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Animal Crossing is a beautiful and cozy game. Players enjoy this game for its relaxing atmosphere, simple gameplay, and gorgeous graphics. It offers great farming aspects, enjoyable activities, and great customization features. While later Animal Crossing titles wouldn’t receive as many updates as others, fans enjoy returning to this creature-centric world to discuss with its residents or to continue building heartwarming societies they could call home.

If you’ve finished playing Animal Crossing and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 8 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link, so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

So without further ado, we present 8 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Animal Crossing.


Many titles that are released today often take inspiration from successful franchises or series. Forager is a 2D open-world title that takes inspiration from popular games like The Legend of Zelda, Stardew Valley, and Terraria. In this game, you’ll explore, farm, and craft multiple resources that will aid you on your adventure.

This game holds some educational merit. It entices players to manage resources properly and how to build and maintain well-articulated structures and societies. As you get further in the game, you’ll level up and achieve new skills, abilities, and blueprints that will make your experience better. The game includes multiple puzzles for you to solve and secrets for you to discover.

If you’re looking for another fun game with exceptional graphics, check out Forager.

My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia follows a boy who inherits his father’s decaying workshop. With his father’s handbook and workbench, players must work toward having the best workshop in the town of Portia. However, players shouldn’t rush their way toward completing this mission. This game is best enjoyed in short bursts as there are many things to do in it.

In it, you can explore mines for resources and interact with Portia’s residents. This helps players grow a strong attachment to this game’s town and learn more about its inhabitants. Players even have the opportunity to marry someone they grow fond of in the game. Like Animal Crossing, you’ll gain access to better equipment as you progress in this game.

It helps sustain the viewer’s investment in the game. My Time At Portia encourages strong resource management and social interaction from its player base. If those areas interest you, the town awaits your arrival.

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is like a demented, action-centric take on Animal Crossing. In it, you’ll play as a lamb who gets another shot at life after being sacrificed by a deranged cult. After being saved by a demonic entity, you must secure a large following for this being while eliminating adversarial cult leaders who stand in your way.

This game harbors strong replay value with its multiple objectives and features. Like Animal Crossing, you’ll attain access to better equipment and abilities over time. This game feels more action-centric than Animal Crossing, though. You’ll explore numerous dungeons and fight off multiple enemies to strengthen your cult following.

However, Animal Crossing’s society-building appeal is heavily reproduced in Cult of the Lamb. Its building elements are more simple than later Animal Crossing entries and you’re given the freedom to design your landscapes to your liking. It’s an adorably dark game that many hardcore Animal Crossing fans will admire.

Story of Seasons (Series)

For those who’d like to experience farm life from a virtual perspective, Story of Seasons is a great place to start. Despite Harvest Moon’s drastic name change, Story of Seasons retains the same cozy gameplay and atmosphere as its predecessor. This game offers players excellent farm-simulation gameplay and decent graphics.

The visuals aren’t as charming as its older entries, but many people will find them comforting. In these games, you’ll control a child who must maintain a farm that’s running to the ground. You’ll do so by clearing landmass, planting and selling crops, expanding livestock, and developing wonderful relationships with fellow farmers and villagers.

Like Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons punishes players who leave their farmland unattended. For example, in some games, your vegetables will stop producing if you don’t water them every so often. Animals can suffer from illnesses like the residents you’d find in Animal Crossing. These issues help maintain players’ immersion in the games. Give this series a shot if you adore Animal Crossing.

Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a cozy adventure game. It offers players a luscious open world rich in beautiful landscapes and wildlife. It’s another game with addictive farming, building, and crafting gameplay. Like Animal Crossing, it doesn’t contain many action elements since it wishes to engulf viewers with its peaceful atmosphere.

This game’s open world will appeal to many exploration enthusiasts, though. From its attractive beaches to its snow-covered summits, you’ll find it hard to drop the title. The storytelling is better than Animal Crossing’s narrative by a large margin. It’s not dramatic or complex, but it helps players stay immersed in the world they’re investigating.

If you’re a gamer that wants to get lost in a world for endless hours, then Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles may be up your alley.


Minecraft is a highly successful gaming franchise everyone can play. This game has great single-player and multiplayer content. Players can find themselves spending numerous hours harvesting crops, slaying zombies, and interacting with others. To some’s surprise, Minecraft has a premise, but it’s not anything unique.

Essentially, you’re tossed into a world with nothing. You must break down wood, stone, and other resources to obtain tools. You’ll use these tools to build shelters, farmlands, or anything that comes to mind. Your goal is to gather enough materials to slay the game’s final boss, the Ender Dragon. However, players are given the luxury to play the game in any way they want.

Whether you want to fight the Ender Dragon or build upon your plot, the game gives you full access to its environment. With its consistent updates, soothing atmosphere, and addictive gameplay loop, Minecraft’s a worthy title to play with your family.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an incredible farming simulation title. It features beautiful pixelated graphics and encourages players to devote numerous hours to building their farmland. In it, players control a girl who inherits her grandfather’s plot. You must help this woman turn the farmland into something magical.

This will bring honor to her grandfather’s name and will refill your fellow citizens’ spirits. Like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley has some story moments that you must sit through. However, both games eventually give you the freedom you expect from a simulation title. Fans will enjoy interacting with Stardew Valley’s residents and learning more about the town’s history.

If you’re looking for an incredible pixelated farming simulation game that captures similar energy to Rune Factory, check out Stardew Valley.

 Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a wonderful life simulation game with adventurous components. It allows you to participate in fun activities with Disney and Pixar characters and grants you immense freedom. It takes place in a dreamlike world called Dreamlight Valley. It’s a place where Disney and Pixar characters thrived until dark beings called the Forgetting ruined everything.

This causes the characters to flee to Dream Castle to avoid problems with them. As the hero, you must uncover Dreamlight Valley’s mysteries and restore this realm’s magic. Each Disney and Pixar character has a puzzle and challenge for you to complete. Whether you’d like to garden with WALL•E or cook a tasty dish with Remy, you’re bound to enjoy the activities inserted in this cozy game.

Like Animal Crossing, Disney Dreamlight Valley gives players the chance to forge their own colorful neighborhoods. From fully customizable layouts to the game’s many decorative items, it gives you the keys to creating something unique. With consistent updates, beautiful visuals, and a heartwarming atmosphere, this is a perfect game to play after Animal Crossing.

So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Animal Crossing.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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