Beartooth – The Surface | Album Review

Track Listing

The Surface
Doubt Me 
The Better Me 
Might Love Myself 
What’s Killing You 
Look The Other Way 
What Are You Waiting For 
My New Reality 
I Was Alive 


Beartooth utilises clean vocals with high-powered screams, and you know what, it all works, pushing the true ethos of a band that has created a record which is diverse, unproblematic, and searing.

From the beginning, the act doesn’t sugarcoat what they’re conveying through their art and tracks, as they let us know their grievances, their heartache, and the darkness they’ve trudged through to get to where they are.  

The act is popular in the hard-core scene, and they’ve been consistent with their releases, giving their sound that needed exposure. Since their inception, they’ve gifted the faithful hard-hitting records which all have a narrative spin. This is something we need more of in such a bloated industry.  

The Surface is a record that details the band’s cut-up dreams and their stint the in gutter, though they’re trying to get out of the grime. Every piece of this album has a story bubbling over, and the act does well to establish these stories with conviction.  

There are 11 songs on the album. ‘Doubt Me’ begins with an enthralling echo. The screams come in rapidly, pushing the song through the motions. The band is emotional and angry at the world and love. They want to be cited as saviours, and they want the doubt to be eradicated.  

‘Might Love Myself’ has poppy undertones. It’s a change in direction for the band, but that’s okay, as evolution is fundamental. It’s a different take, though it measures up. Those guitar moments are softer than normal.  

‘Look The Other Way’ begins acoustically. The lyrics are sublime here as the band chase a high they can’t seem to reach. It’s a melancholic stab at rock, a sudden alteration, but the band is in their element.  

Beartooth does well to change things up on The Surface, and this record may garner more fans and followers.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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