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Crayon Shin-chan is an anime that’s great but isn’t as child-friendly as it looks. It has incredible slice-of-life and comedy aspects. It follows the zany antics and adventures of a 5-year-old named Shin and his friends in Japan. Despite being an inappropriate child who likes to flaunt his rear at people and use vulgar language, many adults can’t get enough of the little guy. This is an episodic tale you’ll either dread or cherish in the long term.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Crayon Shin-chan! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Crayon Shin-chan.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows/anime that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Crayon Shin-chan!


Similarities – Childhood Icons & Comedy

Doraemon and Shin-chan are childhood icons in some people’s eyes. While not many people know about their charming shows, the ones who have watched both know how humorous and adventurous they can be. Doraemon feels more adventurous with its stronger sci-fi themes, though. Nevertheless, they are both classics that have many similarities.

Firstly, Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan give viewers a taste of what life is like through a child’s perspective. This allows both anime to give viewers a glimpse of what goes on inside a child’s imagination and how they perceive events taking place around them. Doraemon likes to focus on its protagonist’s interaction with those around him like Crayon Shin-chan does with Shin’s bonds with his people

These anime also include a strong emphasis on humor, utilizing physical comedy and satire to make people laugh. Regardless if you’re a child or an adult, you’ll love Doraemon’s implementation of absurd scenarios and exaggerated facial humor. In addition to having multiple movies, spin-offs, and merchandise under its belt, Doraemon is a great anime to watch after Crayon Shin-chan.

Ninja Hattori-Kun

Similarities – Atmosphere & Comedy

Ninja Hattori-kun is a fun ninja anime. It has an episodic structure, a likeable cast, and a charming world like Crayon Shin-chan. This anime is about a ninja boy named Hattori. He befriends the Sanyo Family’s Kenichi and attends school with others. Their group often gets into trouble with a rival Koga ninja Kemumaki and his sidekick Kagechiyo.

Like Crayon Shin-chan, this anime features countless moments that will make you laugh and smile. Both anime shroud viewers in a relaxing atmosphere that allows many folks to sit back and watch it. The dynamics between Kenichi, Hattori, and their friends are delightful to follow like Shin and his group of buddies in his anime.

However, Kenichi is more responsible and serious compared to Shin who likes being playful and mischievous around his friends, family, and strangers. Nevertheless, both characters are charming and funny in their own ways. They get tossed into many situations that’ll further their growth and reveal their true selves to everyone.

Dr. Slump

Similarities – Comedy

Dragon Ball isn’t the only work created by legendary manga author Akira Torimiya. Dr. Slump is another work of his that amplifies the comedy tenfold while featuring an overpowered female protagonist named Arale. Arale is as funny and naive as Shin-chan and fans will adore seeing her thwart enemies’ plans while strengthening her bond with Dr. Slump.

Crayon Shin-chan and Dr. Slump have similar types of comedy. Both anime feature a ton of gags, slapstick, and situational humor to appeal to audiences of all ages. These anime also have unique art styles to stand out from other child-like anime. Dr. Slump’s art style reflects Akira Toriyama’s comic-like roots while Shin-chan’s art style looks simplistic, exaggerated, and playful. If you’re looking for an anime with charming scenarios and some nice action, Dr. Slump has you covered.

Kiteretsu Encyclopedia

Similarities – Family, Comedy, Atmosphere

More episodic endeavors await you in Kiteretsu Encyclopedia. This tale follows the scientist Kiteretsu and his robot friend Korosuke as they go on multiple adventures in Kiteretsu’s time machine. Kiteretsu is a smart and tech-savvy protagonist, unlike Shin. He likes coming up with new gadgets that’ll please himself and those he interacts with throughout the series.

This anime relies on its charming family dynamics and varied humor to keep the audience entertained. Where Kiteretsu relies on satire and slapstick to pull its audience in, Crayon Shin-chan incorporates excellent tongue-in-cheek humor with crude gags. Nevertheless, both anime feel relaxing to watch and will help anyone overcome their life problems. If you’re searching for another fun family anime with fewer innuendo jokes than Crayon Shin-chan, then give Kiteretsu Encyclopedia a shot.


Chibi Maruko-chan

Similarities – Atmosphere, Slice of Life, Comedy

If you’re in need of another series that’ll give you insight into life in Japan, Chibi Maruko-chan is worth your time. This anime follows Maruko, a young girl living in Shimizu City during the 1970s. The show explores multiple fabrics of her life from her interactions at school to the conversations she has with her family members.

Although both anime implement humor into their storylines well, they approach it differently. In Chibi Maruko-chan, the humor feels more peaceful and revolves around the people within and outside of Maruko’s personal circle. As for Crayon Shin-chan, the shenanigans of Shin and his friends can be peaceful, crude, or absurd, like its staple toilet humor.

Furthermore, many characters in Chibi Maruko-chan follow archetypes but the way they’re portrayed in the anime will convince you that they’re not bland. Furthermore, this anime likes to throw in some valuable lessons that’d be great for your children to pick up like how to prepare for field trips.


Similarities – Family Comedies

Sazae-san is an ongoing and delightful slice-of-life anime. Like Crayon Shin-chan it depicts the daily routines of an ordinary Japanese family. They spend their lives going to school and work, cooking and cleaning, and hanging out with friends and other relatives. This anime features a distinct art style that sets it apart from other family-oriented slice-of-life anime.

Sazae-san is known for its hand-drawn, minimalist aesthetic, which emphasizes its simplistic and beautiful premise well. Sazae-san and Crayon Shin-chan utilize humor to explore Japan’s social and political issues. While Sazae-san’s known for being a peaceful anime with family-friendly humor, it’s not scared to touch upon gender roles, environmentalism, and class dynamics.

The same goes for Crayon Shin-chan who is known for having a wicked sense of humor but knows know to handle subjects like politics and Japanese pop culture well. If you’re looking for an anime that’s more down-to-earth than Crayon Shin-chan, I’d recommend giving Sazae-san a shot.

Lucky Star

Similarities – Comedy & Concepts

Looking for another protagonist who can be as humorous as Shin, Lucky Star has you covered. This anime follows Konata and her friends as they navigate through their high school years. Like Crayon Shin-chan, Konata and her comrades get into all types of wacky scenarios that are grounded and charming.

From struggling to focus on homework to traveling to places, you can expect Konata and company to participate in a bunch of fun activities in this series. Both anime highlights why it’s important to enjoy the small things in life. Lucky Star uses its humor to create a comforting and lighthearted atmosphere like Crayon Shin-chan. It’s known for its pop culture references and witty wordplay. In addition to having a distinct art style and colorful aesthetic, Lucky Star is an anime gem you don’t want to skip.

Nichijou: My Ordinary Life

Similarities – Comedy & Slice-of-Life

Nichijou: My Ordinary Life and Crayon Shin-chan have developed a cult-like following over the years. They both have odd narratives that are full of humor and wit. In Nichijou, we follow a group of females through their daily lives. Whether it’s attending school or hanging out in diverse locations, these girls will end up in situations that are beyond what the anime’s title suggests.

Like Crayon Shin-chan, Nichijou likes poking fun at modern Japanese lifestyles. For instance, there will be moments when our students are sitting in their seats and see their principal wrestle a deer outside their classroom window. It’s instances like this one that make Nichijou unforgettable and hysterical. It’ll remind people of the times when Shin-chan hits on women or flashes his behind at folks.

Furthermore, both anime have unique art styles. Nichijou uses bright, bold colors and fluid animation to help its series feel playful and energetic. As for Crayon Shin-chan, it relies on its exaggerated character designs and over-the-top humor to acquire people’s attention. In addition to having an episodic story structure full of different sketches and gags, Nichjou is a perfect anime to watch after Crayon Shin-chan.

Azumanga Daioh

Similarities – Slice-of-Life & Comedy

Azumanga Daioh is an amusing slice-of-life show that delves into the everyday lives of its cast. It doesn’t have the most intricate narrative but it makes up for it by being a sweet and charming story filled with great characters, dialogue, and funny segments. Like Crayon Shin-chan, this anime explores multiple topics from childhood innocence to cultural differences.

Where Crayon Shin-chan leans into slapstick and exaggerated humor, Azumanga Daioh implements more subtle, character-driven humor. Nevertheless, both anime’s forms of humor will make you chuckle and smile the whole way through. Both anime rely on their visual styles to grasp people’s attention. Azumanga Daioh leans into its characters’ cute, moe aesthetic.

However, Crayon Shin-chan has a rough and sketchy art style that emphasizes expressiveness and movement. Both anime have distinct storytelling methods. Azumanga Daioh likes to implement multiple vignettes that explore its cast’s daily lives. Crayon Shin-chan follows Shin and his friends’ misadventures as mischievous kids. Therefore, if you’re looking for a story that relies on its characters’ interactions and relatable situations to give you a swell time, Azumanga Daioh is worth watching.

Hanada Shounen-shi

Similarities – Characters & Comedy

Hanada Shounen-shi follows Ichiro, a troublemaker who likes causing mischief in his rural town. After getting into a truck accident, Ichiro develops the ability to see ghosts. As he helps the ghosts with their various problems, Ichiro learns valuable life lessons that will help him become wiser and more mature. This is another anime that follows the charming adventures of a young boy.

Like Crayon Shin-chan, it features simplified character designs that help establish its playful and humorous tone. Ichiro and Shin-chan are quick-witted and humorous. They love to engage in childish pranks that lead to hilarious outcomes. The voice actors for both protagonists bring their characters to life with their dialogue, adding to viewers’ immersion in their respective worlds.

Both anime offer episodic story structures. Hanada Shounen-shi makes sure every ghostly encounter and issue is distinct and entertaining. Lastly, you’ll enjoy seeing Ichiro become more responsible and likable with each problem he handles. Give this anime a watch when you have the time.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Crayon Shin-chan!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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