A Good Day To Be A Dog – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of A Good Day To Be A Dog starts with a conversation between Yu-na and Hae-na. Yu-na asks her sister to muster up the courage to tell the truth to Seo-won as he seems like a nice person. Hae-na tells her sister that despite her circumstances, she does not want to come off as a weird person in front of the man she likes.

With only 7 days left for Hae-na to break the curse, she decides to take one day at a time with Seo-won. That evening, Hae-na and Seo-won see each other across the street. Seo-won asks Hae-na to wait for him but notices a weird-looking man following Hae-na. He crosses the street and gets to Hae-na while attacking the man.

As it turns out, the man is Hae-na’s dad, Mr Han Pan-dong who was trying to surprise his daughter. Seo-won apologises after realising what he had done while Pan-dong asks him to “take” (here implying kiss) Hae-na immediately. Seo-won is confused by the statement as Pan-dong keeps yelling at the teacher for not getting intimate with his daughter.

Hae-na, embarrassed by the interaction, takes her father away. She tells her dad all about the curse being triggered when she was drunk and about Seo-won’s fear of dogs. Hae-na also tells her father that she really had feelings for Seo-won and did not want to come off as weird.

Pan-dong narrates his love story with Hae-na’s mother and tries to make Hae-na feel better. He also reminds her that she is running out of time and asks her to trust Seo-won. Hae-na texts Seo-won and apologises for earlier. However, she gets a message from Eun-hwan, asking to meet him in person.

Knowing that her secret could soon get out, Hae-na tells Yu-na and Woo-taek who accompany her to meet Eun-hwan at an abandoned house on the outskirts of town. There, Eun-hwan warns Hae-na and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t give him all the money she and her family have.

Eun-hwan threatens to expose a video of Yu-na turning into a dog that was shared by her ex-boyfriend – Sang-soo. Hae-na gets scared but Eun-hwan runs away before Woo-taek can catch him. That night, Hae-na’s parents show up at the house and discuss the threat. Yu-na and Hae-na both apologise to each other for causing this incident. Mi-sun asks the entire Han family as well as Woo-taek to take the next day off and decide to attack Sang-soo.

The next morning, Seo-won is worried about Hae-na skipping school. He wonders if she is unwell and decides to pay her a visit. However, Seo-won runs into Joon-seo who is playing the game on his phone. He tells Seo-won that Cocoa was the name of his pet dog on the mobile game. Seo-won confronts Yul about the lie but Yul doubles down on it, saying that Joon-seo had named the dog in his game after his real dog – Cocoa.

Seo-won buys Yul’s argument and takes some food at Hae-na’s house. Leaving the meal at her door, Seo-won texts Hae-na, asking her to get well soon. Hae-na is worried that Eun-hwan will reveal her secret to Seo-won and panics. Yu-na blames herself for Hae-na’s condition and starts sobbing.

At the same time, Woo-taek, Mi-sun and Pan-dong find Sang-soo’s address and pay him a visit. The trio torture and tie him up. They find Eun-hwan’s address using his phone and arrive at the location. Seo-won finds his students watching the exposé video on Eun-hwan’s channel wherein he promises to reveal the identity of the teacher that turns into a dog. He rushes to find Eun-hwan, worried about Hae-na’s safety.

Seo-won breaks into Eun-hwan’s studio and ends up getting into a fistfight with him. Eun-hwan tries to escape and Seo-won follows after him but Eun-hwan leads Seo-won to the same location where he had bullied Seo-won as a teenager. Eun-hwan asks his friend to bring his dog there and hits Seo-won in the head when he is distracted.

At the same time, Mi-sun and Pan-dong find Eun-hwan’s studio unlocked. They ransack the place and thrash it up, taking most of the hard drives and photographs with them. Woo-taek, Mi-sun and Pan-dong force Sang-soo to call Eun-hwan and tell him about the studio being destroyed. Eun-hwan gets upset when he sees his studio. He calls Hae-na and threatens to cause harm to Seo-won.

Without thinking about the time, Hae-na rushes to meet Eun-hwan in order to protect Seo-won. Seo-won wakes up and convinces Eun-hwan’s friend to let him go. He finds Eun-hwan trying to livestream Hae-na’s transformation and fights with him. Seo-won beats Eun-hwan to a pulp, knocking him unconscious as Hae-na runs away.

Seo-won follows after her and catches her minutes before her transformation. Seo-won asks Hae-na to trust him and asks to hear her secret. Hae-na tries to tell Seo-won the truth but fails to do so. She transforms into a dog right in front of his eyes and Seo-won finally learns the truth.

Despite his phobia of dogs, Seo-won recalls all his fond memories with Hae-na and picks her up. He kisses the dog version of Hae-na who immediately transforms into a human. Hae-na is thankful for Seo-won’s trust and confesses her feelings for him.

At the same time, Bo-kyeom wakes up to a dream of himself as the mountain God, cursing Hae-na. He wakes up and goes to the abandoned house where Eun-hwan was passed out. Eun-hwan wakes up and tries to look for Seo-won but Bo-kyeom uses his magical powers to wipe out the incident from his memory.

Sometime after, Eun-hwan wakes up alone in the abandoned house, confused. Another flashback from the past shows a young girl named Cho-young worshipping the Mountain Spirit. Cho-young grows up, continuing her trips to visit the mountain spirit’s shrine where she meets Bo-kyeom.

The episode ends with an epilogue of Hae-na and Seo-won making out as they confess their feelings for each other.

The Episode Review

This episode had no business being this hilarious and cute at the same time. On one hand, we had Seo-won and Hae-na finally getting together and on the other hand, we had Mr and Mrs Han being the funniest kidnappers ever. I am certain that the ending of this episode has everyone swooning because of how sensual that kiss between Seo-won and Hae-na was.

Now that all the secrets are revealed, I am manifesting a lot more romance for our main characters. However, from the looks of it, Bo-kyeom and Ji-ah have something going on between the two of them. Ji-ah resembles Cho-young from the past and it is possible that she is the reincarnation of Bo-kyeom’s first love.

It is also possible that Hae-na’s involvement with Cho-young/Ji-ah was the reason that her family was cursed by Bo-kyeom. We will only find that out in the next 6 episodes as the show progresses. With all that being said, I am excited to see what happens when Yul learns that Seo-won already knows the truth about Hae-na.

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