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10 Bands Like Paramore

Before Paramore went down the pop route, they were a trailblazing pop-punk band, putting out records that also evoked rock sensibilities. Led by the enigmatic Hayley Williams, the act propelled through the years, combining emo lyrics with shuddering guitar moments. Here’s a list of ten bands that are similar to the popular act:

Tonight Alive

Australian act Tonight Alive has soared through the ranks to become a popular, though humble band. Led by the fiery Jenna McDougall, the outfit takes pop punk sounds and adds their own original spin, as well as lyrics which go close to the heart and grain. Their debut record, All Shapes And Disguises, truly blew open a new venture for the act and totally reshaped their futures for the better.

Similar to Paramore’s early work, the songs produced by Tonight Alive are always sobering and relevant.

You Me At Six

A band that always wears their hearts on their sleeves, You Me At Six has evolved over the years, but has stuck to the roots while progressing into more brooding sounds. Take brand new record Truth Decay, which is their best work, even though they’ve released stellar records in the past. Debut offering, Take Off Your Colours remains a cult classic, one that steadily ascended You Me At Six to prominence.

Yes, their older stuff aligns with Paramore’s earlier work, but there is maturity to their sound these days, with more detailed lyrics making the grade.


With intense songs under their belts, PVRIS, has worked their hands to the bones to get to where they are now. A band which meld together brilliant melodies with soaring vocals, they’ve gravitated towards a different, conceptually, but steady sound, that has guaranteed them more followers and much more acclaim.

The band’s 2014 release put them on a high pedestal, and from then on they’ve progressed into something bigger. They even got to tour with their heroes Paramore, which shows the band’s immense credibility.

The Maine

The Maine has been putting out emo classics since 2007, and their older records have the same aura and pop punk tones that have made Paramore a household name. Sad songs are often overlooked, emotion is often displaced, but The Maine have made emo valid and relevant since their inception.

By displaying poetic lyricism and poppy overtones, the band has grown into a must listen for the estranged and the people losing the love.

My Chemical Romance

This choice may alarm some of My Chemical Romance fans, but when you delve into Paramore’s back catalogue, it makes sense. Paramore’s debut record All We Know Is Falling is similar to the MCR’s second album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, in scope and rawness. If you listen to a song like Pressure or Emergency, then you will steadily become accustomed.

Recent albums and songs differ from those classics, as both bands have gone down a mainstream path, but if you’re looking for punchy and raw tracks, then those albums fit perfectly.

State Champs

State Champs has put out records similar to Paramore’s debut All We Know Is Falling, though the band hasn’t hit the same heights as the trio. The songs are perfectly pop punk and emo, and the act deliver an energy which is infectious. Many have been drawn to their sound over the years, and many cite the outfit pop punk stalwarts too.

Against The Current

With powerful choruses galore, Against The Current is similar to Paramore because of their thrilling live sets and well cultured lyricism. Chrissy Costanza leads the way as a brilliant vocalist and lyricist, making waves as she rises up towards legendary status. The band’s early work is similar to Paramore’s inventive first couple of albums, which are All We Is Falling and the engrossing Riot!

With every album, the act garners more followers, while their music becomes more and more original.

Meet Me @ The Alter

Fairly new to the scene, Meet Me @ The Alter truly has that pop punk sneer and full throttled attitude. Their work has similar traits to Paramore’s previous sound, and the band savours every moment as a collective trying to break through, though they’re doing the right things.

While using technical guitar riffs, the band also writes good, honest lyrics which is a rarity in the pop punk world.


When listening to Paramore’s early material and set it against Flyleaf’s emotional contributions, it’s easy to hear the similarities in sound and focus. The Texan band totally blew up in the early 2000’s and became an act for the outcasts and the sad. Front-woman Lacey Mosley’s brooding vocals and heart-breaking lyrics truly made the band an emo force.

All Time Low

Formed in 2003, All Time Low broke free from the mundanity and wrote songs that garnered  a cult following. Early releases are similar to Paramore’s, as they’re emo to the core. A fundamental band in the pop punk scene, they’ve grown into a diverse live act, pushing the boundaries of their infectious sound.

So there we have it! 10 bands that are similar in sonic and style to Paramore. Do you agree with our picks? Think we’ve missed a crucial artist? Let us know in the comments below!

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