AJ And The Queen – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Fake Breasts

Episode 3 of AJ And The Queen begins with the two cars colliding, prompting a whole flurry of glitter and sequins to go flying in the air. Unfortunately the collision also brings the woman driving the other car to their window where she hands over $200 for the damages. Damien also exits the diner and sees them, prompting Ruby and AJ to rush back out onto the road again, where they wind up stopped by a police officer.

On the road, Damien and Lady Danger pass the RV while the police have stopped them, leading the dastardly duo to hide round the corner for them to pass. As the officer lets Robert and AJ go, they change their plans and drive through Hershey’s instead, in order to get to Columbus.

After a stop at the chocolate factory, they head to the garage where Bob does work on the RV while the duo try and pass the time in the waiting room. AJ excuses herself though where she listens to a voicemail from her mother in the bathroom begging her to forgive her for getting into trouble.

Seeing pictures of a young woman up on the wall, AJ and Robert get talking to Bob’s wife before learning that their RV has to be kept in overnight, forcing them into the motel across the road. Once there, they learn about a wet T-shirt contest going on and Ruby seizes an opportunity to go. As he does, AJ tags along and promises to have his back.

The wet t-shirt contest begins and Ruby arrives with her usual bravado, dancing and miming along. Only, her fake breasts come off midway through the performance, although it’s not enough to sway the opinion of the crowd, who name him the unanimous winner.

In the morning after the show, Robert rushes outside to see AJ floating around on the pool with his boobs on. It’s a touching moment and one that sees AJ thoughtfully leave the fake breasts for Bob. A wave of change is clearly coming with AJ, who leaves a voicemail for her Mother (who unfortunately won’t receive the message as a car runs over her phone).

As the episode closes out, Damien catches up with Ruby at another drag show and chases him off stage. Although Ruby and AJ manage to get away, this chase is far from over.

With a stand-alone episode discussing themes around love and vanity, there’s a really nice change washing over AJ’s character here, typified by her leaving the breasts for Bob at the end. Although her prickly attitude is still here to see, there’s a much better balance between this and Robert laying down the law. Although the jokes themselves are a little infrequent, the ones that are here are enough to make for an enjoyable watch, especially given some of the late drama involving Ruby.

Given the pair are back on the road, who knows what the next episode will hold for them.


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