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Tokyo Godfathers is one of Satoshi Kon’s works many people can get into. It follows a trio of hoodlums named Han, Gin, and Miyuki and takes place on Christmas Eve. As they rummage through multiple trash bins, they find an abandoned child. After discussing things, the trio decides to locate the baby’s biological mother and ask her why she’s left her kid behind. With the trio’s great chemistry, the anime’s impressive visuals, and its charming themes, Tokyo Godfathers is one of the best anime out there.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Tokyo Godfathers! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Tokyo Godfathers.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Tokyo Godfathers!

Buddy Daddies

Similarities – Themes, Drama, Comedy

Buddy Daddies is a wonderful anime that aired earlier in 2023. It won many people over with its compelling drama, wholesome comedy, and excellent themes. In it, we examine the life of two assassins named Kazuki and Rei. After murdering a man for a mission, they wind up being the caretakers for his daughter Miri. Viewers examine how Miri will change their lives for the better.

Like Tokyo Godfathers, this anime handles its found-family-themed narrative well. Rei, Kazuki, and Miri receive great development throughout the series. Many will enjoy seeing them triumph over their personal hurdles, whether they be simple or complex. This anime offers a good mix of situational humor, jokes, and gags that will bring a smile to many people’s faces.

This even offers a Christmas-themed episode for those who adored the beautiful locales found in Tokyo Godfathers. If you’re looking for a great modern anime to watch with suspense, charm, and humor, check out Buddy Daddies.

You can read our thoughts on Buddy Daddies in our full-season review here!

Tekkon Kinkreet

Similarities – Characters & Emotional Storytelling

Another character-driven narrative about homeless individuals that’ll appeal to you is Tekkoon Kinkreet. Like Tokyo Godfathers, it takes place in an urban setting in Japan and tackles the dark underworld of city life. Additionally, it explores the struggles of degraded communities and delves into themes surrounding family and belonging.

In Tekkon Kinkreet, we follow the bond between two orphans named Black and White as they navigate their way through life on the streets like Gin, Han, and Miyuki from Tokyo Godfathers. During Black and White’s journey, the anime showcases the power of familial bonds and relationships in the face of difficult circumstances.

Tekkon Kinkreet’s animation is fluid and pleasing to the human eye. You’ll be enamored to witness the moments when the animation clashes with the anime’s mood, leading to breathtaking shots that look marvelous. With its common themes and beautiful animation, Tekkon Kinkreet isn’t an anime you should skip out on if you enjoyed Tokyo Godfathers.

Princess Jellyfish

Similarities – Societal Misfits & Themes

Princess Jellyfish is a compelling romantic comedy that offers a different take on the classic Cinderella narrative. It revolves around an illustrator named Tsukimi, who lives with five unemployed otaku women who despise her for her interests. Tsukimi meets an attractive woman named Koibuchi, but it turns out Koibuchi is a male college student who likes to dress up.

We examine the two as they grow a wholesome bond with each other. Tokyo Godfathers and Princess Jellyfish explore their characters’ struggles with fitting in and finding acceptance. They delve into themes of personal identity and self-discovery. You’ll witness characters confront their personal demons throughout the story, leading to some touching moments you don’t want to miss.

Both anime offer great humorous moments that give viewers a chance to breathe. The humor in Princess Jellyfish showcases its characters’ quirky personalities and adds to the story’s depth. The comedy is well-timed and helps viewers stay invested in the narrative. With its handling of personal identity, self-discovery, and humor, Princess Jellyfish is worth your time.


Similarities – Childcare & Comedy

Kurenai is an enjoyable anime that follows a protagonist who is a young mediator who helps resolve disputes between powerful families while grappling with his own identity. Like Tokyo Godfathers, this is another work featuring citizens who are ignored or dismissed by mainstream society. It employs the use of humor as a significant aspect of the plot.

In Kurenai, the anime uses humor to subvert expectations and add to the story’s depth. Kurenai features great comedic timing and adds humor to its tale to make it more satisfying for all audiences.

Kurenai also has great character development and exploration of personal growth. Its protagonist is relatable and complex, allowing many fans to empathize with him. With its insightful commentary on societal issues and relatable characters, Kurenai is an anime worth adding to your watchlist.


Similarities – Caretaking & Comedy

Hinamtasuri delivers a story you shouldn’t take seriously. It’s about a yakuza member named Izumi who must care for a girl named Hina. Hina came out of a strange capsule and helped Izumi take care of an annoying gang using her powers. After seeing what she’s capable of, Isumi develops a bond with Hina and takes his new caretaking role seriously.

This anime features a great mix of slapstick, jokes, and one-liners that will keep you invested. The father and daughter combo will resonate with fans who enjoyed the family dynamics found in Han, Gin, and Miyuki’s relationship. Expect Hinamatsuri to contain more action and yakuza-themed content than Tokyo Godfathers, though.

The characters receive excellent development in Hinamatsuri and you’ll adore seeing their personalities clash. If you’re looking for another anime with found-family vibes, check out Hinamatsuri.

Spy X Family

Similarities – Comedy, Childcare, Drama

Spy X Family lost a bit of steam during its second part, but that shouldn’t put you off from watching it. It’s a compelling and action-packed anime series that touches upon the importance of family. It follows a spy named Twilight. He dawns the alias Loid Forger and adopts a child and hooks up with a woman to get closer to his target Donovan Desmond.

Although Loid’s hiding the truth from Anya and Yor, they’re hiding things from him without him knowing. We examine this deceitful family as they struggle to act like your typical happy family. Like Tokyo Godfathers, Yor and Loid may shower Anya with kindness and love but they’re inexperienced parents. You’ll see them fumble over small things due to them coming from hardcore backgrounds.

It’s this aspect of their characters that makes them stand out from other parents from other family-oriented anime. Furthermore, Spy X Family and Tokyo Godfathers can delve into dark subjects that place their young protagonists in danger. If you’re okay with that, then we recommend giving this anime a shot.

You can read our thoughts on Spy x Family in our full-season review here!

Grave of the Fireflies

Similarities – Terrible Aspects of Humanity

Satoshi Kon and Hayao Miyazaki are incredible film directors known for making anime that is beloved by many people. Although Miyazaki’s known for making more lighthearted content than Kon, Grave of the Fireflies is a heartbreaking tale that’s on par with the dark and depressing aspects you’d find in Kon’s notable anime projects.

Nevertheless, Grave of the Fireflies and Tokyo Godfathers tackle the human condition, personal responsibility, and the portrayal of family dynamics. The former’s about two children named Seita and Setsuko, who struggle to survive in Japan during WWII. Despite losing everything precious to them, these children hold on to a speck of hope. Setsuko and Seita are incredibly-written protagonists.

Viewers will find themselves despising many people they encounter during their journey since most of them aren’t willing to give them the time of day or treat them horribly. Setsuko and Seita will experience homelessness and neglect like Gin, Miyuki, and Han in Tokyo Godfathers.

If you’re up for a painful family-oriented tale from the same mind who brought you anime like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Ponyo, check out Grave of the Fireflies.

Welcome to the NHK

Similarities – Drama, Comedy, Themes

Welcome to the NHK is a deep slice-of-life anime about an isolated college student named Tatsuhiro. Through his interactions with others, Tatsuhiro will learn that life’s not as terrible as he first thought. He’ll get involved in multiple scenarios that will shatter his self-image and esteem. Tatsuhiro isn’t the most confident slice-of-life protagonist.

He’s a relatable person who lacks social skills and is easily susceptible to peer pressure. Many people who endure these issues in real-life will find Tatsuhiro relatable. At the same time, many viewers will enjoy seeing Tatsuhiro overcome his problems and befriend people to open up his social circle. Through Tatsuhiro’s successes, you’ll be motivated to apply some of his techniques to your life.

From grappling with one’s identity to freeing oneself from isolation, Welcome to the NHK is a perfect anime to watch after you’ve completed Tokyo Godfathers.

Junkers Come Here

Similarities – Characters, Story, Violence

Junkers Come Here is another that highlights the importance of family and the power of kindness and empathy. In Junkers Come Here, the protagonist Hiromi is a young girl who struggles with her parents’ tension and her own sense of loneliness. Through her connection to her dog Junkers, she learns to appreciate the love and family she has in her life.

Like Tokyo Godfathers, this anime showcases the transformative power of family bonds and the significance of human connection. Like the cast in Tokyo Godfathers, Hiromi grapples with difficult topics concerning loss and trauma. She struggles to cope with her parents’ separation and her own sense of isolation speaks to the challenges children face when confronting familial changes.

It’ll remind folks of Gin, Miyuki, and Han as they each have their own pasts they don’t want to confront. For those looking for an anime with a mix of lighthearted and deep storytelling, check out Junkers Come Here.

Wolf Children

Similarities – Themes

Taking care of children can be challenging for many parental newcomers. However, what if those children had the power to transform into wolves? This is the life Hana deals with on a daily basis in Wolf Children. Although she’s not a horrible mother, she’ll be met with many challenges that reside in single-parent households. This aspect of her life will relate to many people who have a similar lifestyle.

On the other hand, Wolf Children features characters who’re struggling to grapple with their identities and find their place in society like the cast in Tokyo Godfathers. From Hana to her children, each character has a specific arc that’s explored to the fullest degree. Family and the importance of support networks in times of crisis are explored in these works. For those who’re after a family-oriented anime with a mystical twist, Wolf Children should suffice.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Tokyo Godfathers!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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