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Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 83 & 84 Recap and Review

The War

Joon-Hwi and Hwa-Young have now declared war on each other as they’re both determined to come out on top. While Jin-Woo’s reasons are honourable, his mother is as always, selfish and devious. This new plot has added another tense edge to the drama and keeps it from becoming too stale. We’re seeing more and more of Si-Wol’s softer side too as he helps out Young-Woong which was quite touching to see. 

We pick up where we left off as Cheong-Ah joins Joon-Hwi at the funeral home. He tells her he knows that his brother caused the accident and wonders if his mum knows, while Yu-Ra is being interviewed but refuses to speak about either of her sons. They talk about her beliefs and convictions, as the journalist mentions her sister who seems to be above the law.

Cheong-Ah decides to drive Joon-Hwi home so he can rest on the way back. They arrive and come face to face with Yu-Ra. The mother confronts her son about Cheong-Ah and he replies that he was tired so she offered to drive him home. As Cheong-Ah tries to leave, Yu-Ra demands that the three of them have dinner together. All three try to talk in a civilized manner and come to a compromise in regards to their relationship as Yu-Ra makes Cheong-Ah promise to not hurt her son.

In the Kim household, Seol-Ah confronts Jin-Woo about their situation and explains that she is still unable to forget what he did. She agrees to date him to make him understand how she feels. He tells her that that they still have time and that he knows she still cares about him. She replies that once the month is over he should go home or to a hotel. Jin-Woo later has some food with Young-Woong and vows to always be a son to him. The old man then tells him that he has to start cleaning and cook.

Meanwhile, Haw-Young speaks to Hae-Rang about the loss the the sport marketing department is creating for the company. She explains that this could help her fire Jin-Woo and warns her that if she doesn’t prove herself to be loyal, she will expose their affair to get him fired.

Joon-Ik discusses Si-Wol’s situation with his sons while the latter wonders why Cheong-Ah is not answering his calls. At the same time, Joon-Hwi tries to understand why his mother was out that fateful night. In the restaurant, Si-Wol decides to help out Young-Woong when one of his old team members comes for lunch by pretending that Young is the owner of the establishment. This makes him really happy as he gives him a big thumbs up.

In Intermarket, Hwa-Young summons Joon-Hwi to her office to talk about the upcoming meeting regarding Jin-Woo’s dismissal. As Joon-Hwi is the largest shareholder, she wants to make sure he agrees to it. He tells her he is not sure so she offers to give his department a bigger budget. He heads to see his cousin next to relay what his mum told him. Jin-Woo explains that he is facing a dilemma with the company and needs to think carefully about what decision he has to make as a lot of people depend on him.

As Jin-Woo is on his way to see his mum, he bumps into Hae-Rang and asks her again to move out of his house before entering his mum’s office. He tells Hwa-Young that because of all her power abuse to the employees, he plans to get her removed from the company. She accepts the challenge and they leave each other, promising that it will end with one of them quitting.

Later on, Tae-Rang and Jin-Woo face each other, talking about Seol-Ah and Hae-Rang. Tae-Rang asks him to bring his sister back and to tell his dad the truth about the affair, which he agrees to do while Hae-Rang calls Si-Wol to try paying him back. He tells her that now he knows her family, she should come to his place to give him his money back.

Surprised by his claims, Hae-Rang arrives at his place to thank him. She finds out about her dad’s injury which worries her and notices the picture of his twin on the wall. They talk about being orphans and she reveals that she lost her brother when she was five. A little while after she leaves, Si-Wol decides to go driving to the Moon household. There, he sees Tae-Rang outside and speaks to him about his sister. He explains that he is always curious about orphans as he is looking for his twin sister. He then decides to show him the picture and as soon as Tae-Rang sees it, he looks quite surprised and asks to take it with him.

The latest episode of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life has brought quite a few developments to the drama. Yu-Ra seems to be a little bit more lenient towards his son and Cheong-Ah dating ( although this could be because she is worried that Cheong knows the truth and might talk) while Jin-Woo and his mother have a big face off. This was definitely quite interesting and I am looking forward to see how it ends.

Si-Wol has also changed quite a bit as he has started helping people around him and is also close to finding out that Hae-Rang is his long lost twin. There are two other things he desires: the first is getting his name cleared and the second looks to be Cheong-Ah. While I think he will eventually be free of the burden he has been carrying, I don’t think he will win Cheong-Ah over as her heart belongs to someone else, which is quite sad for him. This episode was definitely another enjoyable one again as we now don’t have a long time to wait until we reach the conclusion of all those dramatic story lines.

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