Abyss – Netflix Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Switching Faces

We return to Abyss today with a brief recap to yesterday’s ending before seeing Se-Yeon running away, calling the man a lunatic. When she gets to her car, she sees her boyfriend but when he grabs her, she flashes back to the night she died and sees images of herself tied up and murdered. At this point Se-Yeon passes out, saved from a nasty fall at the last minute by Cha Min who takes her to the hospital.

Following Se-Yeon’s recovery, she heads off to find her family while the prosecutor, Seo Ji-Wook, digs up her grave and finds an empty casket.

Meanwhile Cha Min and Se-Yeon, still in their new bodies, investigate the crime scene further. They don’t get far though and find themselves escorted out by two police officers. Heading to the nearby noodle bar, they eat food together while Se-Yeon raises suspicions around Cha Min, believing he may be to blame for her death.

This doesn’t last for long though and realizing they need money to get around, Cha Min and Se-Yeon find a way to raise some cash (being careful not to use Cha Min’s credit card for fear of being found out). Once acquired, they head to the local supermarket and buy some food. They discuss their predicament while eating and it turns out Se-Yeon isn’t the angel she first appears to be. Despite this, they chat and eat together before we cut to Ji-Wook who continues to investigate the case he and Se-Yeon were working on before she passed away.

From here, the rest of the episode dives deeper into both Cha Min and Se-Yeon’s personas, as we learn more about both characters with a continued balance of comedy with well-positioned moments of heartfelt drama grace these segments. This continues through to the end where we learn more about the investigation and the main suspect. It turns out the man Cha Min revived last episode with the Abyss happens to be Oh Young-Cheol – the guy Se-Yeon was investigating in her case. As the episode closes out, we see he’s also been revived with a different face and has his sights set on continuing his murderous rampage.

While most of the episode doesn’t involve much in the way of fantasy, nor does it answer many questions about the Abyss itself, there’s a good dose of mystery and intrigue added in here. The twist at the end is certainly a good one and helps give the show some dimension as the two worlds collide together into one narrative focus. Quite where this one is likely to go in the future is anyone’s guess but for now, there’s enough here to make the Abyss an intriguing series worth sticking with, even if it’s second episode doesn’t quite match the standard of yesterday’s opening segment.


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