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Royally Entertaining Dramas To Watch

Netflix’s wildly popular historical drama, The Crown, was devised by Peter Morgan and is based on Stephen Frears’s well-known drama-fused historical movie named “The Queen”,  which was based on real-life events. It dramatizes the rule of Queen Elizabeth as well as how the dynamics around the throne and her family issues affect her choices.

The gripping, heartbreaking, and immensely informative show has kept us fascinated since it first aired in 2016. Numerous movies have already been made in the past showcasing Queen Elizabeth II’s history and responsibilities as the longest-ruling monarch.

This show, on the other hand, shows the Monarch in all of her flaws, which she most likely kept hidden behind locked doors.

If you’ve just binge-watched the current season of the drama series and can’t wait for the next season to air, here’s a collection of TV shows which are pretty similar to The Crown to keep you occupied until then.

The White Queen

The White Queen is premised on Phillip Gregory’s book with the same name and it covers the Wars of the Roses, which lasted from 1455 to 1487 and ended in the formation of the house of the Tudors.

This 10-part series is recounted through the eyes of three different, yet extremely determined, women; Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville, who depict two branches of a single dynasty – the House of Lancaster and the House of York – who are battling to lead at the time.

The White Queen is a gripping depiction of perhaps the most tumultuous and violent periods in English history. If The Crown’s plot twists piqued your interest in British history, you should watch this stunning depiction of the earliest stage of the infamous Tudors’ reign.

The Tudors

King Henry VIII, a controversial English monarch known for beheading his spouses, ruled for many years before the fascinating drama of the Windsor’s began. The series centers on the Monarch’s rule as the second ruler of the Tudors and his controversial unions with historical female figures including Catherine of Aragon as well as Anne Boleyn. Contrary to The Crown, the show centers on a male ruler and it is set several centuries prior to The Crown.

You must watch this series if you enjoy historical dramas delivered in a grandiose and captivating manner similar to The Crown. Although viewers and many experts have complained that the drama lacks factual information, Meyers’ incredible performance makes it worthwhile to watch.

The Virgin Queen

If you thought Queen Elizabeth II’s journey was impressive, wait until you hear about Elizabeth I’s reign. Widely recognized as the “Virgin Queen” and “Gloriana” owing to her public vow to safeguard her innocence, the television show depicts the legendary Monarch’s Elizabethan golden age.

Through her roots as a beautiful princess, feared by her ambitious half-sister, and her heartfelt and painful love affair with Robert Dudley, the show not only presents Queen Elizabeth I in a new light, in addition to that it also manages to stab you straight in the chest.

Additionally, the drama series makes use of contemporary music with an ancient as well as Celtic seasoning to it. Furthermore, the scenarios are strikingly progressive without feeling out of sorts in comparison to the Elizabethan period.

Anne-Marie Duff is terrific as Elizabeth I, and Tom Hardy is outstanding as Dudley. The series was nominated for best series at the 2007 BAFTA Awards, and Duff was nominated for best actress.


Many women were put to death during the Tudor era, notably two Queens who were famous wives, Anne Boleyn as well as Catherine Howard, who’ve been Henry VIII’s second and fifth wives, respectively. Another decapitation is carried out by Boleyn’s sole child, Queen Elizabeth I, and it has been of Mary, Queen of Scots, who is her distant cousin.

Mary plays the protagonist in the drama series. As she ascends to power, Mary must navigate political and personal obstacles while attempting to strike a balance between issues of the kingdom and her passions.

The show contains a lot of royal complexity as well as spectacle, despite not being factual. It’s ideal for “The Crown” fanbase seeking a more theatrical historical show to watch.


In this historical drama set around 15th-century Florence, there seems to be pretty much everything one could expect, including deception, treachery, and bloodshed, just like The Crown.

The premise of the historical drama revolves around an heir from an upper-class family who seeks to advance his family’s interests. Furthermore, the Medici dynasty provided not one, but two queen regents of France, and they eventually came to hold the inherited titles namely Duke of Florence and Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

The performances have been excellent throughout all three seasons, even with the actors changing as new generations are introduced. The series also features gorgeous Italian scenery and a piece of fantastic theme music by Skin and Paolo Buonvino.


This three-part storyline centers on the Gunpowder conspiracy of 1605, which was devised by Guy Fawkes and Robert Gatesby to kill King James VI, who is Mary Queen of Scots’ sole heir.

Owing to the cruel treatment of Catholics, internal conflicts are at an all-time peak in 1603, while Britain has been at war with Spain. An enraged youthful Catholic nobleman named Robert Catesby, who’s previously lost both his spouse and his dad, cooks up a potentially explosive plot to assassinate King James I while seated inside the House of Parliament.

In a collection of events that continue to be remembered in modern-day Britain, Catesby teams up with several equally enraged men, such as the notorious Guy Fawkes. The series sheds some light on a significant event in British history even though it isn’t really a royal drama.


Without a doubt, Queen Victoria has been among the most renowned monarchs and queens to reign in the British Empire as well as Ireland. Following the passing of King William IV around 1837, Queen Victoria starts her reign. Victoria inherited her position as a monarch at a relatively young age, just like her great-great-granddaughter, the resilient Queen Elizabeth ll.

The show chronicles one of England’s most notable rulers through her life and the fundamental ways she changed British culture.

Throughout the show, Jenna Coleman takes center-stage for the British monarch during the formative years of her rule as she struggles to strike a balance between her personal responsibilities and royal duties.

The Emmy-nominated historical drama includes a stellar cast and showcases historical facts through the eyes of the lady who handled them and features a female lead who, just like Queen Elizabeth, started taking responsibilities concerning her administrative duties at a young age.



This show recounts the tales and controversies of France’s monarchy. It showcases a youthful King Louis XIV of France’s choice to relocate the Royal Court outside Paris towards the outskirts of Versailles despite a limited budget, which incites the wrath of his nobles and precipitates political disaster.

The series was nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards in 2017 and 2018, as well as a Saturn Award in 2017. It debuted in 2015 and continued for three seasons until it wrapped up in 2018.

Following The Crown, the series features romances, power, duplicity, and conflict, making it a very compelling watch.

Catherine the Great

The miniseries follows Queen Catherine II, who is Russia’s longest-ruling female monarch, just like Queen Elizabeth ll is England’s. The show takes us through her reign and struggles right from her accession to power in 1764 until her demise in 1796.

Helen Mirren plays the chaotic ruler and politician who managed Russia and reshaped its position in the world throughout the 1800’s. The four-part drama series also recounts Catherine’s personal life issues and her romance with Russian military officer Grigory Potemkin, which helped define Russian history in the aftermath.

Much like The Crown highlights Queen Elizabeth’s hardships, Catherine the Great exemplifies Empress Catherine II’s emotional, political, and societal challenges as Russia’s monarch.

The Royal House of Windsor

We suggest watching this documentary if theatrical adaptations bore you. It chronicles a decade of monarchy, from King Edward VIII’s resignation to Princess Diana’s heartbreaking and unexpected passing.

Similar to The Crown, which centers on Prince Philip’s lively and unorthodox nature, this docuseries showcases how he set the groundwork for the Royal Family to become more well-known to Westerners. The series serves you a dish of fiery drama, political upheaval, and revelations that the Royals have been sensitive to for ages.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching The Crown on Netflix.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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