At A Distance, Spring Is Green – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Money Can’t Buy So-Bin

Episode 3 of At a Distance, Spring Is Green begins with Yeo Joon picked up and given some harsh home truths by his brother. He nonchalantly tells Yeo Joon that he has no family and no one wants him there. After dropping him off, Yeo Joon thanks his brother for being a psychopath and drowns his sorrows in alcohol.

Inviting out all his “friends”, he eventually passes out while the others discuss how easy things are for him. Specifically they talk about Yeo Joon’s easy lifestyle. It turns out he’s awake while all this is going on though, reminded once more that he doesn’t have any true friends.

While studying, So-Bin receives a call and hurries outside. This catches us up to the moments last episode where a drunken Yeo Joon pleads with her to like him. However, she likes someone else. And just like that, Soo-Hyun shows up to give the boy a piggyback home.

When Yeo Joon throws up on his jacket, Soo-Hyun takes him inside and lays the drunkard down. Taking a short bathroom break, he notices all the possessions Yeo Joon has and seems to understand how alone the boy is. Eventually they leave him there though and head home.

In the morning, Yeo Joon tires to piece together what happened that night. At the same time, So-Bin is grilled pretty hard by Professor Song, who believes she only got her position through favours. After though, Yeo Joon bumps into her in the corridor and does his best to try and talk to her. Only, So-Bin is flustered and des her best to try and let him down gently.

Eventually he takes her out to a sunset at a really beautiful spot. He wants to try and help her make the guy she likes crazy. As Yeo Joon starts thinking, he believes this guy is Chan-Ki from school. As they both lie in separate beds, Yeo Joon and So-Bin wind up texting each other and arrange to meet on another “date” the following day.

The pair head out shopping together, where Yeo Joon tries to pay for her clothes. He’s so used to doing this for everyone but So-Bin decides to pay her own way. As they walk together with ice creams, Yeo Joon casually asks if she’ll like him instead. This immediately sees her get the bus home and leave. Take that as a unanimous “no”, Yeo Joon!

At the same time, Soo-Hyun goes through the wars. He’s being kicked out his apartment and is desperate to try and find another place for him and his brother. His search is fruitless and the line between studying and working blurs as he winds up working late nights and falling asleep at the counter.

Young-Ran heads in to visit him though, questioning what Soo-Hyun’s doing. Midway through talking, Soo-Hyun tells her she’s his own friend. This is enough for her to leave and phone her contacts, putting in a good word for him and hopefully allowing him to get a better paying job.

At school, So-Bin shows up sporting her yellow dress but Soo-Hyun isn’t too fussed. After their meeting, Yeo Joon tries to engage with So-Hyun, but he’s having none of it.

That evening she shows up at Chan-Ki’s, intent on telling him the truth, but instead his other girlfriend shows up. So-Bin understandably becomes flustered though and hurries out. After all, Chan-Ki claimed to have broken up with this girl months ago and that’s obviously a lie.

Her bracelet was given to her as a child and it holds significant meaning. Chan-Ki always promised to be there for her but he’s obviously not. Anyway, she rebounds across to Yeo Joon, who requests she use him as a boyfriend to get over Chan-Ki.

As the episode closes out, Yeo Joon symbolically snaps the bracelet on her wrist and heads out to the balcony, introducing Chan-Ki to his new girlfriend – So-Bin.

The Episode Review

With a simple structure, At A Distance, Spring Is Green thrives on exploring its various character juxtapositions. Seeing both Soo-Hyun and Yeo Joon’s walks of life and how they differ is really fascinating.

First up we have Soo-Hyun who ekes his way through life, doing his best to try and provide for his brother while scraping a living together. He obviously doesn’t take kindly to Yeo Joon who flaunts his money and lavish lifestyle.

Of course, with that though comes the group of fake friends Yeo Joon hangs around with that only care about his money. Although Yeo Joon can pay for everything he wants, he doesn’t know how to form meaningful relationships. His family life is a mess and he’s depressed. The only way to overcome that is to keep buying things for himself and his circle of friends.

This is especially true here where he instinctively offers to buy So-Bin’s dress butt she refuses. He doesn’t know what to do and is taken aback by this situation, confused given he’s so used to doing this for people.

It’s a cleverly worked dynamic between the two characters and it looks like we’re going to get a love triangle between them in the coming episodes. Of course, the Chan-Ki issue is still looming in the background too.

This drama continues to build up its story tell, with a promising sign of things to come in the upcoming episodes.

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