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Lil Gator Game is a small bundle of wholesomeness everyone needs in their life. It follows a young alligator who has his friends craft an adventure for him and his sister to pursue. However, the alligator’s sister would rather work than play with the protagonist. Therefore, the player must help the young alligator impress his sister by embarking on this DIY fantastical quest. It’s a cute and passionate title that everyone diehard adventure game enthusiast should play.

If you’ve finished playing Lil Gator Game and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 10 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link, so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

So without further ado, we present 10 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Lil Gator Game.

A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time is a wonderful 3D platform game with charming visuals and riveting gameplay. It pays homage to classic 3D platform mascots like Banjo Kazooie and Mario. With its imaginative settings, lovable characters, and soothing soundtrack, it’s an indie game that’s worth your hard-earned time.

In it, players control Hat Kid, a young girl who travels the universe aboard her spacecraft. Suddenly, someone collides with her ship causing all her Time Pieces (her ship’s fuel) to scatter around a nearby planet. As Hat Kid, you must traverse through several unique locations to secure your Time Pieces back from villainous people.

Like Lil Gator Game, fans will adore traversing through A Hat in Time’s multiple worlds and completing tasks. The tasks are varied enough to avoid feeling repetitive and bland. This game features stellar boss battles that aren’t too challenging but offer fans a fabulous experience. With some cool customization features, you’ll cherish A Hat in Time.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a game-changer for Nintendo and the series itself. Instead of traversing through linear dungeons, this game opened its world up tenfold. From luscious terrains to rigid mountaintops, Breath of the Wild let players experience Hyrule in a refreshing and mesmerizing light.

In this game, we follow Link, who awakens from his hundred-year slumber. After he exits his chambers and completes several tasks, the game throws you into its world. You can choose to fight Ganon head-on and conquer the necessary story segments to complete the game or run around in your shorts and bother the menacing Bokoblins.

It’s insane to see how much freedom you receive in this game. However, it comes with its shortcomings. Some areas suffer from countless frame drops. The game itself doesn’t offer many civilizations for you to explore. Most of the world’s engulfed with natural surroundings like snow, grass, or boulders. Nitpicks aside, Breath of the Wild is worth checking out if you grew tired of the old-fashioned formula concerning The Legend of Zelda franchise.

Super Mario Odyssey

Before Super Mario Odyssey was released in 2017, fans clamored hard for a new 3D Mario adventure. With the consistent 2D platformers and spin-off, Mario titles the Wii U received, fans started losing hope. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch gathered old and new fans alike with its hardware and ultimately delivered a fantastic adventure title for long-time Mario fans.

Enter Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s latest 3D platform outing with glorious visuals, open environments, and colorful characters. In it, players must help Mario rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and his rabbit-like minions. To do so, you’ll explore vast worlds with unique settings like New Donk City or the Luncheon Kingdom’s food-centric paradise.

This game doesn’t offer a hub area like the past 3D Mario titles. It feels more in line with Banjo Kazooie as you’ll remain in each Kingdom after completing the game’s countless missions. If you loved Lil Gator Game but want something that’s more explorative and surprisingly dramatic, check out Super Mario Odyssey.

A Short Hike

Lil Gator Game isn’t the only title that will make you cozy inside. A Short Hike is another game that follows an anthropomorphic creature who explores several areas by air and on land. This game features more freedom than Lil Gator Game and encourages players to choose their own path to see where it leads them.

The game features colorful NPCs for you to interact with. The dialogue is heartwarming and may get a small chuckle out of you. The world our bird protagonist traverses contain hidden treasures and beautiful sights. The game allows you to participate in a few activities like fishing, swimming, and diving off large mountaintops. If you’re looking for an indie game with a soothing soundtrack, fantastic visuals, and a cozy atmosphere, purchase this game.


Tunic is a surprise hit from 2022. In it, players must navigate a fox through an island filled with hidden treasures, deadly adversaries, and rich lore. This game The Legend of Zelda’s classic top-down gameplay formula. You’ll eventually stumble upon useful items like a sword and shield that will assist you in fighting the game’s powerful opponents.

The game’s controls are simple and easy to pick up. You’ll acquire more tools besides the sword and shield that will assist you in your endeavors. The game’s more violent than Lil Gator Game as the fox can die in battle. However, its cutesy visuals will resonate with those who found Lil Gator Game’s graphics endearing and wholesome. With its delightful graphics, lively world, and hidden mysteries, Tunic is worth checking out.

Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos

Before the Lil Gator was born, Croc from Croc: Legend of the Gobbos brought a smile to people’s faces during the early PlayStation era. Croc was a kind-hearted fellow who traversed through many diverse locales to save the furry beings that raised him. This game specializes in having fun 3D platform elements, charming dialogue, and an imaginative setting.

Its visuals aren’t on par with Lil Gator Game’s world, though. Unfortunately, the game hasn’t been re-released in any form, making it a difficult game to find for current audiences. However, players are bound to enjoy this game for Croc’s beloved personality and charisma when defeating his enemies. With great controls, a colorful world, and a heartwarming reptilian protagonist, check this game out if you happen to have an old PlayStation system lying around.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is the latest entry in the LEGO Star Wars series. It contains engaging worlds to explore and an amusing retelling of all nine Star Wars films. It features playable characters from across the Star Wars mythos from Quin-Gon and Obi-Wan to Rey and BB-8. This game’s perfect for those who adored Lil Gator Game’s amusing dialogue and vibrant world.

The game’s DLC touches upon some of Star Wars’ new television programming. Alongside its 300-playable character roster, players can choose from over 100 vehicles and 23 planets to travel to in the game. The game’s storylines can be played in any order you want, allowing players to forge diverse experiences with their friends and strangers.

Unlike Lil Gator Game, this title can be played in split-screen co-op like its predecessor entries. Enjoy solving the game’s numerous puzzles and defeating its horde of bad guys with your friends. It’s the best way to play the LEGO Star Wars titles. If you’re in search of an incredible LEGO game that evokes similar feelings of wholesomeness as Lil Gator Game, pick this game up.

Human Fall Flat

Need a wholesome title with more intricate puzzles, Human Fall Flat might be worth your time. It’s a series you’ll enjoy more with a friend, though. In it, you control a human character who must solve countless unconventional puzzles. These puzzles can be tricky, so it’s best to enter this game with a fresh mind.

The puzzles aren’t always difficult, though. They start off easy but get more complex over time. The game’s difficulty is fair and will provide you with some amusing results if you’re playing with a partner. On the other hand, the game features fabulous customization options that allow you to build upon your character’s looks. You can also make challenging levels for your friends to play.

This is a worthwhile title that’ll sharpen your mind and present you with great laughs along the way.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

It took Kirby a millennium to embark on a 3D adventure. The closest we got to experiencing something of this caliber in the old days was Kirby and the Crystal Shards for the N64. Thankfully, Nintendo delivered Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a title that excels in marvelous visuals, engrossing gameplay, and charming humor.

Like Lil Gator Game, this title isn’t challenging. However, Kirby and the Forgotten Land contains some dark imagery regarding its bosses and themed scenarios. Nonetheless, this title will appeal to younger audiences who enjoyed games like Super Mario 3D World for its level design and traversal.

As always, expect to absorb enemies for power-ups and solve countless puzzles. The game also includes a new Mouthful Mode to spice things up. This allows Kirby to absorb specific objects and utilize their functions. From abandoned vehicles to weak vending machines, there are many objects for you to transform into in the game. Check out Kirby and The Forgotten Land if you’re on the hunt for something imaginative, expansive, and visually enchanting.

Ape Escape (Series)

Ape Escape is a beloved 3D platform game from PlayStation’s catalog. With a strange control scheme, animal-themed plot, and likable cast, you’re bound to enjoy this monkey-capturing gem. In it, players must foil an evil monkey named Specter’s plans for world domination. You’ll traverse multiple worlds to catch a specific number of monkeys to move the plot forward.

The game includes some exhilarating boss battles. The boss’s themselves have remarkable personalities, designs, and attack patterns you’ll need to work around. Later games introduce special gadgets and abilities that will make the experience better. It’s these new game mechanics that helped the series feel fresh and gradually better over time.

Lil Gator Game fans who enjoyed the title’s amusing scenarios and gameplay loop will appreciate the Ape Escape series for its charm and desire to be different from others.

So there we have it, our 10 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Lil Gator Game.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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