Bank Arcade – Future Lovers | Album Review

Track List

Future Lovers
Fake Your Death
Be Someone
System Failed
Don’t Start


Future Lovers is a poignant tale full of frantic moments, red alerts, and aches and pains. But, somewhere between the lines, there’s a chance for hope. The inner conflicts which take hold can dissipate, and life can be more than bearable for Bank Arcade.

This band sees the world differently, and they don’t boast about that, as they use their desire as a tool in their pursuit of dreams. Future Lovers is their LP which can drag them away from the gutters; the dusty rooms which only beat hard on their minds. They’re in control of their actions, but their mental health has been treacherous.

The album describes comedowns and the effects of a harsh life too, and bliss only comes in small waves, never really touching the sides. And the band knows how to key in their music with precision. They’re definitely talented, and Future Lovers fascinates even when it gets dark. Some songs slide into the heavy side of metal, while others soothe the tension. 13 songs make up this release.

‘Smile’ describes the heaviness of the devil, and the story isn’t a pretty affair. The chorus is edgy and confirms the band’s heartache. That solo triggers manic, but effective sounds.

‘Be Someone’ opens softly. The vocals aren’t suppressed, but they belt out dark desires. The guitars ferociously come in and the contrast is heart-pumping.

‘Don’t Start’ is rough around the edges and takes the metal sound up a notch. Every moment cuts in, and the lyrics here don’t sugar-coat.

‘Wine’ beautifully concludes this record. Soft vocals and acoustic tones interweave, and then the song rises as the commanding chorus trickles in.

Overall though, Bank Arcade dodges clichés on their latest release, Future Lovers. Their pride is intact, and their beliefs flutter into the atmosphere.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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