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The Resident Evil series gave rise to many spooky titles after the first game was released. This series featured decisive tank controls that limited players’ mobility and elevated their fear. The series had its ups and downs with some entries but managed to pick itself off the ground again.

If you’ve finished playing Resident Evil and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 8 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link, so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

So without further ado, we present 8 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Resident Evil.

Silent Hill (Series)

Resident Evil and Silent Hill were thrilling horror experiences. These games evoke strong sensations and dread and angst for players worldwide. While Silent Hill has its finest moments, many found its sequel to be quite formidable and memorable.

Silent Hill 2 follows a widower named James, who visits the town of Silent Hill because of a strange letter he received from his wife Mary. As James explores Silent Hill, he learns that the town isn’t pleasant. This game delves into topics regarding suicide and depression.

James will slowly get engulfed by Silent Hill’s dreadful atmosphere. This game provides excellent sound design and unsettling visuals. It utilizes simple sound effects like enemy footsteps and wildlife to add to its tension. If you’re looking for another terrifying outing after completing any of the Resident Evil games, check out Silent Hill and its sequel.

Outlast (Series)

Outlast I and II are incredible horror games that utilize their found-footage aesthetic effectively. Like later Resident Evil games, this is a first-person experience fan will never forget. It contains many horrific elements like creepy sounds, invisible health bars, and darkened lighting to immerse viewers into its world.

Both Outlast entries contain similar premises. They involve reporters investigating horrific areas engulfed in mystery and horror. With a camcorder, they’ll film the events unraveling before their eyes as they try to escape and survive. Like Resident Evil, Outlast forces players to manage their equipment effectively.

Your camcorder’s battery life won’t always be at 100% as you’ll find yourself plunged into darkened settings. These darkened environments instill fear and anxiety in the player. The enemies vary from spooky humanoids to nightmarish abominations. With a lack of defensive ability, the Outlast franchise aims to make you feel unsafe and concerned.

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation is one of those movie-based video games that exceeded fans’ expectations. With its engrossing stealth-like gameplay, beautiful visuals, and wonderful sound design, this game captured the thrills and chills fans loved about Ridley Scott’s beloved franchise.

This game takes place 15 years after the first Alien movie. It follows Amanda Ripley, who wants to know what happened to her mother while aboard a spooky space station. The only problem is that a random xenomorph has made its way aboard this station.

Amanda must locate resources, flee, and hide from the creature, before it can murder her. Like Resident Evil, Alien Isolation knows how to make the player feel tense and anxious as they explore their surroundings. While there are instances where the player will be supplied with incredible weaponry, these moments are few and far between.

Visually, the game captures the similar old-school aesthetic of its source material. From the clumpy keyboards to the writhed CRT monitors, everything looks fitting for the time period. With its remarkable cautionary gameplay and horrid themes, Alien Isolation is a worthwhile gem for Resident Evil fans.

Dead Island

Dead Island is a 4-player zombie shooter game that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. This game takes place on the island of Banoi, where some friends hold a hotel party. Suddenly, several zombies carrying an infectious plague crash the party.

As one of the survivors, you must bash your way through multiple zombie hordes to survive. This game offers a small playground for players to explore and slay zombies with their companions. It offers some RPG-like elements from skill trees to proper character progression systems.

Characters will spot numerous weapons in this world that carry different effects. This allows the zombie-slaying extravaganza to feel refreshing. If you’re looking for a fun-filled experience that you can share alongside your friends, check out Dead Island.

Dino Crisis (Series)

Dino Crisis is one of Capcom’s dormant franchises. This game offers a similar survival-themed world as Resident Evil. Instead of mindless zombies, players must fight hordes of flesh-eating dinosaurs. Every Dino Crisis entry offers something new for players to discover and endure.

Unfortunately, many find the third entry and its spin-off pale in comparison to the first and second games. Regardless, these games offer some fun puzzles for players to solve and place them in tightened locations, leading to memorable encounters with the game’s prehistoric organisms.

Even though some scenarios with the dinosaurs aren’t horrifying, they’ll leave a lasting impression on players. While the first game feels more close-knit, the second game leans heavily into the action. If you adored the limited item space and confined nature of the original Resident Evil titles, then check out Dino Crisis 1 and 2.

Days Gone

This is one of those titles that are not for everyone despite its enticing apocalyptic premise. This game has slow pacing and numerous fetch quests that can feel tedious. However, if you can shovel past all its stuffing, you’re sure to walk away from it entertained.

Days Gone takes place in post-pandemic America and centers around a bounty hunter named Deacon St. John. As Deacon, you must explore multiple abandoned settlements. In these areas, you’ll gather equipment to craft weapons and useful items.

This world isn’t pleasant as it’s filled with strange organisms that’ll attack you. It’s a bummer that most horde battles in this game occur near its conclusion. Where it lacks fun activities, it makes up for it with a compelling narrative. This story offers some notable themes like regret, deception, and separation.

If you can sit through its bland moments, you’ll walk away from this game slightly pleased.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within (Series)

Resident Evil and The Evil Within have a lot in common. Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami, also created The Evil Within. The Evil Within games have incredible storylines, and nightmarish visuals, and build tension well. They center around a detective protagonist named Sebastian Castellanos.

Sebastian’s tasked with exploring a world full of sorrow and anxiety. Each game delivers remarkable creature designs that’ll send shivers down your spine. These games have a few scares that will make you jump out of your seat. The many locales inserted into these titles evoke despair and endurance.

In every area you explore, you’ll get the feeling like someone or thing is watching you. Like Resident Evil, this game forces players to question when it’s best to use their weapons. You’re not given a heavy arsenal or ammunition in The Evil Within series. You’ll mostly be fleeing from enemies than engaging in any combat.

If you’re looking for a third-person shooter game with clever scares, challenges, and twists, check out The Evil Within 1 and 2.

The Last of Us (Remastered)

The Last of Us is a noteworthy series created by the folks who brought you iconic series like Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted. This game features some fun platforming elements and third-person shooter gameplay. However, The Last of Us is best known for its rich storytelling and likable cast.

This single-player title focuses on Joel, a hardened man whose haunted by the ghosts of his past life. He along with many other people is engulfed by a viral outbreak that turns people into infected beings called “Runners.” These beings have the chance to turn into dangerous creatures called Clickers if their wounds are left unchecked.

Joel finds himself caught in a chaotic world that has become even more hostile as resources dwindle. Furthermore, he must transport a young girl named Ellie across the vast overgrown wasteland of America to a rebel group known as The Fireflies. This is an emotionally and story-driven game with characters who succumb to immense trauma and must forge ways to battle those thoughts.

If you’re searching for an action-adventure title with dynamic gameplay mechanics, a well-written storyline, and beautifully rendered scenery, give this game a shot.

You can read our thoughts on The Last of Us (Remastered) in our game review here!

So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Resident Evil.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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