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For some of us, Crash Landing On You was the K-drama that changed everything. It was the series that opened up the doors to K-dramaland — a whole new world of stories, stunning landscapes, the bustling city of Seoul, gorgeous actresses, dashing actors and of course, the beautiful language that is Korean.

Along with that, we get a spellbinding tale of star-crossed lovers. Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyeok take us on a truly emotional ride with many, many memorable moments. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at one of the most iconic K-dramas to date — Crash Landing On You.

Naturally, there are spoilers ahead. And if you haven’t watched the show yet, then reading through these scenes will definitely make you want to. Here is our pick of the 14 best moments from Crash Landing On You!

crash landing on you

Crash Landing

Episode: 1

Of course, the titular crash landing has to make this list. I’m referring to the scene where Jeong-hyeok first finds Se-ri stuck in the trees along with her parachute. Inevitably, she falls down right into his arms as music swells all around them. It’s dramatic and cliché and as swoon-worthy as ever.

crash landing on you

The Fake Kiss

Episode: 3

While trying to smuggle Se-ri back to South Korea on a boat, they get caught and are forced to engage in one of the most delicious tropes ever — the fake kiss! It’s funny and romantic all at once. And while the kiss is fake, the sparks between our two leads of Crash Landing On You are very real. That’s what makes this scene so great.

crash landing on you

Candle in the Wind

Episode: 4

We’ve all wanted someone to be our source of light during darker times. Jeong-hyeok does exactly that for Se-ri when she gets lost in a market. He rushes off to find her and when he can’t, he lights up a candle and holds it above his head. Se-ri spots him at once and finds her way to him. And the way they look at each other just then is absolutely heart-fluttering.

crash landing on you

Soju and Clams

Episode: 4

As one of the more slice-of-life scenes in the K-drama, this one has Se-ri, Jeong-hyeok and the rest of his group enjoying a hearty meal around a bonfire. They cook clams in the fire and feast on them, later using the empty shells to drink soju. They eat, drink, laugh and the growing camaraderie between them is as palpable as the flames themselves.

Camping under the Stars

Episode: 5

When their train unexpectedly halts, Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok make the most of the situation by camping under a starry sky. Apart from the stunning setting of the scene, we also see them really converse with each other and connect on a deeper level. Dreams and vulnerabilities come to the shore and it’s only made better when Se-ri falls asleep and Jeong-hyeok gently rests her head on his shoulder.

First Snow of the Year

Episode: 6

In a cozy restaurant in Pyongyang, Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok share a meal and then witness the first snowfall of the year. Se-ri explains the belief in South Korea, that watching the first snow of the year makes a couple’s love stronger. Jeong-hyeok scoffs at this, of course, but we all know that the universe wasn’t kidding around. Their love really did become stronger than ever.

The First True Kiss

Episode: 7

Yes, we did have a fake kiss but this is the one that truly meant something! After the harrowing ordeal of Jeong-hyeok getting shot, our K-drama leads’ emotions are all over the place. What’s brilliant is how the turmoil pushes Jeong-hyeok to give in and finally kiss Se-ri the way he always wanted to — words would never have been enough.

The Phone Call

Episode: 8

One of the most heartrending moments from Crash Landing On You is when Se-ri gets kidnapped by unknown assailants and gets one last phone call with Jeong-hyeok. In a shaky voice, she wishes him well and then confesses her love right before the phone is snatched away from her. Both truly believe they are losing each other and the longing and pain they feel is evident.

Seoul Reunion

Episode: 10

Reunions, of course, have to make it on this list. During this one, Se-ri’s just walking down the street musing about what love really means when it turns up right in front of her eyes in the form of Ri Jeong-hyeok. Her eyes tear up with emotion and Jeong-hyeok’s gaze is as intense as ever, but this scene is subtle and serene like the flakes of snow swirling around both of them.

Soju and Promises

Episode: 12

Grand gestures and fanfare have their place in love stories. But what really gets to me is the little shows of love in daily life. So when this lovely pair is drinking soju and Jeong-hyeok confesses that he wants to see her grow old and become wrinkled and grey — that, to me, is the stuff of great romance. And it seems to be for Se-ri as well since she takes a shot of soju to compose herself.

Running to the Hospital

Episode: 14

It’s basically a rule that every K-drama needs a scene with one of the romantic leads running towards the other. Crash Landing On You gives this to us several times but the best scene is the one where Se-ri’s just woken up in the hospital and tells Jeong-hyeok, who was worried sick, to come to her.

Obviously, he runs like his life depends on it. To the hospital and up the stairs till he bursts into her room, wrecked from the thought of losing her. You’re kidding me if you don’t want someone to run for you like that.

Tearing the Plane Ticket

Episode: 15

While every other memorable moment is dedicated to the main lead pair, this is one for the second lead couple. Their relationship is more sizzling chemistry than sweet romance and its exemplified in the scene where Gu Seung-jun is at the airport but gets a call about Seo Dan being kidnapped.

Naturally, he turns on his heels and heads out to fight for her — but not before tearing the plane ticket in two with his teeth! This has truly ruined any other form of ticket-tearing for me.

Crossing the Border

Episode: 16

When all hope is lost and Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok are being forced apart for good, they get one last meeting with each other. Se-ri runs towards the border between North and South Korea, despite her injury, to get one last glimpse of him. Jeong-hyeok, in turn, races back across the border, despite the guns pointed at him, to hold her one last time. It’s utterly moving and one of the best tearful goodbyes on TV!

Reunited at Last

Episode: 16

We simply cannot leave out the moment when Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok meet again, several years after their tearful separation. It ultimately takes a twist of fate for them to find each other in a country that belongs to neither of them.

Getting on the wrong train is what brings Jeong-hyeok to the place where Se-ri lands while paragliding. Watching them wrap their arms around each other — released from the burdens of country or family or life-threatening danger — is cathartic, to say the least.

And there we have it, our picks for the best moments from the K-drama Crash Landing On You.

What was your favourite scene from Crash Landing On You? Did we miss out on any? Let us know in the comments!

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