Anjunabeats Worldwide 08 (Mixed by Oliver Smith) – Album Review


Track List

Lovingly (Meramek Remix) – Oliver Smith feat. Amy J Pryce
Foundation – Oliver Smith
Will We Remain? (Spencer Brown Remix) – ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi feat. EL Waves
Tube Hearts – Kyau & Albert
I Know – Oliver Smith
Freefall – Oliver Smith
Higher – Audien feat. Cecilia
Follow Me – Oliver Smith
Java – Oliver Smith
Atacama – Oliver Smith
Flat Six – Nitrous Oxide
Over You – Oliver Smith
Counter Clockwise – Sunny Lax & Aneym
Zero – Oliver Smith & Natalie Holmes
Mr. H2O – Genix
January Embers (Oliver Smith Remix) – My Friend
Fifteen years after its first compilation was released and eighten after its initial inception, Anjunabeats has grown from strength to strength. With a different DJ taking the helm for each Worldwide compilation, the spotlight for Worldwide 08 turns to Oliver Smith, one of the first signings to the Anjunabeats label. With the weather turning colder, this melodic collection of trance-fused house and vocal-heavy tracks are the perfect remedy, warming from within for another impressive compilation.a
The album begins slowly, easing into the vibes with the beautiful Meramek remix of Oliver Smith’s collaborative track Lovingly. With progressive piano chords and a heavy emphasis on vocals, this is a song that wouldn’t be amiss on a Hed Kandi or Fierce Angel compilation. From here the CD picks up in tempo, easing through Oliver Smith’s Foundation before showcasing ilan Bluestone’s Will We Remain, another big vocal track. These house-fuelled vibes teasing elements of euphoric and vocal trance continues through to Higher by Audien where the focus shifts to a more dominant emphasis on trance. Big breakdowns, euphoric pay-offs and heavy synths follow as Smith showcases a flurry of his own productions including one of our favourites from the album, Java.
Sunny Lax and Nitrous Oxide have both featured heavily on the Anjunabeats label and it’s nice to see them both make an appearance here too with the former producing the beautifully written Counter Clockwise. The final few tracks continue the female vocal emphasis, with Zero our personal favourite from the album. This song has some beautifully written lyrics behind it and is followed by a dance floor destroying breakdown that’s sure to get hands in the air. The album ends with January Embers and an echoing fade of vocals to round out a very impressive album.
Anjunabeats Worldwide 08 marks the first compilation Oliver Smith has produced under the Anjunabeats label and it’s certainly an impressive entry. Having been heralded by an excellent DJs from big players on the trance circuit, it’s great to see Oliver showcase his talent on disk here. Having listened to the album three times now, there’s a real ebb and flow to the track list; beginning with house and progressive vibes before shifting across to vocal trance is a really smart move and shows a natural progression from warm-up to main stage. The mixing is harmonic throughout too, oftentimes culminating in long, drawn out mixes between songs to keep the club feel going throughout. Worldwide 08 is a beautifully worked collection of vocal trance and progressive vibes and is certainly up there with some of the best Anjunabeats albums.
  • Verdict - 8.5/10