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10 Movies To Take A Bite Out Of Your Week

Day Shift is the latest vampire flick on Netflix, combining action, comedy and plenty of drama.

If you’ve finished streaming this one and are looking for alternative movies though – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 10 picks.

Of course for all the movies we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link so you can check out our full review.

So without further ado, we present 10 movies to check out when you’ve finished watching Day Shift!

The Lost Boys

Lucy Emerson moves with her two sons, Michael and Sam, to the small coastal town of Santa Carla to live with their Grandpa after. However, the two kids soon learn that this is actually the murder capital of the world, thanks to a large number of vampires living there.

Bridging horror with adventure, comedy and wild 80’s fashion, The Lost Boys is an iconic vampire flick and still holds up to this day. In terms of classics for the genre, this one should be on your list!

From Dusk Till Dawn

What do you get when you mix Tarantino with vampires? Why, From Dusk Till Dawn of course! Written by Tarantino himself, this wild action flick is a late 90’s gem.

The story sees two criminals and their hostages seeking refuge in a truck stop. Unfortunately, it’s also populated by vampires, resulting in absolute chaos.

The special effects are suitably disgusting, the tone surprisingly comedic at times while the script is brilliantly written. This one’s a must-watch.


Blade is absolutely insane. It’s a bonkers movie, one that ramps up its craziness for the sequels – including Blade: Trinity which goes a little too far into the realm of campy ridiculousness.

The plot for the first (and best) movie centers on a half-vampire, half-mortal man named Blade who finds himself the protector of the mortal race, setting out to slay evil vampires.

There’s lots of action, lots of gore and lots of homages to the comics it’s based on; Blade is a bloody good time!


If you’re looking for a good vampire movie, then look no further than John Carpenter’s Vampires.

A strangely appealing film, Vampires centers on a vengeful vampire slayer, who recovers from an ambush that killed his entire team and sets out to retrieve an ancient Catholic relic. Should this relic be acquired by vampires, it would allow them to walk in sunlight.

Despite being billed as a horror, this isn’t a particularly scary film but what it lacks in scares, it more than makes up for with a decent screenplay and good action.

Shaun of the Dead

If you’re looking for comedic vibes and horror to boot, then look no further than Shaun of the Dead. Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost firing on all cylinders, this is easily the pair’s best movie together.

The film is a satirical but well written take on the zombie apocalypse. It’s decidedly British too, depicting the uneventful aimless lives of an electronics salesman called Shaun and his layabout roommate Ed. Together, they find themselves mildly inconvenienced by a zombie apocalypse.

There are some fantastic jokes in here too and enough bloody action to make for a really solid watch.

Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers is one of those underrated gems from the early 2000’s that seems to be lost to the annals of time. But it’s certainly worth digging up for this list!

Dog Soldiers is simple in execution, centering on a group of soldiers off on a routine patrol in Scotland. However, what they find is absolutely horrifying. A group of man-eating beasts turn out to be werewolves, causing the soldiers to fight for their lives against these flesh-eating beasts.

With a great blend of horror and action, this one’s a must-watch.

30 Days Of Night

30 Days Of Night is another vampire flick, one that really sharpens its stakes and goes all-in with the horror vibes. And the film is all the stronger for it.

The movie takes places in the middle of an Alaskan town, which is plunged into darkness for a month. Unfortunately, this also proves to be fatal for those living there, as they find themselves attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires.

Dark, moody and with a couple of well-placed scares, this is definitely worth watching.

Van Helsing

Van Helsing is not going to win any awards. What it lacks in scares or intricate twists and turns though, it more than makes up for with a silly, bombastic and over-the-top screenplay.

The story revolves around Van Helsing, the famed monster hunter who’s sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula, who is using Dr. Frankenstein’s research (and a werewolf for some reason!) to concoct a secret plan.

If you’re looking for something light and easy, Van Helsing should whet your appetite.

John Wick

How strong is the bond between man and dog? That’s a question John Wick (and the series as a whole to be honest) answers across its illustrious trilogy of films. Whereas the sequels are full-on action, the opening act of this first film perfectly captures the love and respect between man and animal, something which becomes a focal point for this stoic hero in the future.

The first John Wick does a great job capturing this idea and blurring it in with ideas of vengeance and revenge. While the sequels do ramp up the intensity – and visually stunning fight sequences – the original is a simple but effective thriller.


If you’re after a film that depicts a similar ancient war between two different factions, Underworld is your jam.

The story centers on Selene, a vampire warrior who becomes entrenched in a conflict between vampires and werewolves. However, she falls in love with Michael in the process, a human who’s sought after by the werewolves for hidden reasons.

This fun sci-fi/horror hybrid certainly isn’t an award winner but it is a big explosive summer blockbuster perfect to switch off to with a big bowl of popcorn in hand.

So there we have it, our 10 movie picks to keep you busy after watching Day Shift on Netflix.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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