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8 Books/Manga Like Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is an action-adventure and fantasy manga written by Hiromu Arakawa. It’s regarded as one of the best shonen adventure manga of all time because of its remarkable cast, engrossing narrative, and epic confrontations. It was serialized in Square Enix’s shonen manga magazine Monthly Shonen Gangan between July 2001 to June 2010. The series has over 27 volumes for fans to collect, two anime adaptations, two films, and a few light novels.

If you’re in the mood for more action-adventure and fantasy manga that offers a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 8 books/manga to check out when you’ve completed Fullmetal Alchemist. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Magi – Shinobu Ohtaka

Similarities – Adventure & Rich World

Magi offers a magical adventure you don’t want to miss. It follows two boys named Aladdin and Alibaba who travel to many distinct kingdoms and explore rare dungeons. This manga contains some fun mysteries, and stellar action sequences, and includes well-detailed environments. Each kingdom has a rich society with different customs and traditions.

The villains in this series have distinct personalities and complex ideals. They’ll push Aladdin and Alibaba to their limits, requiring them to train effortlessly to become stronger individuals. Like Fullmetal Alchemist, this series contains some excellent comedy that’ll leave you laughing nonstop. From witty jokes to slapstick, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re on the lookout for a series where our protagonists embark on a magical and action-packed quest, give Magi a shot.

D.Gray-Man – Katsura Hoshino

Similarities – Characters, Action, Story

D.Gray-Man is a mature shonen manga full of darkness and action. It offers fans a gloomy world and its cast harbors supernatural-themed abilities. This story follows Allen Walker, a male who went through three years of training under a formidable general named General Cross. He sends Allen to the Black Order, an organization aiming to take out the series’s mysterious antagonist.

This evil doer has inserted deceased souls into his Akuma-based weapons. Upon arriving at the Black Order, Allen becomes an exorcist and receives anti-Akuma weapons. With help from some allies, Allen aims to ruin the main antagonist’s plans. Both mangas have protagonists who are searching for something important.

D.Gray-Man leans toward religious aspects while Fullmetal Alchemist feels coated in science and alchemy. Edward and Allen come from terrible upbringings and are often get ridiculed for their tiny stature. These mangas tackle harsh concepts that’ll make your blood boil and your eyes tear up.

Psyren – Toshiaki Iwashiro

Similarities – Mysterious World & Great Action

Psyren is an underrated manga from Shonen Jump. This series features some compelling characters, interesting concepts, and satisfying adventurous aspects. Psyren’s world contains enough mystery and suspense to keep you guessing, making it a fun series to binge whenever you grow bored. In it, we follow Ageha Yoshina, who doesn’t mind helping people if they pay him.

He finds a bizarre calling card left inside a phone booth and keeps it. When heading to school, Ageha notices his classmate Sakurako Amamiya has the same calling card. Although he tries asking her about it, Sakurako requests for him to save her, confusing Ageha. Later, Sakurako goes missing and Ageha decides to call the number provided on the card.

The caller asks Ageha weird questions as he gets sent to a strange world inhabited by monsters called Taboo. Bestowed with psychic abilities, him and Sakurako must do whatever it takes to survive this death game if they hope to return home. Fans looking for an epic story-driven series with impressive characters should give this series a read.

Witch Hat Atelier – Kamome Shirahama

Similarities – Story Structure & Themes

Witch Hat Atelier and Fullmetal Alchemist feature characters who commit taboos and must embark on a mission to discover a way to reverse their mistakes. This manga delves into similar concepts like magic and features a colorful cast for readers to grow attached to over time. With its epic journey and engaging style, this is a story Fullmetal Alchemist fans should read.

Our tale follows Coco, a dressmaker’s daughter who adores magic and witches. She spies on a skilled witch named Qifrey from afar. Upon inspecting, Coco makes a shocking discovery. It turns out her beloved picture book was actually a magic book in disguise. She rushes home to practice the various spells hidden within it.

Her excitement leads to disaster as Qifrey rescues her from harm and offers to train her. Qifrey believes Coco is his first lead to tracking down the Brimmed Caps. They’re a dangerous band of heretics who love experimenting with taboo body-altering magic and spreading artifacts to citizens. Before they can tangle with them, he must teach Coco the ways of the mystic arts.


Similarities – Adventure, Themes, Action

CLAMP is known for making artistically beautiful series like Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHolic, and Chobits. Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (Tsubasa) is a spiritual successor to Cardcaptor Sakura set in an alternative world where characters like Sakura and Syaoran have aged up.

Like Fullmetal Alchemist, this series starts off lighthearted but gradually becomes darker and more mature as you progress. This manga focuses on the friendship between Syaoran and Sakura, who happens to be the Clow Kingdom’s princess in this world. She holds extraordinary powers that allow her to change the world.

Unfortunately, a mysterious individual harms Sakura to the point where her memories scatter through different worlds in the form of feathers. To save Sakura, Syaoran must find the Dimensional Witch. Along the way, he meets Kurogane and Fai D. Flourite who are two skilled beings with distinct goals and strengths. To cross dimensions, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai must sacrifice a valuable possession.

Syaoran makes the decision to forgo his relationship with Sakura with the Dimensional Witch. Afterward, we follow our three heroes as they traverse multiple worlds, challenging the horrid obstacles that lie ahead. Our heroes’ journey will have them combatting numerous evildoers and utilizing magical attacks to defend themselves. Both mangas deliver similar themes involving hope and determination. If you want a more complex take on Cardcaptor Sakura, give this manga a try.

The Promised Neverland – Kaiu Shirai

Similarities – Adventure & Themes

The Promised Neverland is known for its intelligent characters, exciting mind games, and rich world. This series harbors a mix of fantasy, mystery, psychological, and adventure elements. It takes place in an orphanage called Grace Field House and follows the oldest kids Emma, Ray, and Norman.

Along with the other children, they like taking tests, playing outdoors, and eating meals with their caretaker Isabella. One day, one of their friends heads with Isabella to the orphanage’s front gates to meet her new family. Emma notices their friend left behind a stuffed animal and heads to the gate with Norman to give it to her.

Upon reaching the gate, Emma and Norman discover the orphanage’s darkest truth. This series offers a page-turning experience that’ll leave you speculating, enchanted, and dumbfounded. While the series takes on a more action-centric path, later on, fans will enjoy the manga’s countless thrills and chills.

If you’re looking for an adventurous thriller with an intelligent cast, check out The Promised Neverland.

Pandora Hearts – Jun Mochizuki

Similarities – Adventure, Story, Characters

Pandora Hearts is a fun adventurous manga with hints of mystery and drama. Pandora Hearts follows Oz Vessalius, a cheerful heir of the well-known Vassalius family. Rumors spread about a terrifying Abyss that harbors deadly creatures called Chains but Oz isn’t believing it. His suspicions will be proven false when he encounters the Baskerville Clan.

They condemn him to the Abyss for committing a sin he doesn’t recall. He forms a contract with Alice, a unique Chain who promises to take on a human form to escape the Abyss. His journey will be plagued with endless angst and sorrow as he tries to unravel the mysteries behind his sin.

As one can tell, Oz’s character isn’t far off from Edward’s. Both protagonists embark on a quest to fix their lives up because of mistakes they made in the past. Oz doesn’t recall the errors he committed, though. Furthermore, Pandora Hearts contains some wonderfully drawn fights and spends time developing our protagonist into a more mature individual. Fans looking for a story with themes of personal growth and adventure should look no further than Pandora Hearts.

Basara – Yumi Tamura

Similarities – Epic Fantasy Quests & Emotional Moments

This is an award-winning fantasy adventure romance manga that was released during the early 90s. Basara delivers a well-written story, a well-rounded cast, and fights that will leave you speechless. This manga develops into political topics, so expect the dialogue to diverge into complex territory. This series knows how to shock and impress its readers with mind-numbing plot twists too.

The story can feel a little slow-paced and simplistic sounding at first. However, if you can trudge through, you’ll wind up obtaining a satisfying experience after reading it. This manga takes place in Japan, where an emperor and his four sons reign over all with mighty fists. Legends say that a Child of Destiny will free Japan from these tyrants’ grasp.

Enter Sarasa, the twin sister of Tatara, the Child of Destiny. Unfortunately, the Red King and his army attack Sarasa and Tatara’s village, leading to many deaths, including Tatara’s. To protect the others, Sarasa takes her brother’s title as the Child of Destiny and vows vengeance against the Red King.

Along the way, she’ll meet a charming man named Shuri. Their casual encounter will bind them through war, hatred, and love. This is an emotionally gripping story jam-packed with incredible action, complex subjects, and artwork that looks more appealing over time. If you’re searching for another impactful work that’ll move you, give this relic a chance.

So there we have it, our 8 books/manga to read after you complete Fullmetal Alchemist.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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