Alan Wake 2 Guide: “Return 8: Deerfest” Walkthrough

Alan Wake 2 Guide: Deerfest

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Deerfest Festival

Saga’s Investigative Work


Deerfest Festival

When you return to Bright Falls, things are very different. The town has been transformed, and everyone is celebrating Alan Wake’s big return. Hooray!

Well, actually this is a thin veil of happiness hiding a big, monstrous nightmare underneath. For now, head over to the Deer Diner and step inside. This will trigger 1x “Return” Review videotape.

Head back on the main path and all the way down to the stage. Interact with the cardboard cut-out and pick up the book. A chase will ensue, through the cabin. Make sure you take the path to the left as you enter the kitchen, and then out the back door. 

When you gain control of Alan Wake again, interact with the back door and a frightening vision of Scratch will pop up. We need to find another way in, and this is just not cutting it. 

Instead, turn around and head for the Wellness Center. Alice’s vision will guide us in the right direction.

Go through the Wellness Center, along the linear track through Rehab and follow Alice’s vision. There’s only one path to go here so you won’t get lost. Scratch will then show up and you’ll need to run.

After the chase sequence, Rose will be there to greet you. She’ll admit that she’s here to save you and encourage you to head upstairs.

Remember the Spiral door on the third floor we couldn’t open? Well, that’s out destination! The janitor will reveal that everything loops around and eventually open the door for you.

Head inside the door and you’ll be in the Writing Room. A new scene will pop on the board for us to play with. In order to access it though, press X on the typewriter. Next, head to the other side of the room and watch the Echo play out, lining up the orbs as you do. This will unlock a new Plot Element, Pay The Price.

Add Pay The Price to the Writing Room and another cutscene will play out. After, we’ll be back in control of Saga. Here, there’s a long slog of a chapter and unfortunately, it’s going to take a while. 


Saga’s Investigative Work

For the climax of a story, we’ll be adding elements to Saga’s Case Board. We essentially need to add all the clues onto the board and then search around the room, pressing X on various different objects before returning to the case board again. There’s quite a few of them and you’ll need to do this numerous times.

Each time, search around the room and then head to the Plot Board. We’ll essentially have three loops of this. You’ll also need to hold R1 against the orbs in the room with your flashlight to get rid of them and collect the clues left behind.

Eventually, Saga will positively affirm that she’s strong and better than this and change her own destiny on the board. Eventually, the board should look like the screenshots above.

When it does, slip over to Profiling and make sure you exhaust the options for “Other Saga” as well to complete the board.

This will then close the case. You can upgrade your weapons if you want but it’s pretty pointless given this is basically the end. Interact with the door and we’ll be onto the last chapter.

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