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Angry Birds is one of those prehistoric phone games that has managed to survive to the present day. With its adorable animal characters, simple gameplay formula, and different iterations, Angry Birds doesn’t look like it’ll be flying away from the mobile-game market anytime soon.

If you’ve finished playing Angry Birds and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 8 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link, so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

So without further ado, we present 8 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Angry Birds.

Crush The Castle

Angry Birds owes its success to Crush The Castle. This game influenced Angry Birds to include its catapult-flinging gameplay that everyone knows and loves. Nonetheless, Crush The Castle is a bit darker in theme compared to Angry Birds.

In this game, you’ll be flinging large rocks and bombs at nearby castles. These castles house many inhabitants from royals to civilians. You’re essentially murdering these people with these projectiles. Not only that but the game offers players a chance to create and destroy their own castles in the game.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer the best graphics and visuals. Everything looks jarring and unpolished compared to Angry Birds. Its sequel Crush the Castle 2 offers some upgrades and revamps to the level creator though. If you’re looking to see where Angry Birds got its roots, I’d recommend playing Crush the Castle 2.

Ninja Dogs

With the massive success Angry Birds has attained since its 2009 debut, it makes sense for other developers to hop on the bandwagon to create something eerily similar. Ninja Dogs not only copies Angry Birds’ formula, but it features a similar premise.

Instead of birds and pigs battling each other, Ninja Dogs features a group of well-trained canines attacking vicious cats. After their ninja dog sensei is abducted by a clan of cats, his faithful students rise up and embark on a quest to save their mentor. You must help the ninja dog defeat the evil cat clan and rescue their sensei.

This game feels like a blatant Angry Birds re-skin. While it offers subtle differences in map design, it contains the same gimmicks you’d expect from Angry Birds. Nothing else is different outside its character and background design as the cats’ forts resemble the structures the pigs would hide behind in Angry Birds. If you’re looking for a fun Angry Birds clone with a semi-decent narrative and world, check out Ninja Dogs.

Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies is a fun and more challenging puzzle and action mobile game. In this game, you’ll play as a man who’s on the hunt for zombies. Your objective is to murder every last one of them before they reach your home. To do so, the game supplies you with weapons like grenades, bazookas, and others.

Like Angry Birds, this is a game where precision is key. The zombies are placed in adequate positions but as you progress through the title, the difficulty increases. While they’ll be out in the open in the beginning levels, they’ll grow smarter and start hiding behind defensive walls and wooden boxes.

In addition, you’re only limited to a certain amount of shots before it’s game over. This is reminiscent of how you’re limited to a few birds in Angry Birds. Furthermore, the game boasts over 900+ levels for you to tackle. This helps the game hold high replay value. Not only that but this series has many sequels for you to try out.

Siege Hero Wizards

This is one of the more polished Angry Birds clones. This is another addictive physics puzzle game that houses millions of players. In it, players utilize magic spells and powerful power-ups to blast their way through many fantastical creatures from orcs to trolls.

The end-game boss is a wicked wizard, who boasts a mighty challenge. Like Angry Birds, fans shouldn’t head into this game thinking they can utilize any spell to defeat enemies. This is a game that rewards you based on your precision and sharp intellect and planning.

The game features some finely detailed cartoon-like graphics and visuals. Everything feels fun to play until you run into the game’s main issues. The issues stem from a multitude of ads and a lack of things to do after you’ve completed the game. The ads can sometimes get in the way of your play sessions, and the lack of levels after you’ve defeated the evil wizard doesn’t help with its replayability.

If you can overlook those missed opportunities and inconveniences, you should have a swell time with this mobile game.

Bunny Shooter Christmas

Bunny Shooter Christmas promises a familiar yet exhilarating experience for Angry Birds enthusiasts. This game has you control a bow that’s packed with a couple of arrows. Your mission is to utilize the bows to destroy every angry bunny each level contains.

This game requires careful planning and precision like Angry Birds. These bunnies will be placed in very inconvenient areas as the game progresses. However, the levels are designed fairly enough to warrant the time you’ll spend developing ways to conquer the challenge.

Bunny Shooter Christmas boasts a multitude of levels for players to try out. While many players found the game to be a breeze others argue that it provides sufficient difficulty. From its hilarious animations to its addictive gameplay, Bunny Shooter Christmas is a worthwhile mobile title to try out after Angry Birds.

Angry Farm

Angry Farm evokes a similar atmosphere to Angry Birds. In this game, players must grow and defend their farms from adversaries wishing to dismantle them. It offers a simplistic narrative, challenging gameplay, and decent visuals.

Like Angry Birds, this game features slingshot-themed gameplay where you can launch animals at foes. The only difference is that you launch animals to prevent foes from tearing your territory down. This game depicts animals as having angered expressions as they’ll attack you without hesitating.

The game features some nifty power-ups that help Angry Farm’s levels feel less daunting and more enjoyable. Angry Farm has multiple puzzles for players to solve that’ll require some brain power to conquer. If you’re looking for a silly game to play that offers subtle challenges, check out Angry Farm.

Catapult King

Catapult King contains similar slingshot gameplay in line with Angry Birds. In it, players catapult different cannonball variants at enemy’s forts and castles in hopes of destroying them. This title spans over 100 intricate levels for players to conquer and play.

This game’s format will remind fans of Angry Birds’ latest augmented reality game Isle of Pigs. You’ll be launching cannonballs at castles in front of you and not through a sideways perspective. When you complete a level, you’ll receive magic that you can use to enchant your catapult.

These abilities will allow you to take out enemy bases faster. This game requires careful precision and a well-executed strategy. On the other hand, it’s a title that evokes wackiness. You’ll find its characters’ reactions and actions amusing.

If you’re looking for another hilarious physics-based game with decent challenges, check out Catapult King.

Catapult Wars

Catapult Wars is an artillery shooter game that mixes RPG mechanics with the iconic Angry Birds formula. Your mission is to destroy each adversary’s catapults before they can break your castle. The game offers players a giant catapult full of stones and bombs that they’ll use to attack enemies.

This game features a decent variety of enemies to defeat from orcs to trolls. They’ll show you no mercy as they continuously hurl projectiles at your base. Catapult Wars’s gameplay is easy to follow and master. The game features numerous levels for players to complete, and each grows in difficulty as you progress.

This title has decent graphics and effects to keep players immersed in the gameplay. It doesn’t require an internet connection to play. There is a slew of awards for players to attain by completing Catapult Wars’ levels with excellency.

These awards consist of coins that can be used to purchase upgrades and equipment for your hero and their catapult. If you’re a diehard Angry Birds fan and need a new game to satisfy your urges, check out Catapult Wars.

So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Angry Birds.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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