9-1-1 : Lone Star – Season 4 Episode 1 “The New Hotness” Recap & Review

The New Hotness

9-1-1: Lone Star season 4 episode 1 starts with a girl and her boyfriend at a fair. They are talking about the doll he won for her. The boyfriend wants to prove he is in the relationship for the long haul and can take care of her. However, he desperate needs the toilet and rushes off to the portaloos at the fair.

A sudden heat surge starts and balloons begin popping. The wind becomes strong and starts lifting things up including the mobile toilet the young man is in.

8 Hours Before The Disaster

Marjan was watching the weather broadcast on TV, the forecaster announces that there is a shower coming. The rest of the team is chilling while Strickland cooks. TK comes in cranky because he is on a diet for his wedding to Carlos. He is also stressed out about a wedding venue. They have found the perfect wedding venue but there is an 18 months wait.

Ryder comes in and he is in a cranky mood since he is potty training his kid. His ride to work was also filled with drama. A motorcyclist tried to goad him into a race and he ended up spilling his coffee. The motorcyclist turns out to be Owen, he is now into bikes and even has riding buddies. Ryder is concerned for him but TK tells him his dad is okay.

Elsewhere, our dashing officer, Carlos is having lunch with his mom and talking about the venue TK fell in love with. He gets a call informing him that the venue has an opening in 8 weeks. He asks for time to talk to his fiance before getting back to them. His mom notices that Carlos is not happy and asks if he has told TK  the secret.  She urges him to tell the truth to his fiance before the end of the day.

The sky suddenly turns green and it starts raining frogs. Grace picks up a 9-1-1 call and is shocked to hear it is raining frogs. A frog gets stuck in the caller’s throat as he talks to Grace. His daughter picks up the phone and 126 arrives at the scene.

Tommy, Nancy and TK go over to help the man while Owen, Mateo and Ryder help a ticket woman stuck in her booth.  On the other hand,  Marjan and Strickland notice that heavy hail has started. They luckily manage to save everyone and head back to the station as the rain dissipates.

At the station, Carlos is waiting for TK to tell him about the venue and the fact he is already married to a woman. TK is curious about how the marriage happened. Carlos tells him he married his best friend, Iris from high school. He was lost and felt like he had disappointed his parents after coming out.

Unfortunately, he never got a divorce because the woman went missing and came back with schizophrenia. Carlos decided to stay married and have his health insurance take care of her medical expenses. He has lost contact with Iris and her family and feels guilty.  TK asks him to find Iris and get her to sign the divorce papers.

In the meantime, Owen is in high spirits sticking a gremlin bell on his bike. It was gifted by one of his riding buddies, Red. Ryder checks in with Owen and shares his concern about his new friends (motorcycle enthusiasts). Owen insists that they are good people and invites him to join them at a function at the roadhouse. Ryder points out that he has no bike but Owen tells him it is okay.

The team watches the news and the forecaster says the chance of a mild heat burst after the rain is slim. Boy, was she wrong!

A few hours later,  the man who almost swallowed a frog is at the Austin County fair with his daughter. He is trying to cheer her up and get her to warm up to the new town. They just moved to Austin and he wants her to like it. He offers to let her choose the next ride at the fair.

She picks a ride and as they are enjoying themselves, the heat burst starts. They end up being caught up in the air as the ride starts catching fire. Luckily, the 126 team is on the ground and rescues them.

They rescue the father-daughter duo and the young man in the toilet who nearly drowned in one of the water rides where he landed.

Later as they treat the patients hurt at the fair, Tommy flirts with the dad, Trevor she gives him her number and invites him on a date.

Carlos visits Iris and is surprised to see that she is healthy, happy and doing well. They catch up and he apologizes for losing contact with her. She asks to meet TK first before signing the divorce papers. They set an introduction date for the next evening.

After their shift, Owen and Ryder stop by the roadhouse and Red welcomes them. Owen is happy he will be getting a new nickname and they treat him like he is a celeb. It was only after they start the “ welcoming to the fraternal order ” ritual that it dawns on Owen and Ryder that this is not what they expected. They hurriedly leave.

Ryder talks with Owen and tells him that maybe he was lonely and that is why he was seeking new adventures. Owen is still hurt from the last betrayal he suffered from his friend. He admits he is not lonely, he is just bored.

On Sunday, Tommy has the shock of her life when the church elder introduces the new pastor and she realizes it is Trevor.  Owen also gets a shock of his own when he is visited by an FBI agent, Rose Casey asking to talk about his new associates.

The Episode Review

Owen is always looking for the next high and this time it led him to the centre of an FBI investigation. This is going to be interesting and I can’t wait to see how this case will go. If we know Owen, he will soon be in a relationship with Casey and things will get murkier.

I am loving that Tommy has a new love interest and am elated that D.B. Woodside is playing the role of Trevor. We have seen them in many shows together and we know they have great chemistry.

Also aren’t Mateo and Nancy so cute? Fingers crossed we see more of their relationship this season!

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Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!
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