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Only Yesterday’s not a well-known anime film, but it touches on heavy-hitting and emotional themes that will surprise most viewers. It centers around Taeko, a city girl who travels to the countryside to assist her family with their farmland. By meeting people from the past to the present, Taeko will develop a newfound appreciation for rural life.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Only Yesterday! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Only Yesterday.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Only Yesterday!

Millennium Actress

Similarities – Characters, Drama, Romance

Millennium Actress and Only Yesterday focus on the experiences of young women who are grappling with their past and present lives while navigating through life’s ups and downs. Both anime present nuanced and complex characters that are relatable, and their journeys resonate with viewers.

In addition to having stellar animation, Millennium Actress is a must-watch for those looking for a deep and compelling anime to watch after Only Yesterday. Millennium Actress follows the life of an ex-filmmaker named Genya Tachibana. He wants to shoot a documentary about a star named Chiyoko alongside his cameraman Ida.

This anime will have our male characters get roped into different scenarios concerning Chiyoko’s life as a film star. As viewers peer into Chiyoko’s history, they’ll stumble upon a mystery she thought she’d never revisit.

In This Corner of the World

Similarities – Characters, Slice of Life, Drama

In This Corner of the World is another anime that throws a woman into a new situation and examines how she deals with the struggles that come with the territory. In it, we follow Suzu, a girl who helps her grandmother with business matters until she grows to be the right age to marry a man named Houjou. At the same time, a war is brewing behind the scenes.

Viewers get to witness how Suzun plans to deal with her newfound dilemmas. Both anime portray their characters’ growth and development in a realistic manner, making each tale feel relatable and touching. These anime incorporate everyday sounds, music, and detailed animation to create an immersive depiction of life in Japan.

From the sounds of cicadas to the chatter Suzu overhears in markets, it all contributes to an authentic portrayal of her city and surroundings. Both anime also highlight the beauty and difficulties of life. They showcase small moments of joy and the challenges that come with growing up and facing complicated scenarios. For those looking for a stellar slice-of-life anime with historical essence, check out In This Corner of the World.

Wolf Children

Similarities – Characters & Themes

Wolf Children is a phenomenal family anime with gorgeous visuals and strong life messages. It follows Hana, a woman who falls in love with a werewolf named Ookami. They have two children and live a decent life until Ookami perishes in an accident. This entices them to move to the countryside with her children where she’ll experience the challenges of single parenthood.

Only Yesterday and Wolf Children focus on personal growth and the coming-of-age experience. They follow protagonists who navigate through significant life changes. As Hana struggles to care for her half-human, half-wolf children she’ll endure immense stress that many will find relatable. At the same time, her children will go down different paths as they age, leading to more remarkable moments.

Wolf Children’s animation and art style is immaculate. From Hana’s children’s transformations to the lush rural landscapes they traverse through, you’ll find its settings enchanting. In addition to its memorable and solid soundtrack, Wolf Children is a great anime to watch after Only Yesterday.


Similarities – Characters & Atmosphere

Barakmon highlights Seishuu’s life at the Goto Islands. He’s a rookie calligrapher who got exiled to this territory due to his anger issues. He hopes he’ll find something at the Goto Islands that will inspire him. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to search for this peacefully as he’ll need to contend with the island’s inhabitants to achieve his goal.

This is another tale about personal growth and has its protagonist becoming more likable and mature by the story’s conclusion. Through his interactions with Goto Islands’ locals, Seishuu will rediscover his passion for calligraphy and learn of the values of companionship. Barakamon’s art style is distinct, vibrant, and visually stunning.

In conjunction with its music, Barakamon creates a peaceful and enchanting atmospheric experience for viewers. Everything will feel wholesome and touching, making it challenging for anyone not to feel moved by the series’s emotional segments. For those looking for an immersive tale about companionship and rural life, check out Barakamon.

Castle In The Sky

Similarities – Characters & Romance

Studio Ghibli is known for making classic tales that will resonate with a wider audience. Castle In The Sky is another anime from them that will entice people to reflect on their past. Like Only Yesterday, this anime explores the concept behind memory and its significance in shaping an individual’s present and future. This tale follows Puaze and Sheeta on their quest to find the mythical city of Laputa.

At the same time, they’ll uncover the mysteries of their past while being tracked down by government agents. Castle In The Sky is remembered fondly for its distinct character designs, beautiful landscapes, and great animation. Its visuals capture the narrative’s mystery and adventurous vibes. Sheeta and Pazu’s relationship develops wonderfully throughout the anime too.

The mischief they get involved in during their quest for Laputa is magical and hilarious. Although these small comedic increments may ruin the epicness of their quest, it never reduces the film’s overall quality. For those looking for an adventurous narrative with a hint of romance elements, check out Castle In The Sky.


Similarities – Themes & Characters

Nana is an incredible anime with a unique art style and a glorious cast. This anime delivers a narrative about two girls named Nana. They travel to Japan for different reasons but eventually forge a genuine friendship that’s fun to follow. Despite their premises being different, Nana and Only Yesterday tackle themes regarding self-discovery, coming-of-age, and nostalgia.

As each Nana wanders Tokyo’s streets and meets new people, viewers will learn about their different strengths, and weaknesses, and how they can grow through their experiences. These Nanas have elaborate backgrounds and personalities that deepen as the story continues. You’ll find yourself identifying with these characters’ emotions and inner turmoil, making them feel genuine and realistic.

Nana and Only Yesterday also have excellent soundtracks that fit with the tone and setting. On top of focusing and building upon the characters’ relationships and friendships, Nana is a great anime to watch after Only Yesterday.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Similarities – Themes

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a great anime with a fun time-travel premise. It follows Makoto, a high school student who gains time travel abilities after colliding with a train. Like Only Yesterday, this anime explores the concept of time. However, this anime actually grants its character abilities, unlike Only Yetesterday’s handling of it.

Nevertheless, both anime use time as a key storytelling mechanic to highlight their character’s growth. Furthermore, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time shares themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and coming-of-age with Only Yesterday. Makoto learns to accept the consequences of her actions and comes to terms with growing up.

Furthermore, these anime showcase well-rounded, complex characters that grow through their respective journeys. Makoto is portrayed as lazy and rash at first, but she matures and learns to make thoughtful decisions that matter in the long term. This anime also features moments of realization and sacrifice that should keep you entertained by its tale.

Junkers Come Here

Similarities – Family & Relatable Struggles

Junkers Come Here is a satisfying coming-of-age anime. In it, we follow a young girl named Hiromi. She’s dealing with her parent’s issues while spending quality time with her talking dog Junkers. Like Taeko, Junkers Come Here focuses on Hiromi’s personal struggles and growth. You’ll get to see how her past impacts her present.

Hiromi will struggle to understand her parents’ potential divorce and the distance between her and her father. She also has to grapple with the idea of moving on from her beloved pet, Junkers. This adds many conflicts for her to triumph over, which helps keep the audience invested in the anime’s plot. That said, both tales focus on family.

Where Junkers Come Here portrays a broken family struggling to stay together, Only Yesterday explores the dynamics of a traditional Japanese family. Both anime portrays the importance of family values, showing that no family is perfect. Nevertheless, you’ll learn how having proper care and understanding for family members leads to a healthier familial relationship.

Whisper of the Heart

Similarities – Characters & Themes

Have you or any person you’ve known met your soulmate at a location you visit on a daily basis? If so, you’ll find Shizuku’s journey in Whisper of the Heart relatable and enjoyable. She meets her new friend Seiji at a shop full of all things literature. They discuss a few things, and Shizuku finds Seiji’s dreams and passions inspirational. This persuades her to find a dream of her own.

Like Only Yesterday, Whisper of the Heart emphasizes the importance of discovering one’s identity, purpose, and place in the world through the female protagonist’s eyes. Both anime highlights the significance of pursuing one’s passion even in the face of difficult obstacles. Characters must follow their dreams and embrace their flaw in Whisper of the Heart.

Meanwhile, Only Yesterday encourages folks to evaluate their past selves to find joy in the present. Both anime stresses the idea that people shouldn’t give up, even if they’re faced with a rough road ahead. In addition to having an engaging soundtrack that elevates the emotion felt through its runtime, Whisper of the Heart is a must-watch.

My Neighbors the Yamadas

Similarities – Family Stories

My Neighbors the Yamadas is a great slice-of-life anime that centers around the comical daily routines of a Japanese family. Like Only Yesterday, both anime focus on families with different experiences. Where the Yamada Family likes to get involved in humorous scenarios, Taeko has to undergo a journey of self-discovery and acceptance by reflecting on her childhood memories.

Nevertheless, the families in these anime are delightful and pack enough similarities and differences to keep folk entertained. That said, you’ll love seeing how My Neighbors the Yamadas implements short skits displaying the hilarious antics the Yamada family indulges themselves in. Their lifestyle emphasizes classic traditions and highlights how their culture values family life, respect, and work ethic. Give this a watch if you’re looking for family-oriented work that’s more comical and less dramatic.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Only Yesterday!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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