Atreyu – The Hope Of A Spark | Album Review

Track Listing

Capital F
Watch Me Burn


Big and bold choruses are aplenty on this record by Atreyu, though there’s nothing new in terms of musicality. This 4 song EP showcases little growth, and the band seems to be using the same template over and over again, which is a shame, as they held the torch of truth for so long. It all seems to be stagnant and repetitive when the band should be looking for a fresher outlook.

Lyrically, there are some well-rounded strands, though everything is stretched and unconvincing. It also sounds like the band is trying to relive the glory days, the days when they were a pivotal fixture in the metal scene, but now they’ve become a pale imitation.

It’s frustrating to hear such mediocrity when you know there’s so much more this band can do. The choruses are decent, as mentioned, featuring hard-hitting vocals and powerful instrumentals, but the band just fall flat here. Candid lyrics spur on some quality, though they do little to spark a revolution.

‘Drowning’ starts the album off with powerful, intricate instrumentals, but this sound has been done to death. The track loses its appeal quickly.

‘Capital F’ spurs on a half-baked revolution, but again everything is stagnant. There are screams and growls that add intensity but they’re short-lived.

‘Watch Me Burn’ goes along the same lines too. There’s not much in terms of bite, but the chorus saves this track from total exclusion. Overall, The Hope Of A Spark doesn’t light up the world and Atreyu has missed the mark here.

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  • Verdict - 4/10

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