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The British rock and pop legend Rod Stewart enjoys a singing prowess rivalled by only a few. His distinctively melodious voice and his unique approach to churning out feelings through lyrics have made him one of the most loved and successful singers of his time. As a result, he is among the best-selling artists in the world.

With this piece here, we try to put together Rod Stewart’s best songs although it’s nearly impossible to capture the man’s vocal range and musical versatility with just 10 songs. As usual, you can drop your thoughts in the comments below:

Best Songs by Rod Stewart


Immediately after its release, the song became a love anthem. The depth of the lyrics coupled with the richness of Sir Rod’s voice made Sailing an international hit. The song was originally composed by the Sutherland Brothers. One half of the Sutherland Brothers, Gavin Sutherland said of the song:

“The amusing thing about ‘Sailing’ is that most people take the song to be about a young guy telling his girl that he’s crossing the Atlantic to be with her. In fact, the song’s got nothing to do with romance or ships; it’s an account of mankind’s spiritual odyssey through life on his way to freedom and fulfilment with the Supreme Being.”

Conclusion: Rod Stewart and romanticism go hand in hand.

Best Songs by Rod Stewart

Young Turks

Through Young Turks, the singer tells the story of Billy and Patti, two lovers who leave everything to be with each other. The lyrics wrap a courageous feel and a rebellious soul that’s willing to go against the tides.

The track makes use of feel-good beats and rhythm that make the song’s uplifting nature come to the surface. What’s interesting is that the phrase ‘Young Turks’ is never heard in the song, Instead, the song uses the words ‘Young Hearts’.

Best Songs by Rod Stewart
Tonight’s the Night

Tonight’s the Night is a lovely track that captures the moments of two lovers’ first meeting. The rhythm flows smoothly and slowly with occasional rises in a way that underscores the beauty of the lyrics.

Rod Stewart’s laid-back singing adds a distinct sense of authenticity to the track. The overall feel of the song is as soothing as it is romantic. 

Best Songs by Rod Stewart

I Don’t Want to Talk About It

This breakup song has the capacity to mend broken hearts, thanks to highly-relatable lines and Rod Stewart’s use of emotional inflexion in his singing. The lyrics highlight the importance of the ability to walk past a breakup without holding a grudge.

Over the years, I Don’t Want to Talk About It has become a fan favourite, and its popularity has been on the rise. 

Best Songs by Rod Stewart

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

This one is a feel-good track with a fantastic blend of uplifting beats and lyrics that contain enormous depth. Loved by fans across the globe, Have You Ever Seen The Rain is the cover of a 1971 single of the same title by American rock band, Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

Though there have been several versions of the song covered by various artists, Rod Stewart’s version stands out owing to its phenomenal soul that both resembles and departs from the original one. 

Best Songs by Rod Stewart

Have I Told You Lately

Another romantic gem, Have I Told You Lately is a much-loved romantic song that was originally written and sung by Van Morrison. The song features very simple and relatable lines about love that are wrapped in calming beats.

People longing for love would find the track extremely soothing and relatable. The live version of the song performed by Stewart is featured on the deluxe edition of his album, Time. 

Best Songs by Rod Stewart
Downtown Train

Downtown Train is a beautiful song about finding love. The lyrics use poetic devices that enhance the appeal of the track and make it timeless. This is evident in the opening line of the track which goes, “Yellow moon has punched a hole in the nighttime mist.”

The song was originally composed by Tom Waits in 1985 but it was Stewart’s version that garnered international fame, topping at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Stewart earned a Grammy nomination for the song as well. 

Forever Young

An uplifting song that’s full to the brim with good wishes for a loved one. The song isn’t as popular as others on the list, but many fans believe it’s a more stubborn earworm than many of Rod Stewart’s top songs.

According to Rod Stewart, he got the inspiration for writing Forever Young from his kids. What’s more, it’s one of his favourite songs. Fun Fact: Because the song is similar to Bob Dylan’s song of the same name, Rod Stewart had to ask for his permission to release the song. 


Best Songs by Rod Stewart

The Killing of Georgie (Pt. I and II)

The song is a bit of a departure from what many consider to be Rod Stewart’s signature style. This is because it tells the true story of Rod Stewart’s friend, George. During an interview with Mojo in 1995, Stewart mentioned, “That was a true story about a gay friend of The Faces (his former band). He was especially close to me and Mac [Faces’ pianist]. But he was knifed or shot, I can’t remember which. That was a song I wrote totally on my own over the chord of open E.”

The story that is told is sad, and Stewart’s feelings of sadness and frustration are evident in the lyrics that he himself wrote. Over the years, the track has become a pop culture phenomenon.

Best Songs by Rod Stewart

The First Cut Is The Deepest

The First Cut is the Deepest is one of the most popular songs of the 20th century. The song was written by British singer-songwriter, Cat Stevens in 1967, and following its enormous success, the song has been covered by many singers. Rod Stewart covered the song in 1977, and it was a huge hit.

The song uses intelligent lyrics about the true meaning of love, and Stewart’s magical tone adds a nice layer of strength to it.

There we have it, our list of 10 best Rod Stewart songs. What do you think about our picks? You can drop your thoughts in the comments below:


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