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Business Proposal was a show that was destined to be a hit. From the light-hearted script to the perfect cast who executed the comedic scenes with fervor and great chemistry, viewers truly enjoyed the warmth the show exuded.

It is no wonder that most viewers are grappling with finding a similar show in which they can immerse themselves into. Well, worry not because here are ten similar shows to choose from that might just fill the void Business Proposal left. You know, we have got you chingu!

To keep things simple for skim-readers we’ve added what similarities these have.

Of course for all the shows we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link so you can check out our full thoughts on that series and see if it’s something you want to invest your time with.

whats wrong with secretary kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Similarities -Childhood trauma and office romance

This 2018 romantic comedy is headlined by Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young. Park Seo Joon plays the narcissistic Vice- chairman of a huge corporation who realizes he is in love with his secretary.

He does everything possible to keep her by his side. In this show, the main lead is also suffering from childhood trauma just like Tae-Mo (from Business Proposal) and it is through their newfound love that he can recover.

You can read our thoughts on What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim in our full season reviews here!

Secret Garden

Similarities -Rich CEO vibes

Joo Won, a wealthy, conceited of a booming company, falls in love with a pragmatic woman, Ra-Im who works as a stuntwoman. They meet when Joo Won, following the request of his famous cousin, mistakenly picks up Ra-Im and takes her to a hotel. Although Ra-Im is not his type he can’t help but think of her all the time.

In the end, he gives in to his feelings and decides to earnestly pursue her. This drama gives a magical twist when both Ra-Im and Joo-Won wake up to find that their souls have switched to the other’s body. As they work together to fix the situation, they end up cherishing each other.

Dali And The Cocky Prince

Similarities -Comedy and light-hearted vibes

This is another K-drama that will give you both the laughs and the feels. If you are looking for a show that will make your heart flutter then look no further.

The story is pretty simple and centers on a chaebol who has worked his way from rags to riches. He comes to the rescue of a struggling heirless who is trying to save her late father’s legacy through his art gallery.

Initially, they start off in a creditor-debtor relationship but soon feelings blossom. Just like in Business Proposal the lead characters in this show are stark opposite but in the end, they fall hopelessly for each other.

Introverted Boss

Similarities -Office romance

A shy, introverted Eun Hwan-ki finds his life changed for the better when he hires an upbeat and optimistic Chae Ro-woon to work in his company. Ro-woon is interested in her boss and she does her best to find out what kind of person he is.

Just like in Business Proposal, the boss falls in love with one of his most competent employees. If you enjoy a little mystery with romance then this is the show for you.

Her Private Life

Similarities -Childhood trauma and office romance

This is another show that has the office romance trope where a new art director Ryan falls in love with Sung Deok Mi who is one of his competent employees.

Just like Tae-Mo, Ryan is also suffering from a trauma that made him stop painting even though he used to be a well-known painter.

Deok Mi, on the other hand, is leading a secret life just like Shin Hari and it is fun to watch them navigate hiding their relationship from their co-workers.

Coffee Prince

Similarities – Mistaken identity and workplace romance

Coffee Prince is a classic heartwarming drama that follows the life of Choi Han-kyul, the grandson of chairwoman Bang who owns a thriving coffee business. Just like Tae-Mo’s grandfather, she is also obsessed with helping her grandson to find love.

However, Han Kyul is still stuck on his first love and has no desire to find new love. His grandmother gives up after numerous blind dates go array and give him an ultimatum. He is forced to take over a rundown old coffee shop where he meets Eun-chan who he mistakes for a guy and hires her to pretend that she’s his gay lover.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Similarities – Comedy and office romance

In this romantic comedy, a quirky, rich, and handsome CEO of a gaming company Ahn Min Hyuk falls in love with the woman he hired as his bodyguard. The cute and petite woman Do Bong Soon is gifted with amazing strength and she uses her power to save Ahn Min Hyuk from gangsters which landed her a job.

An office romance begins and the cutest love story in the world of K-dramas unfolds. The heart-stirring plotline and the top-notch comedy in this show will have you whipped for the characters in this show.

This show is similar to Business Proposal especially when it comes to the comic delivery and a gorgeous boss sneaking a few kisses here and there with his employee.

1 % of something

Similarities -Contract dating

Lee Jae-in, a ruthless and self-centered chaebol finds his life in disarray after he finds out he must get married to inherit his grandfather’s fortune. He gets into a six-month contract with Kim Da-Hyun, a humble elementary school teacher chosen for him by his grandfather.

As total strangers are forced into a relationship they obviously have a rough start but soon embers of love start to burn in their hearts. Similar to Business Proposal, the contract relationship eventually turned into a real relationship.

My Secret Romance

Similarities -Office romance

A nutritionist Yoo-mi finds herself wrapped up in misunderstandings with her new Chaebol boss. It turns out they once had a steamy encounter three years ago and now she works for him while trying to hide her identity.

He, on the other hand, still has feelings for Yoo-mi and is being hard on her to keep her close to him. In the end, he confesses his feelings and they end up in a relationship.

Marriage is Not Dating

Similarities -Contract dating

What happens when a successful surgeon, Gong Ki Tae, gets tired of the endless string of blind dates and marriage prospects that his parents bombard him with? Well, he hires a woman Joo Jang Mi who dreams of marriage but can’t find a marriage prospect to play his girlfriend in front of his parents and get them to back off.

Other than the contract relationship, Joo Jang Mi just like Shin Hari adopts a false identity and has to work hard to build trust with their parents after their fake relationship before.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished with Business Proposal on Netflix.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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