The Baby-Sitters Club – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Kristy’s Great Idea

Based on the book series of the same name, The Baby-Sitters Club is a colourful, vibrant re-imagining of the book series that sold over 176 million copies. Admittedly, having not read the books I’m not sure how close to the source material this stays but based on the first episode alone, the show certainly channels some great charisma and ideas that feel like they’ve jumped right from the pages of a book.

Episode 1 of The Baby-Sitters Club begins with an introduction to Stoneybrook Middle School. Kristy walks home with Mary Anne and they discuss their upcoming sleepover. Interspersed around this chat, Kristy angrily slams the injustice of boys in school getting the easier run of things.

Back home Kristy’s Mother struggles to get a babysitter and instead tries to negotiate with her daughter for Mary Anne to stay over at theirs. Midway through talking, Kristy comes up with a brilliant idea – a babysitting club. In order to make things official though they need a third member. That third member comes in the form of popular girl Claudia. Only, when they head over to her house to discuss the logistics of this club, they’re introduced to Claudia’s new friend Stacey.

After establishing the foundations of the club, Kristy heads home where we’re introduced to Watson Brewer, her Mum’s new partner. Unfortunately Kristy is not happy when her Mother announces she’s getting married and is forced into her room after saying some pretty horrible things at the dinner table.

Things between Kristy and her Mum are still frosty the next day but Kristy busies herself with setting up The Baby-Sitter’s Club. Flyers are printed and handed out while the group sit and wait for the calls to come rolling in. Their first call happens to be from Watson and Kristy isn’t thrilled at the prospect of babysitting for her step-dad. Thankfully, the other girls take control of the situation and agree that Mary-Anne can go.

Kristy decides to head over and spy on her best friend while she’s babysitting. Unfortunately Watson’s neighbour (dubbed The Witch) frightens her and blows Kristy’s cover while she’s sneaking in the bushes. After bumping into Stacey inadvertently in a car on the way back, she heads back home and has a heart to heart with her Mum about what happened.

Ending their conversation with another subtle dig toward boys, the pair finally find some common ground and seem to be back on talking terms again.

In the morning, Kristy heads to the Baby-Sitter’s Club and apologises for her actions. As the calls start coming in, Watson’s recommendation helps the club start to thrive and she overcomes her disdain and decides to thank Watson for his help. When she messages her Mother to pass it on, she tells her daughter to do it herself.

With The Baby-Sitter’s club in full swing now, the episode sets the foundations for the series to follow.

The Review Write-Up

The first couple of episodes with a show like this can always feel a little rough around the edges. In the case of The Baby-Sitter’s Club this is very much apparent. There’s definitely potential with the characters and the show manages to nail both a charming and quirky sense of humour that’ll be instantly appealing and find a pretty dedicated audience.

Kristy is a difficult character to warm to through this episode though but she does have a nice little arc as her temperament mellows out toward the end. It’s clear the girls have some good chemistry together and for that alone, the show is definitely worth sticking with to see how it develops over time.

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