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10 More Intense Crime Drama’s To Binge Watch

Amazon Prime have been responsible for some of the best shows of the last decade, and arguably the best one of all is Bosch. The show is based on the best selling novels by Michael Connelly, and it follows LA detective, Harry Bosch, as he takes on some of the toughest homicide cases in the city. He often gets himself into trouble with his superiors for his unique style of police work, and often clashes with fellow detectives on his quest to solve each case.

It was disappointing to fans when Amazon announced that the seventh season would be the last. However, before the end of the final series, they announced that there would be a spin off series called Bosch: Legacy. The show focusses on Bosch’s life post LAPD, as a private investigator. Season two of the show is due to premiere on Amazon Freevee on October 20th 2023, with a third season already greenlit.

It has also been confirmed that Bosch will get two more spin off shows in the near future. Harry’s partner in the original show, Jerry Edgar will take the lead in his own show, as well as Renee Ballard. The latter never appeared in the television series, but featured prominently in Connelly’s Bosch books, as well as in her own series. There are tentative plans for both shows to feature crossover episodes with Bosch: Legacy, signalling that there’s no sign of the Bosch universe disappearing off our screens anytime soon. 


Similarities: Gritty violence, Renegade cop protagonist

Renegade cops like Bosch are all the rage on television in the 21st century, and the ultimate law enforcer who doesn’t play by the rules is Lucas Hood in Banshee. Even his name isn’t his real one, as he assumes the identity of the incoming sheriff in the town of Banshee, after he is killed by a bunch of criminals in a bar. 

The show is a mix of everything and a must watch for fans of cop shows with a twist. There’s only four seasons of the show, with the creators opting to end on a high rather than drag it out. It features Antony Starr in one of his first  roles before his star making turn as Homelander in The Boys

The Lincoln Lawyer

Similarities: Same universe

The Lincoln Lawyer was adapted into a film in 2011 starring Matthew McConaughey, with fans and critics alike giving it mixed reviews. But it was given a new lease of life with the Netflix series of the same name debuting on the streaming service last year. 

Existing in the same universe as Bosch, Michael Connelly wrote the book that provides the basis for the television series. In the book, the protagonist, Mickey Haller is the half brother of Bosch but due to both shows being on different streaming platforms, this family link has failed to be explored in any meaningful crossover. It’s still a must watch for fans of Bosch. 

Bosch: Legacy

Similarities: Same characters and universe

Upon finishing season 7 of Bosch, the next logical step would be to move onto Bosch: Legacy. It’s not season 8 by any means, but it acts as a very effective sequel/spin off to the parent show. Bosch’s daughter, Maddie has joined the LAPD, and shady lawyer, Honey Chandler is promoted to a more prominent role, working with Bosch as he embarks on his new career as a private investigator. 

Apart from the odd cameo from a few familiar faces, Bosch: Legacy moves in a different direction, exploring the next chapter in Harry’s life, without his comrades in the LAPD. But so far, the series is following the same path as the books which is promising news.


Similarities: Based on a crime book series, Amazon Prime Original

Here’s another Amazon Prime adaptation of a successful series of crime books. Based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books, it burst onto our television screens last year. Before the series, Tom Cruise starred in two movie versions as Reacher, but was mis-cast in the leading role, with fans of the books furious that the tall and muscular character was played by one of the shortest men in the movie industry. 

Alan Ritchson took on the role in the reboot series, Reacher, and nailed the character straightaway, with his muscular physique and height being the right match for the character. Season Two is due out later this year, with plenty of source material to keep the show running just as long as Bosch


Similarities: Renegade cop protagonist

Idris Elba will always be best known for playing DCI John Luther in the hit BBC series, and over 5 riveting seasons, he fought some nasty criminals whilst dealing with his own personal demons. 

Its unlikely that we’ll see Luther return for another series as it tries to morph into a movie franchise, with Netflix’s Luther: The Fallen Sun being released earlier this year. 

Dark Winds

Similarities: Based on a crime book series

Dark Winds is a very underrated show on AMC, with two seasons already out, and another one on the way. It hasn’t caught the attention of the mainstream yet, but it wouldn’t be the first AMC show to take time to find its audience. Breaking Bad anyone?

Produced by Game of Thrones creator, George R R Martin and Hollywood legend, Robert Redford, this show is set in the 1970’s Southwest, and follows two Navajo police officers as they investigate some of the worst crimes in their area. It’s based on a series of books, so expect a few more seasons before it reaches it’s conclusion.


Similarities: Fight for justice, Amazon Prime Original

Billy Bob Thornton is excellent in this Amazon Prime series that ran for 4 successful seasons before bowing out in 2021. Thornton plays Billy McBride, a downtrodden lawyer seeking redemption, as he tries to get justice at every turn in a legal system that favours the rich.

Some fans felt like it ended too soon, but it’s refreshing to see a show that knows when its the right time to end on a high, and this show bows out at just the right time. There’s 32 great episodes to catch up on whilst you wait for the next instalments in the Bosch universe. 

Black Snow

Similarities: Cold cases

The Australians consistently make great television shows that always seem to go under the radar and here’s another one that deserves a mention. Black Snow was a crime drama series released in 2022, and it follows a detective called James Cormack who visits a small town to investigate a cold case murder.

The show is set in an Australian South Sea Islander community in Northern Queensland, and the first season ran for 6 episodes, with another series expected to be on the way. 

True Detective

Similarities: Noir vibes

The crime drama has gone through many different iterations over the years, but the Noir Crime drama seems to be very much in popular demand at the moment. If you love Bosch and the noir vibe that show features, True Detective is another one for your watchlist. 

Featuring one of the most audacious and stunning one shot sequences in television history, the first season is much more than your typical cop show. Unfortunately, the anthology series moulds into a very average police drama in the next two seasons. There are high hopes for a return to form with the release of True Detective: Night Country in 2024. The new entry in the series stars Jodie Foster, and trailers for the upcoming series have been positively received. But its unlikely it’ll match up to the genius of the first season. 


Similarities: Based on a crime book series

Elmore Leonard’s books featuring Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens were adapted into the highly successful crime drama series, Justified, and it ran for 6 seasons. It largely stayed true to the source material, and recently returned to our screens with a brand new mini series called Justified: City Primeval

It’s one of the best crime drama’s of the last twenty years, and features a cast of actors you are bound to recognise from countless other American hit television shows. Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins have great chemistry, and its a highly bingeable series to plough through after getting up to date with Bosch

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Bosch on Amazon Prime.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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