing drama to come.

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