Anjunadeep 11 (Mixed by Jody Wisternoff & James Grant) | Album Review

Track Listing

Disk 1

8 Hours, Still No Rain – Hosini & Jones Meadow
Never Really Get There – CRi feat. Jesse Mac Cormack
Flora – HVMP
Tunnel Vision – Jerro feat. Kauf
Radiance – miru
Through And Through – Leaving Laurel
Human – Marsh
Come Together – Nox Vahn & Marsh
Points Beyond – Cubicolor
Hunting – Ben Böhmer feat. Jonah

Keep On – Lane 8
The Blind Navigator – Kasper Koman
Chiaroscuro – Braxton
Paper – Luigi Sambuy
Mars – Qrion
Nightwhisper – Jody Wisternoff & James Grant
Morse – Greenville Massive
Find Me – Luttrell
Dream Of Love – Nox Vahn feat. Mimi Page

Disk 2

The Four Agreements (Martin Roth Beats Edit) – Matthew Dekay
The Glow – Ole Biege
Blue Space – Jody Wisternoff & James Grant feat. Jinadu
Firethorn – Qess
This Time – Simon Doty feat. Forrest
Mind Heart Self – Esteble & Lazarusman
Upswing – Alex Metric & Amtrac
Frost – Overtones
Days Pass – Durante & HANA
Extraction – Dosem
Venus – Nordfold & Budakid
Daydreaming – Yotto
Surrender (Tinlicker & James Grant Edit) – Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base
Blessivini – GRAZZE & Davide Randazzo
Inside Me – The Dualz
Zoo Brazil – Dance With Me
My Friend The Sun – Luttrell
The Healing (Tinlicker Edit) – James Zabiela
Together – Jon Gurd


Anjunadeep 11 unquestionably boasts one of the best musical journeys of the year. The clever blending of influences and styles across its two disks see every corner of the progressive world given the spotlight, with a mix of iconic modern classics and a great showcase for some of the best artists on the Anjuna label.

What really sets this apart from the previous compilation, Anjunadeep 10, is that aforementioned musical journey, with a blend of break-beat, chilled and more driven tracks constantly evolving the feel and tone of the album . There’s some really solid tracks here too and as an annual showcase of the different artists on the Anjuna label, Anjunadeep 11 does this in pure style.

The first disk begins with the chilled grooves of ‘8 Hours, Still No Rain’. This track eases you into the early style of this hour-long mix, with a combination of vocal hits and dreamy, sun-soaked instrumentals that help set the tone perfectly. All of this leads up to the wonderful ‘Come Together’, a track that many people will remember from Jody Wisternoff and James Grant’s set in Prague that we also had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand.

This actually anchors the mix really well, bridging that gap between the early chilled beats and the more driven tunes later on down the line. This evolution really comes to a head during ‘Keep On’ and ‘The Blind Navigator’ which sees the mix turn to a darker shade of progressive and a faster tempo, bringing with it a few break-beat elements, including Qrion’s excellent new track ‘Mars’. All of this bows out with ‘Dream Of Love’; the curtain call track that slams on the brakes and closes out the first disk with the gorgeous, soothing vocals of Mimi on Nox Vahn’s new track.

The second disk by comparison offers up a far more up-beat and quicker-tempoed selection of progressive tracks. The opener ‘The Four Agreements’ is an interesting audio-book sample taken from the book of the same name but at 4 minutes it does seem a tad long. On repeat listens, this is likely to be one you’ll skip past immediately but thankfully the rest of the mix is outstanding. ‘Blue Space’ and ‘Upswing’ are notable entries but ultimately it’s the show-stopping ‘Frost’ by Overtones that gets the plaudits here.

This track played in Prague last year too and holds a special place with us but the track itself perfectly merges house, progressive and break-beat together across 4 minutes while utilizing a thought-provoking vocal sample to perfection. These samples ultimately form the crux of this second disk and throughout the remainder of the mix, this crops up around some of the more synth-driven and melodic tunes on offer. Yotto’s Japanese-sounding ‘Daydreaming’ is a beautiful instrumental piece and this complements Tinlicker’s gorgeous remix of ‘Surrender’ too, which ironically falls hot on its heels.

The album itself closes out with Jon Gurd’s ‘Together’, which ultimately feels like a warm-down track after some of the preceding madness and high-tempoed progressive that graces the airwaves, closing things out on a reflective note.

Overall then Anjunadeep 11 is a fantastic compilation. It’s a show-stopping spectacle of the growing talents working in the progressive house and trance arena, while respectfully boasting some incredibly talented producers across the two disks. Anjunadeep have produced something very special here and this is going to be a difficult compilation to beat this year.


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  • Verdict - 9/10

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