A Superior Day Episode 5 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

A Superior Day Episode 5

A Superior Day is a thriller K-drama where a typical head of household and firefighter, Lee Ho-Chul (Jin Goo) suddenly finds himself at the heart of a dangerous situation involving an ongoing unsolved serial killer case.

One day, he receives a text message stating: ” I will reveal who the serial killer is”, accompanied by a photo of a man holding a bloody knife, next to a dead body. He recognises the man as his neighbour, Kwon Shi-Woo (Lee Won-Goon). Lee Ho-Chul later receives another text blackmailing him, that now states: “Kill Kwon Shi-Woo within 24 hours. If you don’t, you will not see your daughter again”.

The person sending the texts is a hitman by the name of Bae Tae-Jin (Ha Do-Kwon) who is hatching a plan to use Lee Ho-Chul to kill Kwon Shi-Woo.

If you’ve been following this one, you may be curious to find out when the next episode is releasing. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about A Superior Day Episode 5, including its release date, time and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch A Superior Day?

A Superior Day is available to stream on Viki, as well as Viu in selected territories. For Koreans though, A Superior Day is currently being shown on OCN and airs on Sundays at 22.30pm (KST).

A Superior Day Episode 5 Release Date

A Superior Day Episode 5 will release on Sunday 10th April. The subtitle team at Viki can be a little slow so expect around 24 hours or so before the entire chapter has been fully subbed. However, the subtitles are more in-depth. Expect less time delay for Viu.

Expect episode 5 to be roughly 1 hour long, which is consistent with the time-frame for the rest of the show.

How Many Episodes Will A Superior Day have?

A Superior Day is an 8 episode K-drama, so we’ve got 3 more episodes after this one, with one episode releasing each week.

Expect the story to continue developing, with plenty of mystery and suspense as Lee Ho-Chul desperately tries to save his missing daughter.

Is There A Trailer For A Superior Day?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for A Superior Day Season 1 below:

What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of A Superior Day so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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