Alan Wake 2 Guide: Return 9 Walkthrough & Detailed Ending Explained

Alan Wake 2 Guide: Come Home

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The Dark Place

The Final Scene

Is There A Post-Credit Sequence?

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The Dark Place

When you gain control of Saga at the start of the chapter, head over and answer the payphone. The voice will tell you to get to the statue on Plaza Square. However, we can’t get there straight away.

Leave the Plaza and follow the humming, where you’ll run into Sherriff Breaker on the other side, standing in the rain.

Breaker will admit that he’s found evidence that Warlin Door is a big part of all this. He’s the guy from the Talk Show of course and apparently there’s a Manuscript Page describing how Door found his way into the Dark Place. This is the page that Breaker wanted to give Saga in the basement before blinking out.

After the dialogue, enter your Mind Place and profile Warlin Door. Apparently he “governs the currents of reality” but Saga will brush it off, claiming it’s not important right now. For now, head over to the other side of the plaza and open the door, marked with a fluorescent light above.

When you push through to the other side, you’ll be in the subway. Head into the light and through to the other side, back up on the street level. Push forward and collect the shoebox from the front of the statue. Grab the Clicker and the Bullet of Light from the box and return to the subway.

There will be numerous Taken that show up now and attack, so be sure to destroy all of these before moving round and answering the payphone. In doing so, another cutscene will ensue, broken up by numerous instances of hitting Profiling questioning. It’ll go on for a while but eventually the ending will be decided.

When you gain control of Saga again, head into the Subway and kill the Taken inside. Once they’re dead, head through the yellow door just beyond their spawn point.

Go up the stairs and back out into the Plaza again. Approach the swirling fountain and the game will end. 


The Final Scene

The final cutscene will see Saga approach Alan and tell him that she has the bullet and the clicker. They can rewrite their destiny. When Casey shows up (as Scratch), Saga takes the Manuscript and Alan decides to pay the price himself. He’s infected by the Dark Presence again and Saga shoots Alan with the Bullet of Light.

Interestingly after being shot, the ripples of doubt start to creep in. Alan Wake is shot but was it all too easy? What is this is still all one big illusion? Either way, Alan loses his memory of this incident just as quickly as it arrives. “To know nothing when it loops around-” are the last words he utters.

Alex Casey shows up, and asks whether it’s over, while Saga opens her phone and tries to speak to Andersen. Before we get a reply, we cut to black.


Is There A Post-Credit Sequence?

Yes! Stick around because there’s another Alice videotape we haven’t seen just yet. Alice will sit down before the camera once more, midway through the credits, and admit that she got in touch with the FBC when the haunting began.

She went to their offices and something happened. After she got home, she suddenly remembered everything. The same events and images kept looping round for her.

She saw Alan’s light dive in after her, just as she swam out. She knows that the haunting is him reaching out to try and find her. She chose to come back to the Dark Place, which is why Alice  put on the art exhibition in the first place. She intentionally misled him with the loops, admitting that “the only way out of your loop is destruction or ascension”.

“Alan, I think we’re getting close.” She closes, before we cut to Alan Wake, awakening and realizing this isn’t a loop, it’s a spiral.


Were the photos doctored?

At this point, it’s fair to assume that Alice’s death and the “final photos” of her suicide were all doctored. This was a ruse to get Alan to where Alice wanted him to be, which is “ascending” past his destructive loop into something more meaningful.

The events of Alan Wake and its sequel are repeatedly recurring and it would seem that Alice may have been aware that the Dark Presence was inside Alan this whole time. She led him on this path to get off the loop and into the “spiral”.

However, as we know by the end, this story is far from over.


Who is Mr Door?

One of the more alluring parts of this story appears to have been kept for a potential DLC or a sequel. Saga learns a little bit about Warlin Door from Breaker. We know that he apparently “governs the currents of reality” but his part in the story is still unknown at this point. 

It’s also worth noting that he shows up in Control too, albeit in an off-hand way. This is someone Jesse’s brother Dylan claims to have visited him in his dreams. This alludes to the “many worlds” theory too, and is interestingly backed up by a Casper Darling book in the dressing room of Alan’s Initiation chapters.


Is Mr Door Saga’s father?

Some theories point that Mr Door could actually be Saga’s father. His ability to jump through these different doors is something that Saga can also, similarly, do. It would explain her Mind Place and how easily she can Profile individuals, given she’s looping round the different realities. This is backed up by several of her phone calls back home, one where Logan is alive and another where she’s dead.

In the Nursing Home, you may recall that some of the residents mentioned that Tor was struck by lightning. This is also alluded to with Warlin Door, who apparently disappeared after being hit by lightning too, just like Tor was. Are these events linked?


Does Alan actually escape?

Unfortunately not. The ending to the game confirms that Alan Wake is still in the Dark Place and trapped in loops and spirals. The Bullet of Light essentially purged him of the Dark Presence, so now Alan (who had been infected the entire game) is now free to explore this “spiral”. Alice’s visions at the end hint that Alan is closer to where she “needs him to be”.

However, there are still big question marks over who the Grandmaster is, how Zane fits into all of this and what the next chapter of the story will be. It’s fair to say there’s plenty more story to come!


What are your thoughts on Alan Wake 2’s ending? Got any theories or ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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