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The best psychological crime thriller will twist you around its little finger, making you think that it’s one thing before jump-scaring you with another ending. Unfortunately, these types are thrillers are usually pretty predictable, especially if you are used to reading thrillers. So, finding an unpredictable ending is the holy grail of thrillers. Here are a few books that we believe fit the bill for best psychological crime thrillers with unpredictable endings:

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient follows Alicia Berenson, a renowned painter married to a fashionable photographer, who shoots her husband multiple times in the face and remains silent thereafter. This refusal to speak or provide an explanation turns the incident into a mystery that captures the public’s attention.

As Alicia’s fame grows, she becomes a patient in a secure forensic unit, hidden from the media. Criminal psychotherapist Theo Faber is determined to unravel the mystery and make Alicia speak. In his pursuit of the truth, Theo must confront his own motivations, risking his sanity in the process. The Silent Patient follows Theo as he tries to investigate Alicia’s case, trying to understand more about her, and why she did what she did. This one gets a little mind-bending, but when it clicks, it will have your jaw on the floor.

The New House by Tess Stimson

This psychological crime thriller follows the lives of three couples trying to buy the perfect house. Stacey and Felix own the glamorous Glass House and are desperate to find the right buyer who will protect their secrets. Millie and Tom have always dreamed of living in the Glass House and see this as their chance. Harper and Kyle, wanting to give their children a better life, view Millie and Tom’s house as the perfect opportunity for upward mobility.

As the couples try to get their bids in order, secrets, deceit and the true nature of the house and their owners slowly begin to make things a little difficult for everyone involved.

Sleep Tight (DCI Tom Douglas) by Rachel Abbott

In the third book in the DCI Tom Douglas series, Rachel Abbott introduces us to Olivia Brookes, as she contacts the police to report her husband and her two children missing, fearing the worst due to her past with Tragedy. Two years later, Tom Douglas is called in, this time to investigate the disappearance of Olivia herself.

The evidence suggests she was present in the family home that morning, yet her car remains in the garage and her belongings are undisturbed. Mysteriously, all pictures of the family have been removed from albums, devices, and computers. Then the police find blood in the home. We did not see the ending of this one coming!

Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards

Andrew Sumner believes his streak of bad luck is over when he meets the alluring and mysterious Charlie. Their passionate affair begins, but as their relationship intensifies, Andrew’s grip on reality starts to loosen.

Strange occurrences, such as items going missing in his apartment and a sense of being followed, shake his world. Tragedy befalls his friends and loved ones, forcing Andrew to confront a terrifying truth. If you are looking for a book about obsession, murder, and a man struggling and failing to keep his mind straight with an ending that you will never see coming, pick this one up.

Gerald’s Game by Stephen King

A game between husband and wife goes wrong in Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game. Jessie and her husband Gerald decide to have fun together. She finds herself handcuffed to a bedstead during their intimate encounter.

Angered and humiliated, she kicks out, unintentionally causing his fatal coronary. Left alone and trapped in a remote lakeside cabin, Jessie is isolated and unable to call for help. As she grapples with her dire circumstances, the voices in her head begin to speak. If you never read this one, the ending will leave you with goosebumps, it’s best to go into this one blind.

Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney

Adam and Amelia Writer’s marriage is plagued by issues within their ten years of marriage. When they win a getaway to Scotland, it seems like the perfect opportunity to repair their relationship. Unfortunately, for them, Adam suffers from a condition that makes it impossible for him to recognise anyone, including his own wife.

When Amelia sees someone standing in the kitchen, Adam believes that his wife is seeing things. This small disagreement begins a long time for time, and things from their past and the tension between the two begin to bubble over, making this a tenth anniversary they will never forget. You might think you know where this is going, but trust us, you won’t see the ending coming.

Follow Me Home by Mark Edwards

Follow Me Home follows Daniel and Laura, who want to embark on one last adventure before they get married. However, things go terrifyingly wrong during their trip and it has such an impact on them that when they return home, they go their separate ways. They also make a pact to never talk about what happened to them during their trip.  This is until the horrors that happened to them on their trip follow them home and they must confront it head-on.

The ending for this one was a little crazy, but it was definitely unpredictable. You would never see the ending coming for better or for worse.

A Flicker in The Dark by Stacey Willingham

Chloe Davis’s childhood was shattered by the disappearances of six teenage girls in her Louisiana town. Her father was ultimately arrested as a serial killer and imprisoned. Now, twenty years later, Chloe is a psychologist in Baton Rouge, preparing for her wedding and trying to find happiness. However, she still battles the lingering trauma of her past, feeling a lack of control over her life, much like her troubled teenage patients.

When more local girls start vanishing, Chloe is haunted by the memories of that terrifying summer from her childhood. Unsure if her fears are valid or if she’s simply paranoid, she begins to question whether or not her father was the original killer in the first place.

Black Lake Manor

Black Lake Manor by Guy Morpuss

Marine biologist and part-time police constable Ella Manning attends a party at Black Lake Manor, owned by the town’s wealthy billionaire. Trapped by a fierce storm, the guests discover the billionaire brutally murdered in a locked room. With her investigative skills, Ella believes she has identified the killer, but then time is rewound, erasing her memory of the discovery. Due to the use of time travel with the narrative of the book it does keep you guessing about the ending.

The Snow Killer (DI Barton) by Ross Greenwood

A family is brutally murdered in the snow, leaving only one surviving child. Three years later, that child seeks revenge, becoming the notorious Snow Killer. However, the killings suddenly stop, and the case grows cold.

Fifty years later, a new spate of murders reignite fears have resurfaced. The detective team assigned to the case struggles to find leads, racing against time and the unpredictable weather. As DI Barton and his exhausted team piece together the puzzle, they realize that the killer has been hiding in plain sight. Meanwhile, the murders continue, keeping the pressure on in their quest for justice. The Snow Killer is the first book in the DI Barton series, with a great story that gives you two perspectives. One from the investigation and the other from the killer, giving you the clues you need to find out the killer, but the ending will shock you!

There we have it! Ten psychological crime thrillers that will shock you with unpredictable endings. These endings will offer you an unpredictable ending that you will not see coming. Have you read any of these books before? What is your favourite ending to a thriller? Comment below and let us know!

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