Alone in the Dark (2024) – How to unlock every ending in the game

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark is a relatively short game to complete. However, the playtime can be extended if you choose to unlock all the different endings.

There are five endings to the game, two of which are easy to attain as they are the default endings for Edward and Emily. There are also three secret endings but be warned – two of these can be considered the ‘bad’ endings for our two protagonists. 

Default Ending (Edward)

Play through the game as Edward and when you get to Chapter 5, select the option to ‘wait for your partner at the fountain.’

Beat the game’s final boss to get the ending. 

Default Ending (Emily)

As above only play through the game with Emily.

Secret Ending (Edward)

To unlock this ending, you need to complete the “A Goat Without Horns” Lagniappe set.

The set consists of:

– Preserved Reptile – In the bar in the French Quarter section of Chapter 1

– Jangling Shaker – Found behind the bar in the Grand Parlor in Chapter 4. You’ll need to unlock the Parlor first, leave, and then head back in to retrieve the item once the room has mysteriously changed.

– Profane Totem – During Chapter 4, take the branching path to your left as you approach Pearl River Bridge and head inside the destroyed shack to find the item. 

When you have these items, you have to place an offering at the Whispering Tree in the Conservatory. We won’t reveal any spoilers here but we will tell you that this does not lead to a happy ending for Edward. 

Secret Ending (Emily)

To unlock this ending, you need to acquire every item in the “Dying with Dignity” Lagniappe set

The set consists of:

– Sheet Music – Found in the Catacombs section of Chapter 2. The item can be found in a crevice when you return to the surface after finding the Sacrifice plate. 

– War Photo – Found on the dresser in Ruth’s room.

– Toe Tag – On a covered-up corpse in the infirmary during the World War 1 sequence in Chapter 4.

After collecting these items, go to Dr. Gray’s apartment and open the secret bookcase. Head into the small room, pick up the bottle of paint thinner and use it on the painting. 

When you survive the Jeremy boss fight, you’ll be asked to submit to the Dark Man for this ending. 

Secret Ending (Grace)

To unlock this ending, you need to acquire the items within the “All the World’s a Stage” Lagniappe set.

The set consists of:

– Curious Napkin – When playing through the Edward mystery sequence in Chapter 4, you’ll find this on a side table in the hotel lobby.

– Box of Biscuits – As Emily, fix the circuit breaker in the infirmary and search the desk in the corner of the room.

– Toy Talisman – Found beside the desk in Dr. Gray’s apartment. 

When you have acquired these items, you’ll later be asked to give Grace a present in Chapter 5. This will trigger the final ending. 

So, there you have it: All five endings in Alone in the Dark. Let us know which ending you prefer in the comments below.


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