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Horrific Tales Rooted In Mystery!

Housing Complex C is one of the new Horror themed anime on the block that wishes to fill fans’ nights with terror, mystery, and chills. While the series may start off quite slow, it’s jam-packed with a lot of subtle details that will keep you invested.

Our tale takes place in Kurosaki, a seaside town where our child protagonist Kimi resides. Strange things happen once a group of foreigners and business consultants moves into the area. It’s up to Kimi and her friends to solve the mystery that lay dormant in their homeland before it’s too late.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Housing Complex C! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Housing Complex C.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Housing Complex C!

Higurashi When They Cry

Similarities – Mystery & Horror

Often regarded as the king of Horror anime by some, Higurashi: When They Cry (Higurashi) contains an overabundance of chills, thrills, and grotesque imagery. Like Housing Complex C, this series contains a dark atmosphere that’s always lurking over our characters’ heads.

This show tends to give its child protagonists the spotlight more than Housing Complex C does for Kimi and Yuri. However, Kimi and Yuri’s characters share similar personalities to some of Higurashi’s lead characters like Satoko, Rena, and Rika.

At the same time, Higurashi starts off slow, as it takes a while for the horror and terror elements to kick in with this show. Higurashi offers a unique and distinct plot structure from other Horror anime, as its first seasons will overlay you with multiple questions that don’t get resolved until its second season.

If you’re looking for a horror anime with a worthwhile chilling and mysterious edge to it, then Higurashi: When They Cry is the way to go.


Similarities – Dark Atmosphere

Found Footage is a clever film technique that was popularized by the well-acclaimed feature film, The Blair Witch Project. Since that film was released, many filmmakers have attempted to capture the same energy and vibe as that film with works like Paranormal Activity and indie films like V/H/S and Rec.

Kowabon is an anime series that decided to take that route to differentiate itself from other horror animated series. While its animation and utilization of motion capture don’t stick the landing sometimes, it does a fine job of building tension.

Like Housing Complex C, this series contains some spooky imagery and a dark atmosphere that will send chills down your spine. While the episodes only last for about five minutes, the content inserted in that time frame is spooky and mysterious.

Kowabon is an experimental horror anime that employs a film technique not seen in other shows like it. Fans looking for something refreshing should give this show a watch.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Similarities – Chilling Story Beats

Like Kowabon, Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is an intriguing anime that offers horror fans something new and exciting. This show is structured like an anthology series as viewers will follow along with its narrator as he shares numerous tales full of fear and suspense.

Each short story is jam-packed with horrid visuals that will leave a lasting impression. From creepy facial animations to nightmarish monster designs, this series offers genuine scares and concepts many will find exciting and refreshing. There will be many stories fans would want to see receive a full-length series.

This same feeling is what led to V/H/S’s famed supernatural creature the Siren getting a dedicated film in 2016. Regardless, Housing Complex C and Yamishibai offer a great deal of mystery and will keep viewers hooked with their details and storytelling.

Ghost Hunt

Similarities – Dark Mystery & Slow Pacing

Ghost Hunt is an underrated gem. This series features intriguing story beats, likable characters, and an intense atmosphere. While its premise revolves around school students hunting the supernatural, the entities they come across aren’t as friendly and charming as someone like Casper.

This series tackles numerous topics from religion to the origins surrounding paranormal events and tragedies. Ghost Hunt may feel intimidating to most viewers as its pacing isn’t the greatest. Like Housing Complex C, it takes a while for things to kick off in this series.

If you’re willing to sit things out with this show, you’ll walk away from it satisfyingly terrified and emotionally scarred.



Similarities – Supernatural & Horror

As with Housing Complex C and Higurashi, Shiki follows suit by tackling the horrors hidden within the protagonist’s environment. From its run-down homes to its dark environments, Shiki delivers a spooky playground to its viewers to keep them invested.

The characters in Shiki and Housing Complex C follow a similar mold. You’ll follow multiple protagonists from elderly folk to young adolescents and no one is safe from harm. The gore and violence in Housing Complex C is tamer, though.

Shiki goes all out in portraying its character’s suffering, as you can expect some to lose limbs or get their faces smashed in by weaponry and vehicles. Furthermore, Shiki leans more heavily into its supernatural concepts than Housing Complex C and displays its human and monstrous cast as villains.

Shiki is a series that will leave you spooked and curious. It brings up themes and ideas that will leave you questioning if humans are truly malevolent beings or not. If you’re looking for a supernatural horror anime that will make you ponder life, check out Shiki.



Similarities – Supernatural & Atmosphere

Mieruko-chan is a supernatural horror comedy anime with likable characters. Mieruko-chan and Housing Complex C have a similar laid-back atmosphere that crops up at certain moments of the show. Mieruko-chan leans more into its slice-of-life and comedy elements, though.

Its protagonist Miki, gets into all sorts of trouble and mischief with her Japanese monster clients. The relationship she forms with these monsters feels like a partnership. Fans who adored seeing Taka and Koba teaming up in Housing Complex C will get a similar vibe from Mieruko’s companionship with the monsters.

However, fans shouldn’t let this show’s comedy and happy-go-lucky elements trick them. Despite being a heartwarming show, the imagery in it is anything but pleasant. This is all thanks to the monsters because some of them have nightmarish designs that may keep you up at night. If you wanted a more laid-back and comedic horror anime to watch after Housing Complex C, Mieruko-chan’s a worthy contender.


Similarities – Mystery & Deaths

We arrive at Final Destination, the anime. Jokes aside, this show offers an unsettling atmosphere and nightmarish imagery on par with Housing Complex C. Each character’s death feels like a spectacle, and it feels like the animation staff was trying to conjure ways to outdo themselves.

Another follows Kouichi, who befriends Mei, a quiet and collected girl who keeps to herself. While everyone warns him not to interact with her, Kouichi ignores them. Kouichi, however, becomes more enthralled by Misaki’s connection to the town’s unstoppable curse after many deaths occur in the town.

This is an anime that doesn’t offer much in terms of well-developed characters. Everyone plays their role well, but none of them come out feeling as memorable as Mei. Mei receives the most attention because of everyone’s hypothesis about her being tied to the multiple murders occurring in her town.

That said, the deaths are the highlight of this show, and are sure to keep you up at night.

Ghost Hound

Similarities – Mystery & Supernatural

Ghost Hound is another horror series where people investigate their homeland to find answers to mysterious happenings. Like Housing Complex C, the mysteries our characters get wrapped up in will boggle your mind and may terrify some fans.

Housing Complex C and Ghost Hound feature territories wrapped up in culture and supernatural superstition. From old folk tales to shrine maidens, these anime delve into many horror tropes but offer something refreshing and fun to their respective genres.

At the same time, Ghost Hound’s a longer series than Housing Complex C. This allows the anime to move at a snail’s pace and unravel its tales gradually to its audience. Furthermore, its characters feel fleshed out and have backgrounds worth analyzing.

If you adore shows with psychological bits that toy with your mind, check out Ghost Hound.

School-Live! Anime Review_TheReviewGeek Feature Image


Similarities – Characters, Mystery, Horror

School-Live and Housing Complex C feel like two halves of the same coin. While School-Live’s cast has to deal with the zombie apocalypse, the activities and characters themselves aren’t too different from Kimi, Taka, and the others. Both anime feature a mix of lighthearted scenarios and spooky situations.

The activities its protagonist Yuki indulges in feel happy-go-lucky and charming. If Yuki had a shaved ice machine herself, she’d probably want to partake in the activity with Kimi and her friends. On that note, Yuki and Kimi have a similar mindset and receive similar treatment from their companions.

Like Kimi, Yuki is treated with the utmost respect but has the tendency to slip up. Furthermore, Yuki’s delusions will remind folks of Kimi’s fascination with Kurosaki’s folklore and origins. There is also a character in this show that’s built up in a similar fashion to Kimi’s mother.

The pay off for these characters is well-done and fans will be left shocked by their outcome. If fans loved the small homages to Cthulu in Housing Complex C, then they’ll get a kick out of the small horror and zombie-themed easter eggs scattered in School-Live’s world. If you’re searching for an anime with a similar set-up and vibe, check out School-Live.

Gregory Horror Show

Similarities – Horror, Supernatural, Mystery

Don’t let this anime’s aesthetic fool you. Gregory Horror Show is a horror anime with a cartoon-like art style. Gregory and his friends will make the viewers’ life a living nightmare with their maddening antics and slightly unsettling demeanor.

In this 25-episode series, we follow a male businessman looking for a place to stay at Gregory’s hotel. Gregory welcomes the gentleman with open arms and shows him to his room. What starts off as a happy-go-lucky anime unravels into something so sinister and bizarre that you’ll become as deranged as its protagonist.

Gregory Horror Show and Housing Complex C feature a great mix of horror, supernatural, and mystery elements. Each worker in Gregory’s hotel poses something new and exciting to think about for the viewers. While some episodes don’t hit as hard as others, the ones that do will leave a lasting impression on fans.

At the same time, Gregory Horror Show offers something new to the horror anime genre with its first-person perspective. Like any other FPS game, you’ll watch this world’s events unfold from the businessman’s perspective. His eyes are your eyes in this anime.

If you’ve been looking for a unique anime like Housing Complex C that adds familiarity and originality to the genre, check out Gregory Horror Show.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Housing Complex C!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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